Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 863

"Because the government has blocked relevant information, the outside world doesn't even know it."

"But I remember that the lives of these dugongs after the radiation mutation will be very short. I didn't expect one to survive for so long."

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro also understood.

"Zhiho, it's time to eat, who are you calling?" Mingmei's voice rang from the phone.

Little Lori hung up the phone in a panic: "No, I didn't talk to anyone, this is Bumei's call."

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"It's not Kogoro's big-eyed embryo, Shiho, that guy will force you to do those things again, tell your sister and see how your sister teaches him!"

Huiyuan opened his mouth and was about to say that there was no compulsion, but after looking at her sister's still indignant expression, she turned to speak: "It's really a call from Bumi, she asked me to go out to play."

Mingmei raised her brows and chuckled lightly: "I don't think Shiho is such an adult, and he still plays so well with children, tusk tusk!"

"Do you have any boys in that class like you? Tell your sister!"

Upon hearing this, Little Lori rolled her eyes silently and went straight to the restaurant.

On the beach of U.S. Island, Hongzi didn't have any interest at all when he heard Kogoro Moori say that the mermaid was actually a creature produced by nuclear radiation.

However, the mermaid was too dangerous and too aggressive, and it would easily hurt people if it was not dealt with.

Kogoro Mouri made a phone call and directly informed the senior government of Fukui Prefecture about the incident, and he left it alone.

Anyway, senior government officials in Fukui Prefecture know how to deal with these abnormal creatures.

Mouri Kogoro took Hongzi back to the hotel, and the two went back to their rooms.

Hongzi went into the bathroom immediately, and she felt slimy when she came out of the cave, so she naturally wanted to take a bath.

Kogoro Mouri returned to the room, put the witch costume and treasure box on the table, entered the bathroom, took off his clothes and began to take a shower.

In the next room, Xiao Lan came over angrily when she heard the sound, wanting to ask her for guilt.

The door was not locked either. She unscrewed it and entered the room. When she heard the sound of running water, she knew that Dad was taking a shower.

Soon, Xiao Lan saw something quite old on the table, curiously opened the box and picked up the bow and arrow inside.

"Isn't this the'Dugong Arrow'? But why is this one so long?"

Just as Xiaolan carefully observed the arrow of the dugong, that witch costume began to act spontaneously again.

The witch costume was suspended behind Xiaolan, slowly unfolding, and then the light blue spirit body slowly emerged, and the girlish god reappeared.

The girl shikigami patted Xiaolan on the shoulder with joy, and a clear female voice rang: "A girl full of aura, do you want to be a real witch?"

Xiao Lan turned her head and saw the witch costume hanging in front of her, as well as the light blue rather illusory spirit body, her small face turned white suddenly!!!

Her pupils kept shrinking, and her whole body started shaking, and then she screamed: "Dad, there is a ghost!"

Xiao Lan's speed broke out completely, rushed directly to the bathroom, pushed the bathroom away, and saw Maori Kogoro naked.

She rushed over as if seeing a savior, hiding directly behind Mouri Kogoro, holding Mouri Kogoro tightly with both hands.

The little head poked out from his side, looking like he was about to cry: "Dad, we don't live here, this hotel will be haunted."

After finally sensing that there is a new spirit body, how could the girlish god give up and hurriedly chased it.

But when she saw Moori Kogoro who was frankly facing herself in the bathroom, her eyes remained constant and she suddenly became confused.

She immediately took up her cuffs to cover her sight, and said shyly: "How can you not wear clothes?"

Maori Kogoro suddenly had a headache: "How can I wear clothes in the bath, Xiaolan, this is not a ghost, don't be afraid! Hey, why are you still peeking, can you bother you to go out first, you are scared? It's my daughter."

"Oh!" The girl shikigami responded and floated out obediently, closing the door by the way.

Maori Kogoro shut the water off and turned to comfort Xiao Lan: "Xiao Lan, don't be afraid, this is not a ghost. It's like a shikigami summoned by an onmyoji and a wizard, and it won't hurt you."

"Isn't that still a ghost?"

"No, no, no, she has practiced for a thousand years, and she is a god."

"Is it a thousand-year ghost?"

Xiaolan still looked like crying, she couldn't explain how to explain it, she still hugged Kogoro Mouri tightly, and did not dare to relax for a moment.

This is really inconvenient, so Kogoro Moori turned off the faucet and then wrapped in a bath towel: "Xiao Lan, you stay here, I will go out and talk to her first."

Hearing this, Xiaolan shook her head in fear, and could only follow Moori Kogoro out of the bathroom.

As soon as the two of them came out, they saw that the young girl had learned to watch TV without a teacher, and was sitting on the sofa watching with gusto.

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly said, "Hey, did you know that your sudden appearance would scare people to death?"

The girl's shikigami is a little bit arrogant: "Huh, I'm not called Hey, you can call me Lord Fusang."

Fuso turned around, and Xiaolan was so scared that he pulled Moori Kogoro back.

"And I didn't appear suddenly. I fell asleep all the way. I sensed that a qualified maiden successor would come out. What if she runs away if she doesn't come out?"

"Don't you know, just walking along the way, the aura in the outside world has been exhausted more severely than I thought. I thought there would be no spiritual body. I finally came across a good seedling who could become a witch? I can let it go."

Hearing Fusang's words, Xiaolan trembled again, and she dared not look at him.

Mouri Kogoro is getting more headaches. Does this Fusang depend on his father and daughter? He has been lobbying him just now in the cave, and now he is in love with his daughter.

"But even so, you can't show up at will. You should also know that you are a very rare existence, and being seen by others might even provoke high monks to practice."

"Hey, I'm not afraid of monks!" Fusang looked confident.

Mouri Kogoro immediately shouted sharply: "But you will cause me trouble like this. I promise to help you find a suitable heir, but you have to cooperate with me."

"Otherwise, I will lose your uniform, and you can find the heir yourself."

Hearing Moori Kogoro's stern voice, Fuso seemed to be restrained.

Naturally, it is impossible for her to leave the Maori father and daughter. Two people with so full of aura can help her complete the master's commission.

Fusang's momentum weakened, curled up on the sofa, and said grievously: "You didn't say anything before! Then how should I cooperate?"

Moori Kogoro was relieved to see that Fuso was still talking.

"First, in places where others are present, especially in public places, you must not be visible."

"Second, when you meet a suitable heir, you must first tell me that I will come forward to lobby."