Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 762

Noda turned his head and his face became gentle again, and he said goodbye to Kogoro Mouri and Fujiko: "Then I won't bother you two. We have to pick up other students and we will leave first."

Noda pulled Conan downstairs, and Conan suddenly felt something was wrong.

The little devil looked back at Mouri Kogoro in despair, but only saw the bright smile on his uncle's face, and he was still waving goodbye to him, and he couldn't help but become more desperate.

Fujiko felt that Noda-sensei was a little weird, and couldn't help but pull Moori Kogoro's skirt.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "No problem, this is the devil teacher I specially selected last night. It is in this style. I hope Conan can exercise there!"

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At Yoshida's home, Xiao Ayumi sat in front of the mirror expectantly, and began to constantly change her hairband.

Pink, yellow, purple, green...

Little Lori struggled for a long time, she tried all colors, and finally chose the same color headband as her dress.

The light green also wears a butterfly headband on her hair, and then Bumei ran into the living room with her short legs.

The mother in the living room, Akimi Yoshida was kneeling on the floor, wiping the table with a towel.

The temperature is a bit high today, but Qiu Mei did not turn on the air conditioner.

She is the only one working in the family, and the economy is quite tight, so her daily life is naturally very frugal.

Under work, Qiu Mei's long hair was tied up, and her neck was covered with fine sweat, her body was dripping with fragrant sweat. The sweat wetted her white shirt and gray shorts, her exquisite curve was looming, and she was really beautiful.

There are only two mothers and daughters in the family, so there is no need to shy away.

To work, Qiu Mei didn't wear underwear, and she put a wet white shirt on her body. She was seduced by herself, but she didn't care.

Xiao Aomi ran to Yoshida Akumi's side and asked, "Mom, mom, do I look good in this way?"

Seeing her daughter's innocent appearance, Qiu Mei immediately showed a smile: "It's pretty, is Bu Mei going out to play today?"

Little Lori smiled pompously: "Hehe, I won't tell you."

Qiu Mei quipped, "I dressed so beautifully. I have worn out the new clothes I bought for you last week. Isn't it going to go on a date?"

Ayumi's small face turned red, and Qiu Mei immediately asked, "It's not Conan, right? Mitsuhiko? Yuanta?"

"How is it possible? It's Mao..." Little Lori reacted and immediately covered her mouth with her little hand.

In Qiu Mei’s memory, no classmate of Step-Mei had furry words. She immediately put down the towel, raised her chest with her hands on her hips, and asked: “Step-Mei, you can’t hang out with people you don’t know, you are still young, and Others have to tell mom to go out!"

Bu Mei clenched her hand, Xiao Meng wrinkled and was about to speak.

Qiu Mei preemptively said: "To be honest, the child who deceives mother will have a very long nose."

Known daughter Mo Ruomu, Bomi has the habit of holding her little hand when she tells lies, Qiumei knows her well, because she can easily see through her daughter's lies every time.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Little Lori Bumei cheered immediately, and stepped her short legs to open the door: "Uncle Maori is here! Uncle Maori is here!"

Qiu Mei suddenly became happy when she heard her daughter talk about it.

As soon as the door opened, Kogoro Maori saw the cute little step beauty. He was wearing a light green dress and a hair band, revealing a small white calf, full of vitality, innocent and cute.

Mouri Kogoro squatted down and said, "Wow, Ayumi, you are so beautiful today!"

Bumei laughed when she heard the praise, her big eyes became moon buds.

Mouri Kogoro changed slippers in the entrance hall, and then led Bu Mei to the living room. After a while, he saw Bu Mei's mother, the gentle young woman.

At the first glance, the great visual conflict made Kogoro Mori think he was wrong, and couldn't help blinking.

What's wrong with sending benefits? The white shirt is wet, it's no different from see-through outfit!

There are no small leaks, and Kogoro Mouri has a panoramic view. There must be a D cup on this scale, which is more intuitive than last time.

Kogoro Mouri didn't know whether Qiu Mi was deliberate or unintentional.

Xiao Bumei, who lives at home with her mother on weekdays, saw this scene, but didn't think it was any strange, so she didn't speak to remind Qiu Mei that she unknowingly cheated her mother.

As soon as she saw Maori Kogoro, Qiu Mei's heart was upset, and she was a little at a loss. The sweat on the beauty of her forehead slipped off. She wiped the sweat off, and then said: "Maori, it turns out that Bumei is going to play with you. ,I can rest assured that."

Kogoro Mouri touched Bumei’s little head: "Yes, I promised Bumei the last time I helped Bumei massage in Osaka. I want to take her to the tropical paradise and have a big meal. I can’t promise my child. Didn’t you do it.”

While speaking, Mouri Kogoro was muttering in his heart: What does this mean?Bright temptation?Should I do it or not?Hey!Xiaobumei is here!

Qiu Mei laughed softly, and said, "Bumei, don't play too crazy when you go out with your Uncle Maori."

Moori Kogoro was a little surprised when he heard this: "Akimi, didn't Ayumi tell you? I invited you to go to the tropical paradise with Ayumi, and Ayumi told me that you were resting today and I came here."

The two turned their gazes to the little Lori Bumei, and Bumei responded with a sweet smile: "Hehe, I forgot!"

The two couldn't help falling over.

But in any case, Qiu Mei was indeed moved by Moori Kogoro's invitation.

Coupled with her daughter agitating nearby, Qiu Mei quickly agreed.

Then Moori Kogoro said, "But Qiu Mei, if you want to go to play, it's not appropriate to wear this outfit. It's a bit too revealing, you should change your outfit!"

Qiu Mei looked down and realized that she was talking to Kogoro Moori in an almost magnanimous posture. She quickly covered her chest and her small face burst into red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

With a scream, Qiu Mei burst into her bedroom with an astonishing speed.

Only then did Mouri Kogoro realize that it was not intentional, and that this beautiful young woman was really confused.

Bu Mei looked puzzled: "What is mommy calling?"

The topic was so embarrassing that Kogoro Mouri didn't explain much, so he took Ayumi and sat on the sofa, waiting for Qiumi in the bedroom to come out.

After a long time, the bedroom door opened, and Yoshida Akimi had changed her clothes.

She wore a light yellow dress, showing her exquisite figure with protruding and curving fronts. She stepped on white high heels, and the slightly curly hair came down. She put on light makeup on her pretty face, which became more refined, and she was full of the charm of a young woman. .

With an indelible blush on Qiu Mei's small face, she glared at Mouri Kogoro: "Maori-kun, what did you see just now?"

Kogoro Mouri looked at Qiu Mei's face turning red again, touched his nose, and started talking nonsense.

"I didn't see anything. In fact, I read the file all night last night, and my eyes haven't recovered until now. I don't see things very clearly and vaguely. I doubt if I have myopia."

Although it was a lie, Qiu Mei felt much better in her heart.

But Little Lori took it seriously, with an anxious look on her face: "Uncle, really? I remember the new doctor taught me health exercises. Can I teach you how?"