Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 862

Hongzi covered his mouth and laughed lightly: "Big pervert, or just let her go, stay here and be a witch, wait until I become a real witch, then come back to save you."

Hearing this Maori Kogoro patted directly on Hongzi's plump buttocks: "Unconscionable girl, I knew I would just leave you alone."

He turned to the girl Shikigami: "In fact, you are here to obey your master's request and wait for someone who can inherit the identity of a witch to appear, right?"

"But now that there is no one coming, you can't accomplish your mission, you can't get out, right?"

Shiki nodded, and a clear voice sounded: "Yes, no one has been here for 500 years. I have been waiting for a long time!"

"In this case, why don't you go out with us, and I will help you find a suitable heir to the witch." Kogoro Mouri flashed through Shimabukuro's mind.

The girl Shikigami shook her head: "No, I can't leave here without the master's order."

Kogoro Mouri hurriedly persuaded: "How can this be considered leaving without authorization! Your master asked you to wait here for the heir, but now the world has changed, no one wants to be a witch, and no one can find such a place at all. ."

"If you don't learn to take the initiative, how can you fulfill your master's wishes!"

The girl Shiki hesitated a little: "This..."

"Could it be that you still want to wait here for thousands of years and stay with that mermaid in this dark cave?"

Hearing this, the girl shook her head in a bitter manner.

She was quickly persuaded: "Since you invited so sincerely, then I will reluctantly agree. After all, the inheritance of the master is the most important thing."

"However, you are wrong about one thing, that is, the monster in the lake is not a mermaid. I remember that monster broke in twelve years ago."

After the girl shikigami finished speaking, she raised her hand, and the wooden bow next to her fell into her hand, and the arrow of breaking the ban was hit and shot directly.

The arrow body exudes a brilliant light, and it shoots into the formation pattern, a witch force burst out from the arrow body, directly shooting a corner of the ground.

This power was almost like a grenade, and Kogoro Mouri kept raising his brows.

The array that was still emitting fluorescence instantly dimmed, but the girlish spirit seemed to have just gained freedom, floating in the cave.

A silver bell-like laughter sounded, but the picture was so permeable, the white hakama was floating in the dark cave, and there was a light blue spirit body in the middle, which was completely female ghost appearance.

At this time, the roar sounded again.

The ugly mermaid that was led away reappeared in the lake. It saw that Kogoro Moori and Hongzi were already on the opposite bank, and it was immediately angry.

But it didn't dare to come ashore easily, and could only cruise anxiously in the water.

Soon the mermaid saw the girlish shikigami floating in mid-air, like a mouse seeing a cat, dived into the water in an instant, and did not dare to appear again.

Not long after, the girl shikigami returned to Mouri Kogoro.

The pale blue spirit body gradually dissipated, and her voice echoed: "I will attach to the master's robes and follow you out."

"Because I can't maintain the summoned form for a long time, so if you want to talk to me, just say to the Taoist suit, I will hear it."

After saying this, the spirit body of the girlish god slowly dissipated, and the shrine maiden's costume was refolded on its own and became the original appearance, except that there was a wooden bow and an arrow to break the ban.

Hongzi stepped forward, trying to put the wooden bow and arrow feathers into the box, but when his hand touched it, a rebound force came.

The voice of the young girl shikigami sounded again: "Although I am not as jealous as my master, but if you touch this bow and arrow, I will not be polite to you anymore."

Hongzi pursed his mouth immediately: "Stingy!"

Mouri Kogoro went forward to tidy up the shrine maiden's clothes, wooden bow and arrow for breaking the forbidden, and took them with him.

And the young girl shikigami seemed to be asleep, without making any more sounds.

Moori Kogoro, who carried the box and held the witch costume in his arms, took Hongzi and walked to the high platform.

When the two crossed the high platform, they saw another tunnel.

Following the faint light, the two kept walking forward.

Soon, they saw an entrance blocked by falling rocks, which seemed to be caused by an earthquake.

It's no wonder that the entrance is blocked. If you don't know the role of the ancient jade, where anyone can find it, the inheritance will naturally be interrupted.

Hongzi frowned, took out another charm from his arms, chanting an obscure spell.

This time, the situation was quite different from before. There was no wind on his side, his long crimson hair fluttered, and his burgundy eyes glowed red.

As soon as Hongzi pointed forward, the spell burned and turned into a huge fireball, blasting towards the falling rocks.

The loud bang continued to sound.

The smoke dissipated, all the stones in front of him were burnt, and the tunnel was extremely smooth.

Both of them also saw the light from the outside, here is the reef area next to the beach.

The power of Hongzi's spell was not much different from the incendiary bomb, and Kogoro Mouri saw his brows beating again.

And Hongzi let out a long sigh of relief: "Great, sure enough, my guess is correct. The formation is destroyed and my magic items can be used."

"Well, we are finally out, I want to go back to the hotel to take a good bath and rest!"

Hongzi put his arms around Kogoro Mori's arm, and took him out and went out.

When the two crossed the reef area, Mouri Kogoro's cell phone rang, which was Xiao Ai's call.

"Uncle, I just saw your message. Did you go to U.S. Island?"

"Yeah, we are now on U.S. Island."

Little Lori's voice instantly became furious: "Damn it, she didn't even take me with me when she ran so far, and she didn't tell me!"

Maori Kogoro hurriedly laughed: "Xiao Ai, didn't you just recognize your sister, I just wanted to let your sisters get along for a few days!"

"Hmph!" Little Lolita was still angry.

Kogoro Mori quickly changed the subject: "Ai, we found a mermaid on this U.S. island this time, and we saw your name in the island's roster, thinking about what you should know, wait. , I will pass the photo to you."

When Xiao Ai saw the photos uploaded by her mobile phone, she suddenly realized.

"Oh, you are talking about this, this is not a mermaid."

"Uncle, do you remember the nuclear leak that occurred in Fukui Prefecture 13 years ago? The location of the nuclear leak happened to be not far from Mermaid Island."

"I remember that people in the organization heard the legend of immortality and mermaid on the island, so they sent people to the island to study, and I went to the island to study later."

"The matter of immortality is false, and the longevity woman is pretending to be her great-granddaughter."

"As for the mermaid legend, we have caught similar species, but after research, we found that they are actually the product of nuclear radiation mutation of the dugong population in Fukui County, not the so-called mermaid at all."