Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 781

Xiao Bumei also returned to her bedding and began to sleep. She turned her small face to look at Huihara, her eyes full of fighting spirit.

In the middle of the night, Lexus stopped in front of Maori's house, and Kogoro Maori got out of the car and picked up Fujiko who had fainted in the passenger seat.

Smelling Moori Kogoro's body, Fujiko unconsciously held Moori Kogoro's body tightly.

This woman is too crazy, she doesn't know how many catties she is, she keeps regrouping and fighting again and again.

When fighting, she was very brave and heroic. As a female rider, she galloped everywhere, and the picture was out of control for a while, and it was very exciting.

When I want to come to Kogoro Mori, I will never forget that scene.

Kogoro Mouri slid through Fujiko's legs, and then recalled the scene on the silky water bed.

Holding Fujiko's snow-white calf with his hands, he slowly lifted it up...

Yeah!Can't think about it anymore, Mouri Kogoro shook his head, feeling a little sore in his lower back.

I spent too long in the hot spring bath this time, nearly five hours, and naturally there will be some sequelae.

Kogoro Mouri walked up the stairs holding Fujiko, and soon arrived at the house on the third floor. He drove the Ant-Man robot to open the door and walked in.

Xiaolan, who was at home, greeted her when she heard the movement, and saw the same scene as the night before. Fujiko was carried in unconsciously by her father, and frowned.

Suddenly, Xiaolan remembered Hui Yuan's sentence the night before, "I'm afraid I'm going to faint!"'Xiao Lan whispered in her heart.

Xiao Lan carefully glanced at Fujiko's appearance, with a faint blush on her face, her eyes became more suspicious.

She seemed very familiar with this posture.

"Dad, what's wrong with Fujiko?"

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly said: "She, knowing that her case has been dropped today, she is so happy to be drunk!"

"Oh, that's it!" Xiao Lan nodded meaningfully.

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly sent Fujiko to Huihara's room, only to breathe a sigh of relief, now it's really harder for her daughter to fool around.

He looked at Fujiko's soft little face, his big hand couldn't help but stroked his cheek, then gently kissed his red lips, and got up and left the room.

As soon as she came to the living room, Xiao Lan greeted Kogoro Mouri to sit beside him, she put her arms around Kogoro Mouri, and rubbed her head against Kogoro Mouri's chest, like a little milk cat.

Mouri Kogoro said in a warm voice: "Lan, where did you go today, why can't you see you all day?"

Xiao Lan chuckled lightly, her big eyes flickering, and looked at Mouri Kogoro tenderly: "I went shopping with Yuanzi again today, and bought a lot of interesting clothes."

Xiaolan lifted her head and blew lightly into her ears: "Dad, I will show it to you next time!"

Seeing Maori Kogoro's ears turn red, Xiao Lan smiled complacently.

This girl is about to become a little fairy.

"Hey, by the way, Yuanzi heard that we are going to Nishitama City tomorrow, and she also said that she would go to see the Twin Towers with us, father, let Yuanzi go with us!"

This is no problem, Mouri Kogoro nodded.

"Well, it's late, we should take a break, and we have to drive tomorrow!"

"Great, Xiao Ai is not here, Dad is mine!"

The voices of the father and daughter gradually drifted away, and the night gradually deepened...

Item 0135

After another night of fighting, Moori Kogoro was really squeezed out, and finally he hugged the little angel and fell asleep.

The little angel slept peacefully on his body, with a happy smile on his face.

Early the next morning, Moori Kogoro heard Xiaolan's exclamation and woke up from his sleep.

"Dad, dad, look at it quickly, Miss Fuji is gone, she left this letter and left."

Mouri Kogoro opened his eyes, and Xiao Lan in his nightdress was leaning over it, still holding the letter in his hand.

Kogoro Mori took the letter in one hand, and opened it to see the text inside.

"Kogoro: Forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye. When you read this letter, I was already on the plane.

If I say goodbye to you face to face, I am afraid I will be reluctant to leave.

What you said is really tempting, but I'm sorry, there is another very important and important thing waiting for me to solve.

When I resolve this matter, I will come back obediently and be your little secretary!

——The only son who loves you"

The last is a red lip mark!

Although it was expected, when he saw this letter, Kogoro Mouri frowned slightly.

What happened yesterday has already heralded this scene.

The sudden appearance of the money shape, the departure of Huihara, and Fujiko's gag when he promised, and the crazy indulgence in the hot spring pool.

Mouri Kogoro faintly sensed what Fujiko was carrying, and knew that he could not stop her, so he could only pretend to be ignorant and let her leave.

This woman, like an envoy of the north wind, came quietly, and then passed away quietly, leaving no trace.

Although Mouri Kogoro's mind was affected by it, he did not feel much disappointed.

There are no more than one shifting talisman to the left and right. There are three opportunities to shift it a month. If you redeem 10,000 points at a time, you can still afford it.

In addition, the Ant-Man robot is attached to Fujiko, and the Ant-Man robot is always telling him the situation.

The monitoring on the robot could also clearly see what Fujiko was doing. Kogoro Mouri wanted to find her easily, and naturally didn't think she had gone too far.

I just don’t know what the important thing Fujiko is going to do, but don’t set a flag on this letter!

Kogoro Mouri reached out and tore the letter to pieces.

Xiaolan immediately exclaimed: "Dad, how can you do this? This is a farewell letter left by Miss Fujiko. Don't tear it up if you don't collect it."

Xiao Lan collected the scraps of paper while pretending to complain, but in fact she was very happy.

After Fujiko is gone, there is no need to worry about what happened to Dad and the sturdy female snitch.

Mouri Kogoro chuckled and said, "I will meet again anyway, and it's useless to keep this letter!"