Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 775

"In your mystery novel, the method of killing is not different from what You Xizi just said, but what is amazing is that you are the author of this method. Seeing the same case in reality, you did not even think of it. , Isn't you pretending to be stupid?"

Hearing this, everyone looked at Teng Zhifan's suspicion in his eyes.

His pupils kept shrinking. He clearly remembered that those drafts were encrypted and stored in a hidden folder by him. How did Kogoro Moori know.

"Sorry, I'm still a little accomplished with computers. The asymmetric function encryption method is pretty good, but the algorithm is too simple."

Even when Teng Zhifan heard this, his eyes as deep as ink stared at Kogoro Mouri deeply, and cold sweat slowly dripped from the back of his head.

He continued to speak: "I don't know what you said. Although my mystery has not been published, it is impossible to say that someone will be like a Maori detective who ignores the privacy of others and does not ask for it. I might kill someone by imitating what I wrote, and that guy might have an enemy with me and want to blame me."

"Or it's pure coincidence, this doesn't prove anything."

Teng Zhifan looked like he was not going to make money and resisted to the death. He was convinced that all his evidence had been eliminated.

It is true that Kogoro Mori did not find evidence that he was behind the scenes. However, this does not mean that he cannot get him to confess his guilt.

Looking at the branches that were already sweating on his forehead, Kogoro Mouri continued to speak, "Relax, Mr. Shige, the next thing I want to say is the main gain."

"Actually, I am quite surprised. Mr. Fan is obviously from the orthodox bloodline of the Tengzhi family. He is the eldest man. How could he not inherit the property of the Tengzhi family at all."

"The property of the Tengzhi family was all inherited by the eldest daughter. What's interesting is that a month before your sister's marriage, Mr. Fan escaped from the country and cut off contact with his family. What's more interesting is that your sister I met Mr. Teng Zhi Ganxiong during this month and immediately let him become a parent."

Hearing this, Teng Zhifan's face became very wrong, and he looked at Mouri Kogoro's eyes with a look of horror.

"Until your sister was suffering from cancer half a year ago, you came back from the United States when you learned the news, and you have been taking care of her in uncomprehending clothes. It can be described as'sister and brother's love'!"

"In the 21-year period from when you went to the U.S. to half a year ago, you didn't even go back to Japan half a time. Even if your parents died, you didn't come back, and you didn't have any communication with your home."

"I'm very curious about what caused you to be almost evicted from home, so I just took advantage of the free time to read your masterpiece of mystery published in the United States. It is very interesting!"

Hearing this, Teng Zhifan's face became extremely pale, and his eyes were staring at Mouri Kogoro, sweating profusely.

The old gardener on the side frowned deeply, trying to say something, but quickly closed his mouth.

"The most interesting one is the short story, "A Midsummer Dream"..."

Hearing the name of the novel uttered by Kogoro Moori, Teng Zhifan suddenly collapsed, and his legs fell directly on the ground.

He hurriedly said: "Maori detective, don't tell me, please don't tell me, I confess, I plead guilty... I ordered the housekeeper to kill."

Item 0129

Teng Zhifan was extremely frightened. His novel "A Midsummer Dream" was published in the U.S. ten years ago. The circulation is extremely small, worth thousands of copies.

This was originally a summary of his past regrets when he was depressed in a foreign country, and it was also an unforgettable portrayal of his previous life, entrusted with the most loved woman in his life.

He thought that no one would know this secret, but he did not expect to be found out by Moori Kogoro at this moment.

Tengzhishishi looked at Mouri Kogoro's eyes with fear: This guy is terrible, he is simply a devil!

But seeing that Kogoro Moori didn't say any more, he was still faintly grateful.

Having ruined his sister's life, he did not want to let others know about the past that should have been dusty, and did not want to ruin her reputation.

Seeing Teng Zhifan's desperate look, Soil Fertilizer also recalled the past more than 20 years ago.

In that irritating scene, his eyes were full of disgust when he looked at the man, and he wanted to kill him to avenge the eldest lady.

The scene suddenly fell silent.

Officer Mumu saw that everyone did not have the will to speak, and Teng Zhifan also pleaded guilty, so he ordered Officer Takagi to go forward and arrest Teng Zhifan and the old housekeeper, and the matter was also told a paragraph.

In the afterglow of the setting sun, Mouri Kogoro took Yukiko and Concubine Hideri home.

Yukiko in the back seat still had a bewildered look. She didn't know why Moori Kogoro said the names of the two novels, and that Teng Zhifan obediently pleaded guilty.

Yukiko pestered Kogoro and kept asking, "Now, Kogoro, tell me what is going on?"

Fei Yingli, who was sitting next to him, seemed not to care much about this matter.

Yukiko kept acting like a baby: "Xiaogoro, just tell me what the two novels say, and why on earth?"

Kogoro Mouri asked, "Yu Kiko, do you know that the deceased Teng Zhi Qianxiong this time, he was originally a rogue?"

"I know, the servants in the house have said that the guy has done all the bad things, and he is a deadly person."

Mouri Kogoro then asked: "Then you know why the eldest lady of Tengzhi's family married this rogue, and the marriage was confirmed in just one month, and he was summoned."

"Moreover, these two people have been married for so many years without half a child!"

These few questions asked Xizi with a dazed expression.

Looking at the expression of Kiko, Kogoro Mouri hated iron and steel, and Yingli seemed to have guessed it.

Kogoro Mori could only tell his speculations in detail.

Not long after, You Xizi said with a look of disgust: "Hey~~~, they are completely abnormal. They are relatives. How could they do such a thing? No wonder they would confess their sins obediently."

After speaking, You Xizi shivered with a bit of cold.

Fei Yingli next to her also spoke: "This kind of incest is the most disgusting thing."

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro immediately shed a few drops of cold sweat on the back of his head, grinning, trying to smile, but couldn't smile.

You Xizi pursed her small mouth: "I blame you, why tell me."

"Hey, isn't this what you asked for?"

"I don't care, it's your fault."

Moori Kogoro in the driver's seat rolled his eyes, and women sometimes make trouble so unreasonably.

After understanding the whole story, Yu Xizi shook his head and didn't think about it anymore.

She turned around and smiled triumphantly at Fei Yingli, like a little fox: "Hyori, I won the bet this time. You didn't find anything. I will at least find out the murderer. Up."

Fei Yingli glared at You Xizi: "No, you only found a murderer, and no one has found the mastermind. This is a reasoning game. How can you count you as winning like this!"

You Xizi suddenly refused to follow him: "Yi-ri, you are so wicked, how can you say that, obviously I am smarter, I don't care, this time I won, you lost, and you have to be obedient when you go back."

Finally, Fei Yingli let out a cold snort, turned her small face, and stopped talking.

"Kogoro, you said, which one of us won?"

All of a sudden, the firepower was concentrated on Mouri Kogoro, and the two women in the back seat stared at him at the same time.