Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 778

At this time, Kogoro Maori sneered: "What do others think of me? Why do I need to explain to others if I act in my life!"

Hearing these unbelievable words, coupled with the full masculine aura pouring into his nose, Fujiko's beautiful eyes lit up, and he couldn't help holding Kogoro Mouri tightly with his arms, and a bright smile appeared on his small face.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak, "Also, Police Officer Kanji, have you not received the notice from ICPO (International Criminal Police)?"

"What notice?"

Kogoro Mori laughed: "You don't pay attention to current affairs too much. Yesterday afternoon, all the 126 cases committed by Fujiko in 32 countries were dropped. In other words, this woman next to me never It's not an internationally wanted criminal anymore."

Hearing Qian Xingxing laughed a lot: "This is absolutely impossible, Maori detective, you have to make up a better lie if you want to lie to me, I don't believe it!"

This is because Fujiko himself didn't believe it.

Kogoro Mouri clicked on the ICPO (International Criminal Police) global webpage with his mobile phone. The first scrolled message above was about Mine Fujiko. He clicked on this message and showed it to Qian Xingyu.

As soon as Xingxing saw this interface, his pupils burst open. This webpage was indeed the webpage of Interpol.

Kogoro Mouri took out a piece of golden paper from his arms: "If you don't believe the webpage, you can go back and confirm it yourself, but you should know this amnesty!"

Qian Xingxing's eyes were a little distracted, he blinked when he saw the official seal of the purple cherry blossoms, and then he looked like hell.

This is an amnesty decree issued by the cabinet, the highest political body in Japan. The person above the amnesty is Fujiko Minami, who pardons all the crimes he has committed in the past.

That is to say, even if other countries are still hunting her, but as long as she is in Japan, she can become a legal citizen.

Fujiko caught this amnesty order, read it carefully, and suddenly cheered and screamed.

She hugged Moori Kogoro and kept bouncing around, and the proud pair of arms wrapped around her suddenly became choppy, giving Moori Kogoro a different kind of enjoyment.

Fujiko excitedly kissed Mouri Kogoro's left cheek, then his right cheek, then his moustache, and finally directly kissed his lips.

"Kogoro, I really love you!"

"Great, I finally don't have to live in hiding."

"You must have been busy with me when you were not at home all day yesterday, Kogoro, thank you very much."

Fujiko misunderstood it logically, she leaned on Mouri Kogoro's arms and showed a bright smile.

" did you know." Mouri Kogoro responded brazenly.

Although the little Lolita Huibara on the side was eager to see her eyes, she was still very happy for Fujiko.

And Qian Xingxing in the laser cage looked like he was hit hard, and he muttered to himself, "Why is this?"


When five minutes were up, Kogoro Mori let the laser light diffuse, and the probe was hidden on the ceiling again.

Qian Xingxing collapsed to the ground all of a sudden. There was a coin-sized hole in his right palm that was all red and black. It was the wound burned through by the laser.

With this kind of injury, this hand is no different from a dead man, and in the future he will be no different from a dead man.

Kogoro Mouri let go of Fujiko's body and said: "Police Officer Chin-shaped, you also know the meaning of this amnesty order. From now on, I don't want you to appear in front of Fujiko again. Otherwise, it won't be just the result next time. Up."

Qian Xingxing nodded with a wry smile, and became a half-worn man after nothing. How dare he come and find the best son.

Whether he can continue to hunt Lupin is now a big problem for him!

Qian Xingyi wanted to say something more, but saw a shoe getting closer and closer, kicking it in his face.

This guy went into a coma directly.

The punishment has been punished, and Kogoro Moori didn't really want to mutilate Qian Xingxing. After all, he still needs to contain Lupin.

He put his big hand on Qiangata Koichi's head, the treatment was performed, and then he threw the old guy out of the door, and the door of the office was closed.

Item 0132

The energy of the healing technique continued to echo in him, and Qian Xingxing woke up.

He found that his burnt palms and the injuries on his toasted shoulders had all disappeared.

Only two holes in the clothes told him that everything that happened before was true.

This method is completely beyond the reach of human beings.

He looked at the time, and he was just in a coma for a few seconds. The pain that had penetrated into the soul just now still has a memory, and he has completely recovered at this moment, unharmed.

Qian Xingxing looked at this door, and a touch of fear appeared in his eyes.

He quickly took out his mobile phone, logged in to his account, and finally saw the message on IPCO's webpage.

He couldn't help but sigh with the great detective's methods, more than a hundred cases were actually cancelled.

Fujiko was protected by this great detective, and Qian Xingyi didn't dare to make her idea anymore.

With a long sigh, the detective moved his legs around and walked downstairs.

In the office, no outsiders were present, and Fujiko was hanging on Moori Kogoro's body. The proud chest was pressed tightly against Moori Kogoro's chest, and she spoke with a charming voice.

"Kogoro, what the hell is going on, why has my case been dropped?"

Although he was very happy to hug this extremely plump Fujiko, the little Lori expression on the sofa was about to explode, and Mouri Kogoro naturally did not dare to continue.

He gently broke Fujiko away, then sat down to the side of Hui Hara, hugged Lori in his arms, and gently stroked his head with his big hand.

The complexion on Xiaomeng Huihara's face became normal, and the corners of her mouth were slightly curved, and he looked at Fujiko provocatively.

But Fujiko didn't notice Huihara's expression at all, she still looked at Mouri Kogoro curiously, wanting to know the answer.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "It's very simple. Some things that can be solved with money don't count."

"Fortunately, there was no crime like murder in the thing you committed. I'm afraid I would be helpless in that case."

Huihara also turned his head curiously: "What about the amnesty issued by the cabinet?"

"Remember the princess Kako who met with you last time? She has become a minister of parliament in the cabinet. She helped to operate this amnesty."

Fujiko didn't know any princess Jiazi, so he looked confused.

And when Huihara heard this, she felt that something was wrong at the banquet last time, and now it has proved her conjecture.

The amnesty decree can't be issued as simple as that. The relationship between Uncle Maori and Princess Jiazi is not easy, maybe they still have a leg!

Thinking of this, Little Lori pursed her mouth again and couldn't help kicking Kogoro Mouri with her short legs, but it didn't hurt at all.

Little Lori looked at the time, then at Fujiko, and Haibara jumped out of Kogoro Moori's arms.