Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 759

Huihara's expression was dumbfounded, and he looked dazed, thinking that the game was too intense just now.

Xiao Lan couldn't help complaining: "Dad, next time you don't play with Xiao Ai in the bathroom for so long. Children can easily catch colds."

Just now Xiao Lanjing heard some screams, but no other sounds came out.

"How come, the water is always hot, I also protect Xiao Ai, the most important thing is, Xiao Ai, do you like taking a bath with Uncle?"

Gray Original laughed idiotically, then nodded heavily.

Xiao Lan thought Hui Yuan's expression was a little strange, but she didn't have any suspicions.

"Dad, here is an invitation letter from your school girl, won't you open it and take a look?"

Mouri Kogoro took the letter with one hand, and then opened it, and Xiaolan and Haibara immediately peeked openly beside them.

[Mori-senpai: Do you remember the wish I said when I was camping many years ago?Now my wish has come true. I finally built the tallest Gemini skyscraper in Japan in Nishitama City, which is the closest place to heaven!

Before the unveiling ceremony of the skyscraper, I would like to invite you to visit me on Monday next week for so many years of hard work, the senior's commitment under the cherry blossom tree, I still remember, you will not forget the Maori senior!

——Mio Tokiwa]

Next Monday, today is Friday, there are three days left!

Mouri Kogoro was thinking about the time silently in his heart, and suddenly felt two cold rays from the left and right pierce him.

Xiaolan and Haibara looked at Kogoro Mouri with unkind expressions. Xiaolan said with a smile, "Dad, what is the promise of the year under the cherry blossom tree?"

Huiyuan continued: "For more than 20 years, people have always remembered it!"

The cold sweat on the back of Maori Kogoro's head immediately fell, and it was really a wave of unrest and another wave, the world, the storm!

He hurriedly said: "How can I remember such a long time, and it is not an important person. My head is not enough to store the memories of Xiaolan and Xiaoai. How can I remember these things? s things."

Xiao Lan suddenly smiled: "Oh, why dad's mouth has become so sweet."

Mouri Kogoro immediately changed the subject: "Xiao Lan, Xiao Ai, it's so late, we should rest."

Huiyuan immediately said: "I will sleep with uncle tonight!"

"No, it's me sleeping with my father tonight!"

"Big milk Lan, don't go too far. I didn't care about you about stunning me last night. Do you dare to snatch me tonight?"

The little loli who was in the arms of Kogoro Maori suddenly regained her fighting spirit and was very strong.

As soon as Xiaolan heard this loss of consciousness, her momentum weakened.

Hui Yuancheng won the attack: "Huh, you are a big perverted father, please give me a good reflection tonight, whether it is right to use force against children, uncle, let's go back to the room and rest."

It is true that Xiaolan gave Huihara the hand knife a bit too much last night. To be fair, Kogoro Mouri didn't say much, so he could only calm the baby girl with his eyes, and then went into his bedroom with Huihara.

Xiao Lan stomped her feet, and in the end she could only go back to her room to rest.

At last, Maori's home calmed down.

On the big bed in Maori Kogoro's bedroom, Haibara was already very tired. The child's physical strength was not as strong as that of an adult, and he couldn't hold it after just an hour of experimentation.

But tonight, when she can monopolize Kogoro Mouri, Haibara looks quite excited.

Little Lori made a fuss for a while, and finally lay on Maori Kogoro, found a comfortable position and quickly fell asleep.

Mouri Kogoro put his arm around Huihara's soft waist and sighed long. He recalled the past twenty years ago.

When the cherry blossoms were blooming, the young girl confessed to Moori Kogoro, a senior at the Yonehua University, but Moori Kogoro already had concubines Hideri and Yukiko.

Moori Kogoro, who has not yet awakened, joked to this cute school girl who was in the lower class: "If your wish can be realized during camping, then I will accept it and be your boyfriend obediently."

He originally intended to tactfully refuse, but was taken seriously by this stubborn girl.

This girl is not small and is the only heir to the Tokiwa Foundation.

This seemingly impossible thing, with the support of the Tokiwa Foundation, would be possible.

The girl quickly dropped out of school, returned to the family's consortium, and began to move towards her goal.

During that time, Kogoro Mori got married, and invitations were sent to the girl, and the girl was there.

Kogoro Mori thought that Mio Tokiwa had dispelled this idea!

Now that I saw this invitation, I knew if it was not.

I am not a good person, so why bother to miss your life!

This is the same love debt as Horietsu Yumi, and Horietsu Yumi's love debt Mori Kogoro has been paid.

The Yumeitang cosmetics company he invested in has already achieved the top three market share. As the chairman of this company, Yumei, who has a trend of strong women, is getting busy now, but she always has a way to get out. Time to find Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mori reviewed the memories of the first half of his life, and suddenly found that he secretly carried a lot of debts.

This is also a sequelae of the backtracking mission. Kogoro Moori in high school suddenly transformed into a handsome and attractive man, and there were always women who pounced on like moths into the fire.

But the soul of his previous life hadn't awakened yet, so many women were rejected during this period.

This is my fault, so what else can I do?

Chapter 0114'Go Astray'

At around 5 o'clock the next morning, the sun hadn't broken yet, Moori Kogoro in his sleep felt as though his soul was wrapped in warmth, opened his eyes and woke up, and saw the arched sheets.

As soon as the sheet was opened, the cute little Lolita was looking at herself with sweet eyes, and she seemed to say: Uncle, are you satisfied?

Xiao Meng's face is full of flattery, and the combination of the little girl's innocent temperament is simply killing her.

The flames in Maori Kogoro's heart rose instantly, and his big hand was about to grasp Lori's calf, but he was photographed back.

"Uncle, don't move, just lie down obediently."

Kogoro Mouri closed his eyes contentedly, then returned his head heavily to the pillow and enjoyed it quietly. This is called life!

Little Lolita is already very proficient in technology. After eating the ice cream, she began to experiment. Soon, there was a soft movement in the whole room.

After more than an hour, the scent was released from the kitchen, and Kogoro Moori started cooking personally, rewarding the brave little Lori who had just been extremely brave.

It's just that this little loli is lying on the dining table with her face sideways, seeming a little tired.

His icy blue eyes followed Moori Kogoro's back closely, full of love.

The scent in the steamer keeps escaping, and Kogoro Mouri made this Cantonese-style morning tea from China, which is fragrant.