Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 796

Seeing Moori Kogoro's smirk, Qiu Mei's expression became more alarmed, and she packed up the bowls and plates and hurried to the kitchen.

Mouri Kogoro hesitated for a moment, and directed the little V to reflect Huihara's monitoring to his heart, and then he got up and followed.

In Bumei's bedroom, two pink little loli lie side by side on the soft bed, four short legs swinging around the bed, it is really cute.

Bu Mei looked tangled, Hui Principle quietly observed Bu Mei's bedroom.

The little guy is very clever. She saw Bumei's house today and she keenly noticed how well Bumei's family is.

She knew that it was not easy for a single mother, so the original plan was gradually eliminated.

Bu Mei, who had been struggling for a long time, still said: "Xiao Ai, I still have the problem before, and I have never thought of a solution. Can you help me?"

"Mom wants to grab Uncle Maori from me, what should I do?"

Hui Yuan couldn't help rolling his eyes: "No, it's your mother and daughter who want to grab'my' Maori uncle from me, right?" Hui Yuan deliberately declared sovereignty with a stress.

Xiao Bumei squeezed her fists, her eyes fixedly said: "We solved my mother's matter first, and then I will compete with you fairly."

Amy's wishful thinking was so loud that Huihara couldn't help but sighed.

Elementary school students now are too precocious!!!

She stood up straight, her ice-blue eyes looked at Bumei: "Bumei, how come you didn’t expect this to be your own problem? You are only seven years old now, and you still don’t understand many things. Not the age to fall in love."

"Furthermore, it is understandable that you like to be older than you, but uncle Maori is already more than 30 years older than you, and your age gap is too big. When you grow up to get married, uncle Maori is five. You are over a dozen years old, and it will be too late for you to regret it." Hui Yuan persuaded me bitterly.

But Bomi didn't listen to her ears at all, and instead gave Hui Yuan a white look: "But Xiao Ai, don't you do the same? I have always liked Uncle Maori."

These words made Hui Yuan almost out of breath, almost violently yelled: The old lady is actually eighteen years old, and your little boy wants to grab a man from me if his hair doesn't grow up.

Hui Yuan barely suppressed the anger in his heart, and continued to persuade the lost lamb with all his heart.

But in Yoshida's kitchen, it was another scene.

Qiu Mei put all the dishes in the washbasin, and then began to wash it. The flow of the water touched her calmed her slightly, but the sound of footsteps behind her panicked Qiu Mei again.

She picked up a plastic bowl and cleaned it many times without putting it down, her mind was already taken by the man behind her.

Qiumi could perceive Moori Kogoro standing behind her, very close to her, and she could sense the amazing heat emitted from her body, and she couldn't help but feel nervous.

Mao Lijun, what do you want to do?

Soon, Qiu Mei sensed that two big fiery hands had penetrated into the hem of her beige jumper sweater, and those two big hands were constantly poking upwards.

Then a solid body leaned up, very thick and warm.

Her heartbeat soared twice as fast as before.

This could not help Qiu Mei not panic. The sweater was very comfortable to wear, but at home, it was empty inside. She didn't wear any underwear.

Item 0150

Sure enough, those hands had a clear goal, and soon climbed to the key point, and then stopped.

The plastic bowl in Qiu Mei's hand couldn't be grasped at once, and it fell into the washbasin. There was a lot of water splashing, and her breathing became short.

Qiu Mei held her hands weakly on the edge of the washbasin, her complexion was red, and Tankou lightly said, "Da Ba! Mao Lijun, don't be like this. Are the two children still at home? The influence is too bad."

"Last time we were seen by Bumei, Bumei ignored me all day long!"

Maori Kogoro comforted her voice, soft and full of magnetism, digging into Qiu Mei's heart.

"Don't worry, both children are in the bedroom. I will be very careful this time, and I will be very careful not to let them see."

"Qiu Mei, you believe me."

He leaned his head gently against Qiu Mei's soft shoulders and took a breath.

Suddenly, the fragrance was fragrant and refreshing, and this gentle young woman was really ripe.

Kogoro Mouri moved very gently, enjoying this moment very much, with a nice arc on the corners of his lips.

"Qiu Mei is very good, it seems that I give you all the medicines to drink honestly."

When I heard about Bu Laoquan, the red-faced Qiu Mei said: "Mao Lijun, it's amazing. In the past two days, I drank the drink you gave me, my energy has improved a lot, and my skin has suddenly become smoother. A lot, it's like being young."

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "I know this too. Am I just helping you test the effect? ​​The effect is amazing!"

Qiu Mei's face was blushing again when she heard the shameless words.

Being so embraced by Kogoro Maori, feeling the sense of security and masculinity that she has never had before, Qiu Mei bit her teeth, her face flushed, and her body gradually weakened.

Mouri Kogoro's head lightly rubbed Qiu Mei's pretty face, and he pecked Qiu Mei's cheek from time to time, in an extremely intimate gesture.

He was reluctant to leave with one hand, while the other fiery right hand began to slowly walk away.

Snaking downwards, before long it was covered with Qiu Mei's brown silk stockings, and it was really smooth and full.

Today, Qiu Mei's dress is too appropriate. The beige jumpsuit with silk stockings is absolutely amazing.

There was water mist in her extremely gentle Qiu Mei's beautiful eyes. She was so panicked that she glanced at the door for fear that a child's head would suddenly appear.

But in the face of Moori Kogoro's constant offensive, the soft-tempered Qiumi couldn't say anything to refuse, so she could only take it passively.

No, I heard the domineering words of Mouri Kogoro.

"Qiu Mei, turn your head!"

She turned her head obediently, and her pink lips were kissed instantly.

Mouri Kogoro's kissing technique was used, and Qiu Mei was kissed almost out of her body.

When she regained consciousness, she was already sitting on the ground, leaning against the kitchen cabinet with her soft back, and staring at the scene before her blankly.

Qiu Mei lifted Qianshou, and saw Moori Kogoro's warm eyes full of encouragement.

Gentle and domineering, as irresistible as a god.

The irresistible Qiu Mei licked her lips, her tender eyes and Kogoro Mouri looked at each other, and her heart became obedient, and she obeyed Kogoro Mouri's will.


In Bumei's bedroom, the scene of Huihara's tongue fighting Bumei continued. Huihara said that he was going to talk about it, but Bumei was still unmoved.

No matter what Huihara said about the gap between Ayumi and Kogoro Mouri, Xiaobumei always gave it back with the phrase "Sorry, aren't you the same!", it was really rascal.