Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 895

After taking the sachet, Bomi took a deep breath and exclaimed, "It smells of lavender."

The corners of Xiao Huiyuan's mouth were curved, and her mood suddenly became very good.

She spoke proudly: "Huh, for the sake of helping me prepare gifts, I will let you go this time."

Maori Kogoro could see that Huiyuan was so proud, and his big hand secretly pinched Xiao Lori's butt, causing her face to flush, and then he smiled proudly.

The commercial exchange between Yoko Okino and Yukiko on the side is finally over.

Yoko walked over and said goodbye: "Mao Lijun, the recording of my "Morning Morning Girl Cooking Time" program is about to begin, I'm going up to prepare."

"You can come and take a look if you are okay. My partner and I will cook a lot of delicious food. You can also taste it when you do."

"Well, that's it, I'll go first."

Yoko waved his hand and walked out of the film department.

Yukiko approached Moori Kogoro's side and pressed her elbow to her chest.

"Tsk tusk tusk, it seems that there is another girl who knows nothing about the world who is fascinated by you!"

"Ms. Yoko is so young and beautiful, who can sing and dance. I am afraid that no one likes an old actor like me."

Mouri Kogoro immediately praised: "How is it possible, you are so cute with Kiko."

"If you were born in ancient times, you would be the kind of woman who can cause wars."

"How can a man dislike it!"

Ayumi on the side was also very simple, and said, "Sister Yukiko is very young and beautiful, and Ayumi loves it too." Hearing the title of Sister Yukiko, Kogoro Moori twitched his mouth: Sure enough, Yukiko still likes to pretend as always. Tender.

"Really?" Listening to Kogoro's compliment, Yukiko immediately laughed with her small face.

"Thick thick thick thick! Kogoro, you are really, how can I be as beautiful as you say!"

"I hate it, I will be shy!" Her little hand hit Mouri Kogoro's shoulder, completely acting like a baby.

The gray principle in Kogoro Maori's arms looked at You Xizi with a dead eye, with a speechless expression: Can you be more reserved, you are still Conan's mother!

Soothing the three daughters, Kogoro Mouri asked, "But are you two here? Where did Conan go?"

Bumei replied, "A few of them ran to sleep."

"Sleep, what do you sleep during the day?"

Yukiko held her forefinger on her cheek, and explained: "They encountered the case in the camping villa last night, and it was resolved late in the trouble. After that, they drove back to Tokyo early in the morning. Those children were not in good spirits. ."

Xiao Bumei interrupted and said, "But Bumei can't, because when I heard my uncle was coming over, I was awake all at once, and didn't want to sleep at all."

Hearing this Maori Kogoro stretched out his big hand and gave Bumei a touch to kill, the little Lori suddenly squinted her eyes blushing.

You Xizi continued: "And my friends on the radio told me that the "Masked Swordsman" animation film will not be ready for screening until noon, so they can't hold it one by one, so they will join the staff here. Go to a special rest room to make up your sleep."

At this time, a middle-aged man with a bitter melon face appeared. It was Tang Tian Jingshan, a friend of Xizi who was on the radio.

Tang Tian Jingshan said: "You Xizi, your movie may not be finished until the afternoon. Now there are not enough staff in the department, only a few of us."

"Last night we edited all night, but it was still too rush."

Tang Tian Jingshan slapped Aqian, and soon he saw Moori Kogoro, and he was surprised.

"Hey, aren't you the famous detective Kogoro Mouri? How come you come to the TV station too."

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "It was Kiko who invited me to watch the movie. It seems that I have to wait a moment."

"Sou Ga!"

At this time, another middle-aged man in uniform, glasses, and a mustache appeared pushing the reflection belt.

The bitter-faced man, Tang Tian Jingshan asked suspiciously: "At the root, didn't you go to rest with the children?"

The man with glasses named Keihiko Negami replied, "No, I remembered that I still have a lot of editing work in my hands. I can't let you work alone, so I will come back to help."

"Furthermore, those children occupy the bed in the room, and there are only two sofas in the living room. They are occupied by the two guys Suijima and Gucun. I can't sleep underground, right!"

The bitter-faced man Tang Tian Jingshan frowned, "The guy from the ancient village also went to the rest room to rest, and he still has a face."

The eye male Gengami Keihiko comforted: "Don't do this, he has paid the price for it, he has already been transferred from our film department, so don't be angry with him."

"Furthermore, we sometimes play mahjong in that lounge. Komura is also a mahjong friend of Hoijima. We can't just let him leave our social circle like this. It's not appropriate."

Keihiko Negami yawned, "Okay, okay, I won't talk to you anymore, I'm going back to the darkroom to continue editing."

After that, the eye man left directly.

You Xizi looked at Tang Tian Jingshan with an ugly face, and asked, "Mr. Tang Tian, ​​Mr. Gucun, what happened before?"

Tang Tian Jingshan obviously didn't want to talk more, and waved his hand: "It's nothing big, there is Xizi, I have to continue to work."

After talking about this bitter-faced man, he also left, and You Xizi ignored it.

Kogoro Mouri said, "Now that the movie can't be made, let's go to the recording hall on the 21st floor to see Miss Yoko's recording. There should be a lot of delicious food."

Yukiko chuckled softly and said, "Miss Yoko should ask Kogoro to show up, so that it can be regarded as a real food show!"

Xiao Bumei immediately raised her hand and shouted, "Yes!"

The four people went straight out of the film department and took the elevator to the recording site on the 21st floor.

Chapter 0058 just lick it clean!

When the four came to the 21st floor, Yoko had already told the entrance staff that Maori and his party naturally entered the live broadcast room unimpeded.

As soon as I arrived at the recording site, I saw two beautiful anchor stations in the live broadcast hall performing oral broadcasts on the stage. The voices were clear and rhythmic, which was very pleasant.

The stage is a warm-toned kitchen, with refrigerators, stoves, range hoods, and sinks.

Sure enough, the other partner Yoko said was Mizumi.

Mizumi, who is on the show, and Mizumi, who broadcasts the news, looks very beautiful in a beige dress. Without the rigorous temperament of broadcasting news in the past, she is doing all kinds of reactions very loosely.

Mizuno Rena opened her mouth and made a surprised expression from time to time, which surprised Kogoro Mouri.

It is unexpected that a double agent who is a dark organization and the CIA behaves so stupidly in front of the public.

There are still many fans in the audience, holding their names constantly shaking, and the atmosphere of the scene is very warm.

At this time, a middle-aged lady greeted me and said, "May I ask if there are Miss Xizi and Mr. Mori? I am Miss Yoko's assistant. Miss Yoko has asked me to take you to the front seat if you see you. "