Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 782

"Dad!" Xiao Lan suddenly angered in dissatisfaction.


Xiaolan looked up and saw Moori Kogoro's smile.

Immediately afterwards, Kogoro Moori rushed forward and rushed on Xiaolan. The father and daughter on the bed instantly became a mess.

On the plane from Tokyo to Paris, Fujiko, wearing a red lady's suit and a lady's hat, folded her legs elegantly, resting his chin on his bare hands, and staring at the wing of the plane blankly.

Fujiko shook his head and took off the lady's hat from his head.

Suddenly, a note floated out of the hat and slowly fell to the ground.

Fujiko leaned over and picked up the note, with a line written on it.

"Fujiko, you can't escape from my palm.-Kogoro"

There is also a five-finger mountain drawn behind the note.

Seeing this piece of paper, Fujiko's face instantly showed an extremely bright smile, and a delicate laugh came from his mouth.

The passengers on the left and right looked sideways, seeing that it was a big beauty, one by one lost their minds.

After smiling for a long time, Fujiko folded the note gently and placed it in the pocket lined in the suit. She turned to look at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window, with a slight smile on her mouth.

If you can't escape, you can't escape, and I never thought about it!

Kogoro, wait for me to come back!

"Wow, Uncle Maori, Xiao Lan, your father and daughter have such a good relationship, you can still fight like this!"

Suddenly, the voice of the garden rang from the door, and Xiao Lan, who was suppressed underneath, was taken aback, his face flushed, and he quickly pushed Moori Kogoro up...

"Yuanzi, how did you come in?"

"The door is unlocked, I will come in as soon as I push, and then I will come over when I hear your voice."

Wearing a white short skirt and a little pink waistcoat, the garden walked in without hesitation with long legs, sat on the bed, and stared fiercely at Maori Kogoro's strong thighs.

Kogoro Mori always wears loose shorts and T-shirts, but not underwear. This is usually more convenient and easier to coordinate.

Yuanzi got started without hesitation, patted a small hand on Kogoro Moori's strong thigh, and said in praise: "Uncle, your thigh muscles are so stylish, so beautiful, it's like a work of art."

The garden pretended to wipe the oil casually, but she couldn't hide her frenzy.

Seeing this scene, Xiaolan's forehead kept jumping up, patted the garden's little hand away, then pulled the garden to get up and walked outside.

"Let's go out first, don't delay Dad changing clothes."

Yuanzi suddenly looked disappointed, turned his head one step at a time, and wanted to have a panoramic view of Kogoro Moori's perfect figure, but Xiaolan thrilled.

"Xiao Lan, you are really getting more and more violent now."

The two walked out and closed the door.

After a while, the bedroom door opened again, and the neatly dressed and handsome Mouri Kogoro walked out of the bedroom.

When he came to the living room, he saw Xiao Lan had also changed clothes.

It was a pale white dress with a golden waistband, showing the proud chest and the slender waist, very delicate and beautiful.

"Dad, you can eat breakfast!"

Yuanzi complained again: "Hey, it's rare for me to come here so early. I thought I could taste Uncle Maori's food. I didn't expect Xiaolan to make it."

Xiaolan glared at Yuanzi, frowning with threats, "Yuanzi, do you have any comments?"

Yuanzi instantly acknowledged: "How could it be possible that Xiaolan's cuisine is also delicious, and it is completely in line with my taste. I really have no opinion at all."

Seeing the energetic appearance of the two women, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but chuckle.

Chapter 0136 Uncle, wait for me to grow up

After breakfast, the three of them got in the car, facing the cool wind in the early morning, the car drove towards Nishitama City, and Kogoro Mori was about to make an appointment with his old classmate.

The two women sat in the back seat, and the garden took Xiaolan's arm and whispered: "Xiaolan, I have already investigated. This Tokiwa Mio is the head of the Tokiwa Foundation, which is the leader of Nishitama City. The consortium is mainly engaged in the computer industry and the game industry."

"She is a woman in the style of a strong woman. For so many years, I have never heard of her marrying. She has always lived alone, which is very dangerous!"

"Old classmates gatherings are most prone to problems. Besides, they still have an agreement 20 years ago. This is even more dangerous. Xiaolan, we must keep an eye on it today and we must not give them a chance."

The garden looked full of fighting spirit, and the volume was not low at all. The driver's seat was full of black lines, and Kogoro Mori couldn't help but calculate in front of him. Is he really okay?

On the other side, the juvenile detectives who had finished camping also got on the car, and the Beetle was driving towards Tokyo.

Looking at the scenery passing by the window, Bu Mei asked, "Doctor, are we going to the Gemini skyscraper we saw yesterday?"

Dr. A Li frowned and said, "But this way we will take a long way!"

Mitsuhiko hurriedly said, "Doctor, that is the tallest Gemini Tower in Japan. It would be a shame not to look at it."

Hearing this, Dr. A Li could only sigh: "Well then, I'll take you there."

He turned the steering wheel and drove towards the Twin Star Tower.

After half an hour passed, Dr. A Li's yellow Beetle stopped in the parking lot of the Twin Star Building.

All the small people looked at the building with awe.

"so high."

"Hiss enough, as if on the cloud."

At this moment, another car drove into the parking lot, a Lexus of Kogoro Moori.

The people on the Beetle and Lexus got off and saw each other instantly.

Step Mei yelled in surprise: "Uncle Maori!"

And Dr. Aka and Conan were both leaning on the car with a look of horror, and Conan was hiding everything from Kogoro Moori and Koran to the camping.

Kogoro Mouri came over and raised his eyebrows: "Why is Conan here? Didn't my uncle enroll you for training? Why did you follow to camp and play truant?" His tone gradually became heavier.

"Doctor, please explain, didn't you just promise that I won't disturb Conan's study these days?"

Hearing the question, Dr. A Li lowered his head, and the index fingers of both hands kept touching together: "Arnold, this..."