Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 875

After waiting for a long time, Hongzi still didn't hear a satisfactory answer, so he chuckled lightly.

The witch laughed wildly: "Oh, it's really the man I'm fond of, he's really spineless, it doesn't matter, since you refuse to shout, you can only wear this necklace."

From under the skirt, she took out a necklace with various gems and weird bones.

Mouri Kogoro suddenly remembered that the last time the great magician Ninety-nine Yuan Kang who pleaded guilty was wearing this necklace.

"Is this the last time you let Ninety-Nine Yuan Kang confess his guilt?"

Hongzi's eyes were full of surprise: "I didn't expect you to remember, as long as the holder wears this magic chain to others, the wearer will unconditionally obey the holder's orders."

"The last time Ninety-nine Yuankang was put on this magic chain by me, he would obediently confess his guilt."

"Kogoro, it's your turn now. As long as I put it on for you, you will obediently listen to me and serve me well."

Thinking of his pride, Hongzi burst out laughing again.


Unfortunately, the idea is extremely beautiful, but the reality is often not satisfactory.

At this time, Mouri Kogoro said: "Hongzi, you haven't passed the witch's trial, and you are not a real witch, so does this magic chain have any effect on you?"

"Of course there is! Hey, no, why are you asking this?"

Hongzi only felt that something was wrong, and immediately saw Moori Kogoro glowing golden light all over his feet, like a golden God of War, suddenly opening his mouth wide.

([Overlord Body] (Complete Level): A layer of golden light will appear on your body surface. During this period, you will be immune to any damage you receive. The maintenance time is ten minutes and the cooling time is twelve hours.)

Mouri Kogoro unfolded his domineering body, and immediately felt that he was no longer shackles, and his body was free again.

And the Witch Gu doll on the small stage of the spell instantly burst into countless fragments, and could no longer control Moori Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro turned over, and Hongzi, who was standing on his back, lost his balance and fell on the bed.

He exploded in speed, and directly snatched the magic chain from Hongzi's hand and put it directly on Hongzi's jade neck.

Hongzi immediately changed his face and exclaimed, "Xiaogoro, what are you doing?"

The feng shui turns, and Kogoro Moori will not capsize in the gutter again this time. He directly ordered: "Hongzi, throw all the magic items on your body except the magic chain into my bed."

He wanted to completely take away Hongzi's turnaround opportunity, Hongzi's face was reluctant, but he acted obediently.

The magic bag tied around the skirt, the black and red cloak behind him, and the golden headband on the top of his head were thrown on the floor one by one.

"Kogoro, I advise you to let me go quickly, or you will die."

"Ah! How did you break free from my Witch Gu doll?"

"Obviously today is my chance for revenge!"


Seeing Hongzi obediently do it, Mouri Kogoro laughed triumphantly. Now Hongzi is under his control, isn't he doing whatever he wants!

His big hand directly slapped Hongzi's plump buttocks: "You girl, dare to design me secretly, now it's my turn to do something, you are dead."

A panic flashed in Hongzi's eyes, and he continued to speak: "Kogoro, what do you want to do, let me go!"

Mouri Kogoro picked up the leather whip scattered on the side and shook it lightly. Hongzi's little face became frightened, and he continued to speak: "No!"

Maori Kogoro raised his brows: "Yeah! I really used a leather whip to puff you up. That would not be beautiful, right?"

Hongzi nodded repeatedly, and Mouri Kogoro threw the whip away.

"Hongzi, you just wanted me to call you "Respected Master Hongzi"."

"Well, now call me for you."

Kogoro Mouri smiled wickedly: "Hongzi, kneel down and call me'Dad'!"

As soon as the voice fell, Hongzi knelt down, and Tankou lightly said, "Dad!"

Then his face was full of shame and anger: "Kogoro, I will kill you!"

Mouri Kogoro reached out his hand and touched Hongzi's long scarlet hair, with an expression of acceptance: "Hey, good girl! Call again!"

"Dad!" "Kogoro, you are dead, when I become a real witch, your good days will come to an end."

"Don't say anything else, just call Dad!"

Then there was a series of crisp female voices.

"Dad!" "Dad!" "Dad!"...

Listening to the arrogant witch calling her father, this feeling really made people feel happy, he touched Hongzi's cheek, and then ordered again.

"Good girl, bite!"

Seeing the scene in front of her, Hong Ziqiao's face was full of rejection.

But wearing the magic chain and being controlled by others, her body moved obediently, slowly leaning in the direction of Kogoro Mouri.

Item 0039

Where did Hongzi have experienced these things? After more than ten minutes, Hongzi's eyes were filled with tears of humiliation. She didn't know that Mouri Kogoro had so many tricks.

However, Kogoro Mouri smiled very happily. If he hadn't turned the situation back with the [Big Body], the tragedy would now be himself.

He said: "Hongzi, this is what you don't want to do to others. Now you know how it feels to be controlled by others?"

But when Mouri Kogoro saw that Hongzi was really about to cry, he couldn't bear it for a while, so he immediately called to stop.

Such a reversal of the situation made Hongzi, who had always been arrogant and arrogant, really unbearable, and almost cried out aggrieved.

Kogoro Mouri pulled Hongzi into his arms, looked at his pitiful face, and chuckled lightly: "Oh, isn't it the Lord Hongzi who is not afraid of heaven and earth? Why are you crying?"

"Didn't it mean that witches can't shed tears? Once she sheds tears, she loses her magic power."

"Oh, I almost forgot, Hongzi, you can talk now."

Hearing the order, the wronged red man could speak: "Xiaogoro, you big bastard, you are too bullying, I just want to teach you a lesson, how dare you treat me like this!"

"Hahaha!" Hearing this accusation, Kogoro Mouri laughed: "Too bullying, yes, Hongzi, I just want to bully you, how about?"

Mouri Kogoro gently held Hongzi's chin and pecked his pink lips. Hongzi couldn't help but tremble, and his heartbeat became extremely fast.