Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 852

The pain-suffering Jun Hui had time to raise her head and look at the person who attacked her, and she couldn't help being surprised: "Why are you? Lulang."

She never thought that attacking her would be the man who was struggling to pursue her. Could it be that because she had just rejected him, he would kill him because of love and hatred?

Fukuyama Lulang wearing a black suit is still wearing gloves. He threw the stick away and sneered: "Why do you want to act again, Junhui, didn't you ask me to come, do you want to tell me the location of the tomb of the mermaid? ?"

This made Shimabukuro Junhui look dumbfounded, she was obviously called, why Fukuyama Rokuro said he called him.

Fukuyama Lulang continued to speak: "I was thinking of making a step-by-step approach, putting you in bed and then asking about the whereabouts of the tomb of the mermaid, but now I can't. It seems that there are more people on the island who are also trying to beat the tomb of the mermaid. It can only be rougher, Junhui, you won't blame me!"

A flash of lightning just passed, and Fukuyama Lulang's face was reflected extremely hideously.

Jun Hui kept moving back and backing away. She looked like she had met this partner who grew up with her for the first time, and she couldn't believe it.

In normal times, Fukuyama Rokuro behaved completely atheist, dismissing the mermaid legend of Mermaid Island.

But now listening to his words, he clearly believes in the legend of immortality, and even pursues himself because of the tomb of the mermaid. Why do you pretend so deeply!

Fukuyama Lulang took the dagger out of his arms and laughed: "Junhui, you should know, I actually like you very much. You just have to cooperate with me and let me obtain the remaining half of the mermaid's tomb. , I won't hurt you."

Hearing Fukuyama Lulang's idea of ​​hitting his mother's bones, Jun Hui frowned and categorically shouted, "Don't think about it."

"The tomb of the mermaid is a fake at all. There are no mermaid bones in it, just ordinary human bones."

Hearing this, Fukuyama Lulang became furious and rushed up with a dagger.

Junhui's shoulder was hurt, and she couldn't help her at all. Seeing this scene could not help but despair.

At this moment, a big hand grasped the back of Junhui's suit and pulled it away.

Fukuyama Lulang rushed for a moment, he looked up and saw the sudden appearance of Kogoro Mouri, his pupils contracted.

Moori Kogoro put his arms around Junhui's soft body, stretched out his hand to pat the dirt on the back of his small suit and skirt, and said, "Is it okay?" He is Fukuyama Rokuro who doesn't care about being fierce with a sword.

Jun Hui couldn't help but wondered: "Maori detective, why are you here?"

But Kogoro Mouri didn't answer. He glanced at Rokuro Fukuyama who was trying to escape, and said, "It's no wonder Mr. Fukuyama gets angry when he hears Ms. Junhui's words. After all, he has eaten mermaid bones for two or three years. This is fake, it's strange if he isn't angry!"

"I just entered the small room of the warehouse. I can't believe that there is a basement underneath. Tsk tusk, Mr. Fukuyama's special hobby is really amazing!"

The expressions of the two of them were stunned.

Rokuro Fukuyama had never expected that he had done an extremely secretive thing, but was discovered by Kogoro Mori, so he could not leave easily.

He dismissed the idea of ​​escaping, and faintly faced the dagger at Kogoro Moori, his eyes flashing with a sullen look.

But Junhui thought more. The bone that was burnt to death in the shrine three years ago was his mother's, and then the mother's bone was stolen.

Could it be...

Junhui's face changed drastically, and she immediately asked: "Is what the Maori detective said is true? You are really eating mermaid bones. Is that the one who stole the shrine two years ago?"

Is this guy eating his mother's bones?

Seeing that Moori Kogoro had found all of them, Fukuyama Rokuro confessed: "Yes, that bitch Sumi was right. If she hadn’t been drunk and told me about the arson once, I still don’t know that one. The skeleton is the skeleton of a mermaid."

"The mermaid bones really have a magical effect. After I grind them into powder and eat them, I feel a lot stronger."

"The hateful thing is that I didn't steal all the bones two years ago, otherwise I would have been immortal."

When Fukuyama Lulang said this, there was a strange blush on his face, and he was extremely sick.

Seeing that Jun Hui admitted, her mind seemed to be hit hard, her breathing became quicker, and tears flowed out uncontrollably.

The mother, who she deeply respected and dedicated her life to the island, suffered such blasphemy on her body. This evil deed is totally unforgivable.

Three years ago, the three women, Sumi, Saori, and Naoko, were drunk in the middle of the night because they did not get the arrow of the dugong, and then set fire to the warehouse, killing their mother.

She had already personally taken care of these three enemies, but when she saw Fukuyama Lulang now, Junhui knew that she had another enemy.

Mouri Kogoro then said: "Why should Mr. Fukuyama believe in this illusory legend? No one has actually seen a mermaid?"

"Stupid, you haven't seen it before, but I have seen the existence of a mermaid with my own eyes." Fukuyama Lu Lang shouted violently, his eyes full of fanaticism.

"Do you remember the "Bhikkhuni Story" that we filmed in college? At that time, we were shooting in the sea near here. In the film, I saw a real mermaid."

"I come back to become an eternal existence!"

Kogoro Mouri raised his brows and continued to speak: "So you kidnapped the father of Junhui, who hosted the shrine, and wanted to inquire about the true whereabouts of the mermaid, and finally faked it into a shipwreck!"

Another shocking thunder fell, and the cheeks of Fukuyama Rokuro and Shimabukuro Junhui paled.

Item 0017

This was a shipwreck five years ago. Jun Hui always thought that his father was buried in the sea, and there was no bones left. How could he know that Fukuyama Lulang would have killed his father.

Fireworks of revenge flashed in her lavender eyes.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "Mr. Fukuyama, it’s good for you to be a director, but it’s not too good to get in the habit of taking pictures of everything. The disc hidden under the slate in the basement was accidentally caught. I found it out."

"It's silly enough to take pictures after killing someone."

Hearing this, Fukuyama Lulang's eyes were only cold.

If it was only exposed that he had stolen bones, eating bone meal would naturally be nothing.

But now that the detective knew about his own murder, then he had to kill himself.

Lu Lang Fukuyama said with a light smile: "Sure enough to be a detective from Tokyo. There are really two brushes. How long has it been since I dug so deep? Oh, I knew I shouldn't have taken you to my house."

"However, no one else should know about this!"

Mouri Kogoro chuckled and shook his head: "No, I went into the basement to search by myself."

"Oh, it turned out to be like this!" Fukuyama Lulang showed a strange smile on his face: "Then please, I beg you to die!"

After saying that, Fukuyama Lulang immediately rushed up with a dagger and stabbed the two.

Junhui's shoulder was injured and he was inconvenient to move, so Kogoro Mouri hugged Junhui to dodge.

How fast is his reaction speed far beyond that of ordinary people!

It was like a cat playing with a mouse, playing with Fukuyama Lulang. He held Junhui and slowly led Fukuyama Lulang towards the cliff.

But Rokuro Fukuyama saw the two dodge embarrassed, thinking that he had the upper hand, and laughed from time to time: "Don't run away, stop me obediently, maybe I can still give you two happy."

"Don't be like the old guy Shimabukuro Kyohei, who wouldn't say anything, and was killed by me in the end. That would be a waste of time."

Jun Hui stopped and cursed angrily: "You bastard, he is my father, you keep calling to be an uncle, do you treat my father like this?"