Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 874

Mouri Kogoro only felt that his chest was hit hard, and his two chest muscles trembled: "This is?"

"Hahahahaha!!!! This is the secret technique of Scarlet Magic-Witch Gu Doll, now it's my turn to take revenge!"

Hongzi manipulated the hands of the doll and lifted the things in front of him.

On the bed, Kogoro Mori followed suit and lifted the sheets on his body.

Seeing this scene before him, Hongzi suddenly screamed, let go of the doll with both hands, and covered his eyes.

"You guy, why did you take off all your clothes?"

The doll fell heavily to the ground, and Moori Kogoro also felt a heavy blow behind him. He hummed painfully, and couldn't answer at all.

At this moment, he had a new understanding of Hongzi's red magic, and it was really terrifying to be able to manipulate others like a puppet.

Hongzi covered his eyes with both hands, but from time to time he stretched his fingers to peek. Last time he couldn't see clearly in the cave, it could be so big!

Soon, Hongzi realized what Mouri Kogoro wanted to do, and could not help taking a sip, and cursed in a low voice: "Big pervert, thinking about these bad things in his head."

She withdrew her hands, her blushing cheeks were revealed, and the heat was still rising above her.

Hongzi turned his gaze to the scarlet ceiling, then squatted down and picked up the Witch Gu doll on the ground.

She turned the Witch Gu doll over.

On the bed, Kogoro Mori turned around, and lay on the bed like a sculpture.

At the moment, Maori Kogoro only felt that the Wugu doll had the same effect as the practice doll that he taught Xiaolan's guidance technique before.

When Hongzi saw Moori Kogoro lying on his stomach, leaving only a back for himself, the shame on his face faded a lot.

"Hongzi, what are you doing? Let go of me!"

A smile was raised at the corner of Hongzi's mouth, and he placed the Witch Gu doll on a small table full of charms. There were four small handcuffs on the four corners of the small table.

She separated the limbs of the Witch Gu doll and handcuffed them with small handcuffs.

The Maori Kogoro on the bed instantly turned into a [] character, and he also felt that his limbs were locked by an invisible force, and let him burst out with all his strength, he couldn't move at all.

This was the first time he saw this strange situation.


Hongzi put the charm Xiaotaizi and Witch Gu doll on the table aside, then clapped his hands, and pulled out a leather whip from behind.

At this moment, Hongzi's body was full of magic flames, his burgundy eyes were shining brightly, and his face was excited.

She took the whip and stood directly on her bed, completely a witch.

Mouri Kogoro turned his head and looked at Hongzi's aggressive appearance, and felt extremely ashamed.

It was so careless that the boat capsized in the gutter, and the film was taken by a little girl.

This can only be blamed on his being too careless, he just saw the ninety-forty goodwill of Hongzi in the Friendship Degree Achievement, so he lowered his defense.

How could he have expected that Hongzi was actually a bold and unpredictable lord, and had a mysterious magic hand, that made him fall into such a situation.

Hongzi's high-heeled shoes were directly on Mouri Kogoro's thigh. She knew that Mouri Kogoro's skin was rough and hard, and she had no scruples at all.

Sure enough, the high heels didn't even leave a red mark.

Hongzi held a lot of grudges, and shouted excitedly: "I let you just spanked me! I let you just spanked me!"

The whip was drawn directly to Kogoro Mouri's buttocks.

This leather whip was just an ordinary whip. It fell on Moori Kogoro's body that couldn't be hit by a pistol. Naturally, it was unbreakable and painless at all.

However, this feeling is really humiliating!

As a man, it is really the first time that Kogoro Mouri has encountered this situation, and his posterior molars are almost crushed!

"Hongzi, dare you!"

"You are dead, you wait for me!"

"Wow! What a shame!"

Item 0038

Hongzi's face was flushed with excitement, and she had been the one who suffered since she met Kogoro Mouri.

From the Nishan Temple to the Mermaid Island, she has always been in a weak position, which makes Hongzi, who has always been arrogant and arrogant, tolerable.

Now that the situation has reversed, and can teach Kogoro Mouri, she naturally feels extremely happy physically and mentally.

Hongzi's burgundy eyes became brighter and brighter, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was very evil.

She threw away the high heels on her left foot, and her long legs wrapped in black stockings stepped directly on Mouri Kogoro's buttocks.

The whip in Hongzi's hand slowly crossed Moori Kogoro's neck: "Kogoro, stop screaming, no one will come to rescue you if you break your throat."

"Come on, call me "Respected Master Hongzi" obediently, maybe I will start lightly, maybe I will let you go earlier!"

Mouri Kogoro threatened: "Hongzi, if you continue to make trouble, I won't help you in the trial."

At this moment, Kogoro Maori was quite embarrassed and indignant. He directed his Ant-Man robot to fly towards the Witch Gu doll, trying to help the doll break free.

But the small table of charms with the Witch Gu doll locked up seemed to have a barrier, and the Ant-Man robot couldn't make it through.

Sure enough, the red magic is really a little bit, it is not so easy to solve.

"Kogoro, you are too naive, now you are already my captive, and you can't be up to you if you don't go there at that time!"

"Are you really not shouting?"

While speaking, Hongzi's jade feet swirled gently, as if flirting, but there was a dangerous smile on his face.

Hongzi took off the other high-heeled shoe and stepped on his right leg, standing on top of Mouri Kogoro.

Condescendingly, she looked down at Kogoro, who was lying on her stomach, with the whip in her hand spinning slightly, her burgundy eyes brightened, as if she was enjoying a good show.

Mouri Kogoro swallowed dryly, his heart rang wildly.

At this moment, he was completely downwind, and his limbs were completely imprisoned.

If Hongzi made any strange tricks, he couldn't bear it.

But if he yelled out such shame in such a humiliating situation like conceding defeat, Kogoro Mori couldn't do it either.