Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 847

It's Arrow Feather!

Standing at the door, Shimabukuro Junhui's eyes were cold, holding a bow in his hand, shooting at the dark silhouette in the warehouse.

Mouri Kogoro reacted, and immediately stretched his hand over Hongzi, just avoiding the arrow feathers.

Then the two immediately ran towards the depths of the warehouse.

Miko Junhui once again shot with a bow, but the speed of this arrow was naturally not able to shoot Kogoro Mouri who was running at full speed.

When Mouri Kogoro saw a push window next to him, he pulled Hongzi and turned it over.

The arrow feather was nailed to the window frame.

Looking at Junhui who was constantly chasing behind him, Mouri Kogoro directly hugged Hongzi's legs and hung them on his shoulders. In an instant, the two groups hit her back softly and hard.

His speed exploded and he rushed towards the wall.

Approaching the surrounding wall, its amazing bounce ability was displayed.

Even with a person on his back, he jumped over the two-meter-high wall.

Jun Hui chased it out, looking at the empty courtyard, the intruder had disappeared, she couldn't help frowning.

It was too dark just now, and she could not see the faces of the two people clearly.

Soon, she turned around and went to the warehouse, turned on the flashlight, and went in the direction of the long cloth bag.

Seeing that the sundries on the cloth bag hadn't been passive, Jun Hui breathed a sigh of relief: In this case, it is the thieves who want to steal the arrow of the dugong again.

Looking at the cloth bag underneath, Jun Hui's eyes flashed unbearable, but soon his expression continued to change, and finally became firm.

"Mom, I will definitely avenge you."

She closed the window that had been knocked open, put the lock on again, then walked out of the warehouse, locked it again, and then turned to her room.

The shrine returned to silence again.

In the hotel, in Hongzi's room, Moori Kogoro looked at the ancient jade and the treasure box on the bed, and said suspiciously, "This is the item you find useful. I don't see any purpose!"

"Witch power, witch power, don't you feel a faint witch power lingering in it?" Hongzi turned and looked over with a weird look.

"Aren't you a better magician than me?"

Mouri Kogoro's heart tightened, and he immediately pretended to be knowledgeable: "Of course I feel the magic power, but these two things seem useless!"

Hongzi nodded, and said, "This box does not seem to be of any use. The magic power on it is very weak, as if it is stained, but it is exactly the same, I am sure that there is really a ban on this island. arrow'."

"The size of this box should be used to store the'Broken Arrow'."

"But I can't see this ancient jade, Maori Jun, what do you think it is?"

Maori Kogoro picked up this weird jade, and it seemed that there was water lingering in it, which was not real.

When foreign affairs did not decide to ask Xiao V, he asked in his heart: "Little V, what is this?"

In the system space, Xiao V looked at Kogoro Mouri with tears in his eyes, and the poor female voice echoed in his mind: "Too moved, Master, you finally remembered me, I thought you forgot my system That's it!"

Kogoro Mouri coughed awkwardly: "How could I have forgotten you, it's just that there are too many women, and I can't accompany you, so I can only leave you out a little bit. V, you are just an artificial intelligence, just Don't be jealous."

Little V seemed to have a little temper, and said directly: "The scan deducts 10,000 points. The results of the scan are as follows: Three thousand years of ancient jade, with a mysterious power sealed inside, seems to be incomplete, and it is inferred to be the key to open a certain realm."

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help vomiting blood: "Little V, get out of me, just a few words, you cheated me with 10,000 points and exchanged my points."

This is naturally impossible. Only a small V's naughty voice sounded in Kogoro Mouri's mind: "Slightly slightly!"

After that, no matter how he called V, this guy never said anything.

"Hey, hey, pervert, do you know what this thing is?"

Kogoro Mouri patted Hongzi's little hand away, and said, "This thing is useless, it should be a key to unlock some mystery."

Hongzi pursed his mouth immediately: "What are you doing? I have been busy most of the night, and I have not gained anything."

"It's not without gain, at least we know that Junhui's archery skills are superb."

Hongzi nodded: "Yeah, if this guy is a real witch, that's really a difficult character."

"Well, I've been crazy with you most of the night, and I should go back to rest."

Hongzi immediately ran up to Kogoro Mouri, spreading his hands to stop him and said, "You are not allowed to go back."

Item 0012

Rikogoro frivolously inspected Jinghongzi's body: "Does not going back mean that I should sleep here? Hongzi, you are quite bold."

Hong Ziqi's little face flushed, and he stretched out his hand: "Big pervert, return my magic furnace to me before leaving."

This magic furnace is Hongzi's strongest prop, and it has already fallen into the hands of Moori Kogoro. How can it be returned to her so easily?

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "I said that I will pay you back when I leave this island. It's not okay now, but I'm sorry to leave like this. I have to leave something for you."

Hongzi looked puzzled: "What should I leave?"

Mouri Kogoro pulled Hongzi with one hand and kissed directly on her pink lips.

Hongzi's eyes were round and his pupils kept shrinking, completely stunned. Is this just kissing?

She faced Kogoro Mouri's aggressive attack like this, and the first kiss was handed over.

When she thought that she was going to struggle, Mouri Kogoro's mouth had already left.

"Okay, just take my kiss to sleep! What a dream!"

Mouri Kogoro waved his back to Hongzi, opened the door and went out.

"Big pervert! Big bastard! I'm going to kill you."

A pillow slammed heavily on the closed door, and Kogoro Mouri shook his head with a light smile, and then went to his room.

And the Hongzi in the room was not as angry as it appeared.

Her face was blushing, and her plain-white fingers lightly tapped her lips, and she squeezed her lips from time to time.

Then she shyly threw herself on the soft bed and buried her head on the pillow.

The muttering words slowly spread: "Damn big pervert, wait until I become a real witch, and see how I teach you."