Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 883

It is totally unforgivable to think about the idea of ​​step beauty!

This powerful kick kicked Curator Jinchuan into the air, and his eggs were directly kicked into the abdomen.

The flying old guy whited his eyes and fainted in pain in midair.

He flew a full three meters high, and then fell heavily in front of Conan Third Little, unconscious.

Mitsuhiko and Genta let out a long sigh of relief: "Saved!" "Saved!"

Conan couldn't help but ask: "Uncle Maori, why are you here? And Bu Mei, where did you go?"

Ayumi was about to answer, but Kogoro Mouri spoke first: "It's so late. I think you have not returned home, so come to the library to find you."

"I thought the library was closed, and the bottom was locked, but when I saw the lights were constantly on and turned off, I felt something was wrong, so I came in and took a look."

"Then I met Bumei, and Bumei said that you were in danger, and I came to you."

Ayumi listened to Moori Kogoro's words with a dazed expression.

But thinking of my uncle's instructions when I left the central control room, he nodded obediently, and agreed: "That's it."

Conan continued to ask: "So, Bu Mei, have you been hiding in the library when you were separated from us?"

Ayumi glanced at Mouri Kogoro, then nodded: "Yes, I didn't get caught by hiding everywhere."

Mitsuhiko sighed, "Unfortunately, we didn't find the corpse, otherwise the curator can be convicted."

Kogoro Mori chuckled lightly: "The corpse? I threw it beside the elevator on the first floor. The original corpse was hidden on the elevator."

It turned out that Kogoro Moori had made the first step, and Conan asked immediately: "Uncle, how did you find out?"

Kogoro Mouri glanced at Conan, and said lightly, "The smell is so big, I smell it as soon as I enter the elevator, and how did I find it!"

Conan, who was hit hard, immediately heard countless words of mmp in his heart!

The police car rang, and the late Police Officer Mumu finally appeared in the Mi Flower Library.

Item 0046

Officer Megome led the team to deal with the scene. The missing bodies of Tamada and the man were found, and the murderer was subdued. Even the smuggled drugs were found by Kogoro Mouri.

The only thing the police can do is deal with the aftermath!

Facing Maori Kogoro's contemptuous gaze, Officer Mumu smiled dryly, and apologized to the minors for their negligence in the afternoon search.

Seeing Curator Nazukawa being arrested by Officer Megure, Kogoro Mouri ignored him.

As a martial arts master, he was seriously injured by the kick just now.

Moreover, he only had a few months to live at most.

Such a scumbag, with thoughts that it shouldn't have, is naturally the destruction of humanity.

Mouri Kogoro ignored the police officer Mumu and his group, and took his fourth child into the car and drove towards the house.

Along the way, he kept reprimanding the three of Conan in the back seat, and the three little boys dropped their heads, confessing their mistakes and being trained.

"Conan, Genta, Mitsuhiko, you guys are too ignorant! How can such a dangerous matter be investigated privately, you should tell the master."

"Even if I took Bumei to go with me, I was still in such a dangerous situation. If I go a few steps late, maybe you have all been beaten and sold out by the old curator. I don't know if you were caught by those rich people. It's a plaything."

"Don't do this anymore, do you know?"

Sanxia nodded obediently, and replied weakly, "Hi!" X3

"Bumei did a great job this time. Without her telling me, I wouldn't be able to save you. Don't you thank Bumei!"

"Thank you Bumei!" X3

On the other hand, Ayumi in the co-driver's seat accepted the thanks from Conan and others with a smile, and looked very happy.

"Well, I'm tired after having been around for so long. Go home and try the cakes made by Xiaolan and others. You can go home after dinner."

Hearing that there was something to eat, Genta cheered again like chicken blood, but Conan and Mitsuhiko watched the scene with speechless expressions.

Soon, everyone arrived at Maori's home, and Maori Kogoro entered the door holding Ayumi.

As soon as I entered the door, I smelled the scent of the baked cakes. It was so sweet. It seemed that the two girls succeeded in making them.

Xiao Lan greeted him: "Dad, why have you been there for so long?"

"There was another case in the library, it took a while."

Bu Mei explained, "That library curator smuggled drugs and was still a murderer. Fortunately, my uncle came to rescue us, otherwise we would all be killed by that curator."

"So serious!"

When the garden heard this, he couldn't help but said: "Uncle, you can get a case wherever you go. Could it be that you have something dirty on your body? Should you let any shrine help you pray for good and bad luck? ."

But Kogoro Mouri said, "This plague god should be Conan. If I didn't go to the library, Conan was involved in this murder case."

He picked up Conan with one hand: "In fact, we always feel that we always encounter cases as soon as Conan lives in. Maybe this child is the reincarnation of the catastrophe!"

Conan touched his head and laughed dryly: "Uncle, you're joking again, what era is this, how can you believe these superstitions, it is a coincidence! Haha!"

Hearing this, Kogoro Moori couldn't help rolling his eyes. He just conquered a witch heir this afternoon, and Fuso, the girlish god Fuso, quietly clings to the witch costume in the bedroom, saying these are superstitions, knock you. of!

Kogoro Mori didn't hesitate to take a shot, knocked on Conan's forehead, knocked on a big red envelope, and then dropped Conan.

Conan rubbed his head with tears in his eyes again. He was used to being knocked, and he didn't even want to investigate the cause.

"Okay, let's not talk about it, are the cakes ready? These little guys are all hungry!"

Yuanzi laughed confidently: "Miss Yuanzi went out in person, there is nothing that can't be done, young ones, come to eat cake with me."

Yuanta and Mitsuhiko flocked to the table.

Only then did Kogoro Mouri let go of the Ayumi he was holding in his arms.

As soon as Bumi stood on the ground stepped his leg, she seemed to feel a little pain, Xiaocan frowned, and turned her head pitifully to look at Kogoro Mori.

Only then did Kogoro Mori realize that the little girl was too delicate and that he had gone too far when he had just shot, so he stroked Stepmi's head with his big hands, and the treatment was performed.

Bumi's body was warmed, and her big eyes lit up.

Then she heard Kogoro Mouri said,'Go!'Then happily ran towards the dining table.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori walked to the kitchen, put on his apron and started cooking, of course he would do what he promised Ayumi!