Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 801

Ruyue Fengshui turned her head and snorted without speaking.

Kogoro Mouri explained softly, "I think it's because of the skyscrapers."

"Representative Ogi keeps running for this skyscraper. Hidehiko Kazama is the architect of this building, and you want to build this skyscraper. That's why Master Kisaragi wants to kill you."

"In fact, from the very beginning I saw the small wine glass that was broken into two halves. I suspected that it was made by Master Kizutsu. Later, I looked at the map and found that Master Kizutsu’s studio, the Twin Towers and Mount Fuji could be connected in one line. It was determined that he was the murderer."

"In other words, the completion of this skyscraper happened to split Mount Fuji in half from the middle. How could Master Kisaragi who had painted Mount Fuji for 30 years tolerate it? That's why I wanted to kill people and kill all of you for the skyscraper. Excessive person."

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Conan underneath heard this and reacted. It turned out that the broken wine glass meant this.

Conan felt annoyed again and couldn't help but patted his head. He should have thought of it when he saw the tightly drawn black curtain in Master Ruyue's studio before.

The restrained Kitsuki Fengshui laughed, and his turbid old eyes cast a deep look at Mouri Kogoro: "Detective Maori, I underestimate you! The famous detective really deserves its reputation, even my old thoughts. It must be clear."

He sighed for a long time: "I found a small hill at the end of Nishitama City. From there, Mt. Fuji is unparalleled in the world. For so many years, I have been traveling to and from that hill and painting on it."

"As I grew older, I was struggling to climb that mountain. Three years ago, I simply bought the hill, built a house on it, and chose the best location as a studio."

Kisaragi drank violently, and pointed to Tokiwa Mio terribly with a terrifying face: "However, this stupid woman has built a skyscraper in my view of Mount Fuji, splitting Mount Fuji in half!"

"How can I paint in the future?"

"You said she should die? Should she die?"

Officer Mumu hurriedly controlled the old man.

Mio Tokiwa couldn't help shaking her body, looking at the mad teacher in horror, mist appeared in her eyes: Did she really do something wrong?

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward and hugged Mio Tokiwa, pressing his shoulders gently to comfort him, and he turned to look at the water of Minazuki.

"Mio, of course, shouldn't die. What's wrong with her working hard for her dream, but you, the murderer, should accept the punishment she deserves."

"A skyscraper can't be built in a day. You and Mio are in a master-disciple relationship. If you have an opinion, why didn't you mention it early in the early stages of construction? It might not be impossible to relocate the building at that time."

"But you don't want to talk about it. For several years, I sat and watched the building continue to be built until it was completed, and then began to commit murderous acts."

"Killing Senator Oki was not enough. He also killed the architect Hidehiko Kazama, who built the building. In the end, he even wanted to kill his apprentice. He was frantic and mad, so why dare to call himself a master?"

"What you did has defiled the snow-capped Mount Fuji, especially shameful!"

Kisaragi Fengshui's old face flushed as he listened to Mouri Kogoro's reprimand.

And the guests below felt extremely relieved, and looked at Ruyue Fengshui with contemptuous eyes.

Ruyue Fengshui wanted to fight off Officer Mumu's capture again, with a furious expression on his face: "You dare to insult me, I'm right, it's you."


The crazy old man laughed wildly: "Anyway, I'm over 60 years old, and I won't be able to live for many years. Today, I will let all of you be buried with me and this skyscraper."

Hearing this, everyone's eyes stunned, and the guests below were a little commotion.

Kogoro Mouri reacted suddenly, and the work computer in Hidehiko Kazama's studio was destroyed.

It must be that Ruyue Fengshui didn't want people to know that he had stolen the design drawings of the Twin Towers, combined with this crazy old man, no!!!

At this moment, there was a sudden'bang' from below, and everyone felt that the floor was a little unstable.

The lights at the banquet site all dimmed, and the women in the venue screamed.

And in the power generation room on the second underground floor and the central control room on the fifty floor, it was already swept by the explosion, a mess, and the flames kept rising, spreading to the upper and lower floors.

Maori Kogoro's face became extremely ugly.

Oops, I didn't expect that gin didn't show up here to plant bombs. On the contrary, it was this old guy who got the bomb and wanted to blow up the skyscraper. It's really unreasonable for the art people!

With a thought on Mouri Kogoro, the more than 80 Ant-Man robots he carried with him flew out like bees, and started to detect bombs towards the two buildings.

He picked up the microphone and started to preside over the overall situation: "Calm down, everyone. People who are near the VIP elevator will check if the elevator can be opened. Police officer will call the fire and explosion protection team immediately."

Soon, the lookout elevator with a gold frame came up and appeared in front of the crowd like a door of hope, and the eyes of each guest lit up.

Kogoro Mori continued to speak: "Now we are starting to evacuate urgently. Ladies, the elderly, and children have priority to take the lookout elevator down. Others will follow Mr. Jiaming Yuan from the stairs to the 60th floor and reach Building B through the overpass. There is still electricity, and everyone can take the elevator downstairs."

Yuan Jiaming on the side was stunned when he heard Moori Kogoro mentioning himself, but quickly nodded, picked up the flashlight and came to the front of the crowd to lead the way.

And Mio Tokiwa looked at Mouri Kogoro obsessively, still like a general...

The detained Ruyue Fengshui laughed wildly again: "If you can't escape, you must die, you must die!"

Mouri Kogoro slapped the old face without hesitation, and slapped it out.

"Wow!" The old guy's mouth sprayed out several broken teeth, his mouth was full of blood.

"You feel like playing puppets!" Where did he, a master, have encountered such treatment.

Mouri Kogoro arrogantly shouted, "What if I hit you? Has anyone seen it?"

Officer Shiratori and Officer Megumi touched their noses, turned their heads, and said nothing.

Ruyue Fengshui looked at the left and right, eyes full of unbelievable.

"You bad old man wants to commit suicide and go to Mount Fuji to jump under the crater, blow up the building, do what you can, you really think you are a terrorist."

"I'm telling you, I slapped Mio for this slap. If you dare to say another word, I will slap you again, so that you will not be able to open your mouth for the rest of your life."

Tokiwa Mio heard the sweetness in her heart, and her eyes softened as she watched Kogoro Mouri.

Seeing this bully-like Maori Kogoro, Yuzuki Fengshui whimpered, but he did not dare to speak again.

The'bang' sounded again, the fourth floor began to explode, and the flames vacated the building.


Soon, Kogoro Mouri came to the side elevator, and the elevator had transported two groups of children and women down.

Looking at the girls beside him, the young ones and Dr. Akasa, Moori Kogoro said, "Xiaolan, Yuanzi, Doctor, and your children, now it's your turn."

Xiaolan knew that her father was so good that he had been unscathed by jumping off the building before, so she naturally didn't worry about him.

The garden began to be a demon again, with a deep and affectionate look, he pulled the elevator door frame and shouted: "No, uncle, I won't go, I want to live and die with you!"

It wasn't until Xiao Lan thrilled that she got on the elevator honestly.

Little Lori Huiyuan said: "Uncle, be careful."