Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 869

When Jun Hui saw Moori Kogoro's body appear, a warm color immediately appeared in his eyes.

Mouri Kogoro was full of power, stood in front of the crowd and shouted directly: "Why, don't you dare to imprison others' freedom!"

The sound was like broken gold and broken stones, and the martial artist's aura broke out completely, covering the group of ordinary islanders.

They only felt that the person in front of them was like a scourge, extremely terrifying, and they couldn't help taking a step back.

This picture is extremely shocking in the eyes of others, and one person can even retreat dozens of people.

Hongzi's eyes showed satisfaction: As expected, he is the man I am after.

Hattori Heiji and Conan both looked at Kogoro Mouri with admiration. This is a real man, right!

As for Xiaolan, her eyes are already full of little stars.

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Maori Kogoro looked at the aunt with the smelliest mouth, and said: "This island does need a longevity woman, but it is not for Junhui, I think you are quite suitable!"

As soon as the voice fell, an Ant-Man robot quietly hit the aunt's knee.

The aunt knelt to the ground instantly and couldn't get up anymore.

She just felt that her knee was about to break and she wanted to scream, but found that she couldn't open her mouth.

As if the mouth was sewn with thread, she couldn't help but stared at Mouri Kogoro in horror, sweat dripping down.

The invisible Ant-Man robot was gripping the aunt's mouth tightly, and she naturally couldn't make a sound.

When others saw this scene, they thought that the middle-aged woman was so scared that she was speechless and knelt down to beg for mercy.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Hey, you kneel down, this height is really like a longevity woman, I understand what you mean."

He turned his head and looked at Junhui: "Junhui, you should have a dressing up with a longevity woman, give me those things."

Junhui nodded, then opened the package on her shoulder and handed the wig and red coat to Kogoro Mouri.

Maori Kogoro went straight forward, he took a few steps forward, and the islanders took a few steps back, but the stinky aunt stayed in place.

The aunt looked at Mouri Kogoro in horror, only thinking that he was witchcraft-like, so she couldn't help but kowtow to ask for mercy.

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Since you are so sincerely pleading, it seems that it won't work if you don't give it to you. Then the longevity woman on the island will let you be yours!"

He directly put the red coat on him and put the wig on his head.

Then, looking at the embarrassed middle-aged woman, she nodded: "Well, perfect. From now on, I will be a longevity woman on this island where you are born and raised."

Tears shed tears on the aunt's face, her eyes full of regret.

At this time, the ship returning to Tokyo docked, and Kogoro Mouri turned around and took Junhui's little hand, and said: "Since I have decided to start a new life, let him go with the identity of the longevity woman. Stay on this island forever."

The morning light shone on Mouri Kogoro's face, almost like a god.

Jun Hui's eyes kept shining, the shackles in her heart disappeared, and then she smiled, like a spring flower, she nodded heavily: "Yeah!"

Mouri Kogoro took Junhui's hand and went to the boat.

"Xiaolan, Hongzi, Heiji, Conan, we should go now."

A few of them also boarded the ship.

The tourists and sailors on the boat were not aware of this scene. Therefore, the group of people looking at each other on the pier, and the longevity woman kneeling on the ground, seemed to show off the Maori group.

Soon, the ship started, breaking the water and heading towards Tokyo.

The Ant-Man robot also evacuated. The middle-aged aunt let her mouth loose and immediately burst into tears.

The islanders next to him surrounded him and said one by one: "Iida, is what the Maori detective said just now is true? Are you really willing to inherit the identity of the longevity woman?"

"Where can there be fakes? Didn't you see her desperately begging for the opportunity? From now on, the island will rely on her to attract tourists."

"Don't tell me, it looks a bit like a longevity woman without makeup. The Maori detective has such a powerful vision!"

These ignorant islanders are forcing Aunt Iida to continue to become longevity women.

Hearing these words, Iida burst into tears again, and finally fainted with his eyes blank, and the wharf was suddenly chaotic.

Naturally, everyone on board did not know the situation at the pier.

Conan couldn't help but said: "Hattori, you can see, this is the power of Uncle Maori. He can overwhelm everyone with his aura, and he can use it in reasoning. It is easy to make the murderer confess his guilt, tusk tusk. It's really amazing."

Conan glanced at Hattori Heiji, who was holding the small notebook, and rolled his eyes: "Hey, did you listen to me? What are you remembering?"

Hattori Heiji squatted down and shouted: "Idiot, you just look at the surface, you didn't see Miss Junhui's gaze looking at your uncle."

"This is completely the perfect teaching for picking up girls and hooking girls. The hero saves the beauty and is strong. It's no wonder that uncle hooks up girls and hooks them. These are the things to learn."

Hearing this, Conan couldn't stand still and fell directly to the floor: What on earth is this black charcoal head thinking!

Heiji Hattori and Conan did not hear what Moori Kogoro and the girls said. They were talking on the deck.

Xiaolan cared: "Ms. Junhui, I also think you left this island right, but where are you going next?"

Junhui glanced at Kogoro Mouri with a relaxed expression on his face: "Well, I'm going to Tokyo too."

"In fact, I still can't give up my identity as a maiden, so I will continue to serve as a maiden at Izumo Shrine in Tokyo."

Hongzi glanced at the witchless maiden with disdain, but did not speak.

But Xiaolan said in surprise: "Izumo Shrine, I remember it's near my house, it seems to be a few steps away, Miss Junhui, this is too fateful!"

"Then I can go and play with you."

Jun Hui also chuckled lightly: "Then I will visit Xiaolan at your house, will you refuse?"

"Of course not!"

Xiao Lan didn't know she had led the wolf into the room again.

And Hongzi quietly pulled Maori Kogoro aside, and asked: "Kogoro, what kind of magic did you just use, imprisonment, or silence? It's pretty powerful!"

Mouri Kogoro was a little bit dumbfounded again, but he was misunderstood by Hongzi again.

He hurriedly said: "These are a little troublesome to explain. When you become a real witch, it will become clear. However, you have to keep secrets about my magic. Don't tell others, even my daughter is no exception. ."

Hongzi nodded.

At this time, Xiaolan appeared from behind the two, and put his arms around Kogoro Moori's arm, rather afraid to approach Hongzi.