Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 853

Fukuyama Lulang's eyes are red: "Who told you this bitch to be like your dad, don't say anything, I know that your family has always kept the secret of the mermaid, just want to monopolize the way of immortality, your Shimabukuro family, Damn it!"

Junhui didn't want to run away anymore, her chest was constantly rising and falling with anger, her eyes were full of hatred, and she couldn't stop struggling: "Maori detective, let me run away by myself. I'm injured. It's a burden anyway. I live enough, so let me die with this guy!"

Kogoro Mouri categorically stopped and said, "What silly thing to say, I wouldn't let you die so easily."

Upon hearing this, Jun Hui's eyes trembled lightly.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori pulled Junhui to dodge again, while several surveillance pictures in his mind were playing.

He was waiting for the police in search of mountains, or Conan, or Heiji to find this side, then his pre-designed one would be useful.

During this period, they can only continue to drag the two people.

It didn't take long for Hattori Heiji and the Mediterranean police officer who were searching to pull away the leaves following the sound of fighting, and they saw Fukuyama Rokuro who was fierce with a knife on the edge of the cliff.

The two shouted repeatedly: "Stop!"

But the distance was too far, Fukuyama Rokuro, who was determined to kill, did not notice at all.

When Mouri Kogoro saw someone finally appeared, a sneer evoked at the corner of his mouth.

He watched Fukuyama Lulang rushing over again with a dagger in his hand, and pretending to be panting, he pushed Shimabukuro Junhui away, and fell back by himself.

After the two separated, Na Fukuyama Lulang could not stop for a moment and rushed over.

At this moment, his shoes seemed to be stepping on a smooth rolling stone, instantly losing balance.

The Ant-Man robot at the heel pushed a booster, and his body ran forward out of control, unable to stop at all.

With the last step on the air, Fukuyama Lulang realized that he was in the air, and immediately let out a scream of extreme screams.


His whole body fell from the cliff and fell directly into a pool of fleshy mud.

The Mediterranean police officer and Hattori Heiji saw this scene with open mouths. The situation changed so fast that the assailant with the knife fell off the cliff and died, and the two rushed over.

But Shimabukuro was still unbelievable, she crawled to the edge of the cliff and poked her head out.

Seeing the bloody Fukuyama Lulang below, she finally couldn't help but shed tears.

She buried her forehead on the ground and kept calling mom and dad.

Mouri Kogoro came to his side, gently stroked his soft back, and comforted him warmly: "It's okay, the enemy is already dead, Junhui, don't feel sorry anymore."

Shimabukuro got up and threw himself into Kogoro Mori's arms, crying with rain, and wet the skirt of his suit.

Not long after, Hattori Heiji and the Mediterranean police hurried over.

Mouri Kogoro lowered his head, approached Junhui’s ear, and whispered: "Kunhui, you only need to say that you were appointed here by Fukuyama Rokuro, and leave the rest to me to answer. Up."

Upon hearing this, Jun Hui's body trembled: Is the person who invited me here is a Maori detective!

Mouri Kogoro continued to whisper: "Don't worry, I will let you be fine, but I will be waiting for me at the shrine at 12 o'clock tonight. I have something to say to you."

Jun Hui nodded silently.

Hattori Heiji and the Mediterranean police rushed over, and Conan and another policeman rushed over, and finally Xiaolan and Hongzi also appeared.

The two women frowned at the same time when they saw the two embracing each other, but it was obvious that something major had happened here, and the two women did not.

Hattori Heiji spoke with lingering fear: "It was really dangerous just now. I was stabbed to death without hiding. I didn't expect this guy to be so frantic that he would kill even his uncle."

Mouri Kogoro said, "Fortunately, I have followed, or Junhui will be dead."

"This Fukuyama Rokuro is really crazy. It's not enough to kill Junhui's father, Sumi, Naoko, and Saori. It's crazy to want to kill Junhui."

Conan was puzzled: "Well, Miss Saori was also killed? What happened to Miss Junhui's father?"

Kogoro Mori nodded: "Well, Rokuro Fukuyama just said that he killed Miss Saori and threw it into the warehouse of the shrine to destroy her body."

Then Kogoro Mouri glanced at Junhui in his arms and said: "Let's go down the mountain and talk about it. She seems to have been very frightened, and I hope she won't leave any psychological shadows."

The Mediterranean police officer on the side naturally had no objection. He didn't dare to offend Kogoro Mouri, so he ordered his subordinates to converge Fukuyama Rokuro's bones under the cliff.

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Along the way, Shimabukuro Junhui still hugged Kogoro Mouri tightly, looking frightened.

Even Xiaolan and Hongzi came forward and she didn't want to let go, and the two women couldn't stop frowning.

Conan asked suspiciously, "Uncle Maori, what about the longevity woman, we didn't see her in the shrine just now?"

Maori Kogoro said, "The longevity woman is fine. Let's go down the mountain and talk about the specific situation."

When everyone returned to the shrine, they saw that the firefighters were already surrounding the shrine, the fire had been extinguished, and countless blue smoke floated from the warehouse.

A firefighter covered a charred body with a white cloth from inside and pulled it out.

Kogoro Mouri led the crowd back to the main hall of the shrine and sat down. The residents of the island followed one by one, including the relatives of Sumi and Naoko.

Kogoro Mouri began to tell his modified reasoning.

"The incident on Mermaid Island is not the so-called mermaid. The real murderer is Fukuyama Rokuro. However, he accidentally stumbled while attempting to kill us. He fell off the cliff and fell to his death. It was a crime. Right!"

The islanders exclaimed one by one.

"how could be?"

"That guy looks like a good guy!"

"It's really knowing people, knowing faces and not knowing heart."

Mouri Kogoro continued: "The root of all this is the legend of immortality in Mermaid Island. Rokuro Fukuyama believes in this legend in particular, so that for the dream of immortality, he becomes an executioner holding a butcher knife."

"The fact that Miss Junhui’s father Kyohei Shimabukuro was buried in the sea five years ago was not a shipwreck, but Rokuro Fukuyama attacked him. Because he believed that the Shimabukuro family was guarding the secrets of Mermaid Island, he held him and wanted to question him. Come out, and in the end, I didn't ask a satisfactory answer, so I hurt the killer."

Hearing this, the islanders were all startled in surprise, and began to talk, buzzing.

The Mediterranean police officer frowned and said: "Maori detective, do you have any evidence? This is five years ago!"

Kogoro Mouri said, "In the small room of Fukuyama’s warehouse, the carpet is opened and there is also an entrance to the basement. The video CD of Mr. Fukuyama’s murder of Junhui’s father was buried under the third brick on the right side of the basement. You can send someone to see it now."

"In addition, the bone meal on the tabletop in the basement and the bones on the bone sacks in the cabinet, please be careful and collect them back. After all, this is the bones of Junhui's mother."

Hearing these words, Jun Hui's body couldn't help shaking.