Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 786

On the side, Yuanzi, Xiaolan, and Haibara all had vigilant gazes: This Tokiwa Mio is so heavy, it seems that what he wants is not simple.

Secretary Zeguchi led everyone into Room 6801, which was indeed a presidential suite, which fully met everyone's expectations.

Especially in the master bedroom, you can see Mt. Fuji when you sleep together in the morning, which is very beautiful.

After everyone visited the presidential suite, there was noisy urination in the living room, Yuanta repeatedly shouted: "I'm going to the sixtieth floor to have a big meal, a big meal."

Mitsuhiko looked at Genta scornfully: "What's the point of eating a big meal, Doctor, come with me to play games in the game hall of Building B."

The childlike Dr. A Li quickly agreed.

Ayumi looked up at Kogoro Mouri: "Uncle Mouri, you also go to the game hall with us!"

Mouri Kogoro was about to nod his head, but Huihara in his arms tugged his body in secret.

He instantly understood what Hui Yuan meant, and immediately said softly: "No, Xiao Ai is a little uncomfortable, go play, I will take care of Xiao Ai here."

Bu Mei immediately looked disappointed.

Xiaolan on the side wanted to say something, but was caught by the excited garden: "Xiaolan, let's go to the swimming pool in Building B. Taking advantage of the fact that no one is like a chartered venue right now, let's go for a swim. ."

Secretary Sawaguchi also said, "In this case, we have swimsuits to provide."

Yuanzi laughed heartily: "That's great, let's go."

Soon, in the presidential suite, except for Kogoro Moori and Haibara Lori, everyone else moved to their respective destinations.

Mrs. Yuan was going to have a big meal on the sixtieth floor. Conan was worried that he would have problems alone, so he offered to accompany him;

Dr. Aka took Mitsuhiko and Ayumi to the game hall in Building B;

Xiaolan and Yuanzi, accompanied by Secretary Zeguchi, went to swim in the swimming pool on the top floor of Building B.

Everyone soon reached the sixtieth floor, and Conan and Yuanta went to the French restaurant.

The rest of the people walked across the bridge and then separated again, moving up to the swimming pool, and moving down to the game hall.

In the downward group of people, Little Loli Bumi lowered her head, not knowing what she was thinking.

Suddenly, Bumei stopped, and hurriedly said: "Doctor, I won't go to the game hall with you anymore. I'm going to see Sister Xiaolan and the others for a swim."

After talking about Xiao Bumei, she moved her short legs and ran off the road.

Mitsuhiko suddenly looked disappointed.

And in the Presidential Suite on the 68th floor, Kogoro Mouri sat on the bed with a bitter melon look, and looked at the picturesque scenery outside the window without feeling interesting.

He slowly said: "Xiao Ai, don't be angry, just ask what you want to know, I know everything, I will tell you all about Qiu Mei."

Coaxing little loli is a technical job. Kogoro Mouri has already decided that if the coaxing fails, he will directly sacrifice the big magic stick. Usually the effect after the experiment is very outstanding.

Huihara does have something to ask. The laser trap that Koichi Kanjita was trapped in yesterday was to protect himself.

And the expression of Moori Kogoro that she saw on the camera today, which seemed like a smile but not a smile, very strange.

Originally, Hui wanted to ask if Kogoro Mouri knew his identity, but after another thought, Huihara felt nothing. She remembered Kogoro Moori once said a word to her.

'It's okay, I can wait until Xiao Ai is willing to tell her uncle all the secrets in her heart.'

It seems that knowing or not knowing is not so important.

When Hui Yuan turned around, he saw Uncle Maori who looked like bitter melon, and he couldn't help but smile.

With a flash of light in the ice blue eyes, the feminine amorous feelings bloomed, seeming to carry some dangerous aura.

This look is full of allure.

She stretched out her hands, pushed Mori Kogoro's chest, and pushed it on the soft bed, then little Lori sat on Mori Kogoro's waist, and a pair of small hands quickly pushed her top up.

The area that had just been swollen by the gray original appeared very obvious.

Mouri Kogoro was quite surprised. He thought that Haibara left himself to ask more details, but he didn't expect it was not. In this posture, Little Lori wanted to push himself back.

Thinking of this, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but get excited.

Just when Mouri Kogoro was caught off guard, Huihara's little pink tongue gently licked the area that had just been swollen by him.


Little Lolita also said: "Uncle, don't think too much, saliva also has the effect of reducing inflammation and swelling, I am just helping you treat your injury."

Maori Kogoro rubbed Huihara's small head with his big hands, watching his delicate face full of charm, licking and licking two wounds.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but speak: "Uncle knows that saliva has anti-inflammatory and swelling effects, but uncle has another swelling area. Please help me, Xiaoai!"

Huihara's small face turned red in an instant, his big eyes paled with amorous feelings, Mori Kogoro, then his body slowly climbed down...

And behind the bedroom door, seeing the scenes happening inside, one of his big eyes kept shrinking, as if he was frightened...

Item 0140

Xiao Bumei's young heart was greatly shocked, watching the scenes that took place in the bedroom, she didn't know that Hui Yuan had such a god-level operation.

Before leaving the suite, Bu Mei felt a little strange. Hui Yuan was behaving normally along the way, but suddenly said that she was unwell.

She had already regarded Huiyuan as an imaginary enemy, so she was always careful, deliberately concealing the door before leaving the suite, and then walked halfway and turned back, wanting to find out.

Only then did I see this extremely explosive scene in the crack of the bedroom door.

Okay, Xiao Ai, I finally know how you make your uncle like you, hum, it's too deceitful, I can learn it too.

Xiao Bumei's face was flushed, her big eyes focused on the scenes inside, and her tongue was sticking out and she was studying hard.

After Huihara finished eating the ice cream, he got up and started experimenting.

Seeing what happened inside, Bu Mei opened her mouth and mouth, her small face was terrifying, and she couldn't believe it.

how is this possible?How could it be successful? It's a lie!It will die like this!How terrible!

The little Lori Bumi outside the door was in entanglement, but she still focused on watching what happened inside.

Although Ayumi was also scared, she felt that Huihara's expression was very hard and her movements were very difficult, but she still made up her mind to learn this.

After more than 30 minutes, calm in the bedroom returned. Watching the people in the room about to come out, Bu Mei quickly got up and tiptoedly fled the suite.

When she ran out of this suite, Step Mei's red face could not hide her excitement. She only felt that she had opened the door to a new world. Although she did not know why, she still felt very exciting.