Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 899

And Mizuno Reina looked at the ingredients above with his head, and chose a few after deciding on the recipe.

The rest are only small bits and pieces of ingredients on the corners and corners. Kogoro Mouri did not hesitate. He turned on the rice cooker on the side and looked at it, and then decided what to do.

He took out the ingredients he needed and put them on the counter, the amount was pitiful.

A few peas, three carrots, two corns, and the remaining bits and pieces are completely negligible.

At first glance, the audience felt that he was lost, and what was worse was that there were only two stoves on this stage, occupied by two women who took the lead.

Yoko still said triumphantly: "Hoo, Kogoro, it looks like you have to wait a while to cook."

She used a knife to cut the ingredients while talking, but she was quite skilled.

Kogoro Mouri could not see that she was so proud, so he smirked and said, "It shouldn't be said in the rules that I am not allowed to interfere."

"No, this is the game. It needs to be fair." Yoko said in a loud voice.

"To be fair, you can interfere with me later when I start cooking!" Mouri Kogoro sophistry.

After saying this, Mouri Kogoro started to act, but instead of walking to Yoko on the left, he went to Reina on the right.

Seeing Mouri Kogoro approaching, Mizuno Reina suddenly panicked, and almost hit the egg out of the bowl.

Yoko frowned slightly when she saw this, but soon she started to concentrate on cooking.

Kogoro Mouri walked to Mizuno Rena's side and chuckled lightly: "Don't worry, I'm not here to interfere with you, just come and see what you cook."

He glanced at all the ingredients and then said: "You are making a potato pot!"

Mizumi was quite surprised, and being able to see what he cooked at a glance was enough to prove that Kogoro Mouri's cooking skills were good.

However, Shui Wu Reina's surprise soon turned into shame.

There was a faint pink on her pretty face, and she turned her small head, and the blue cat's eyes glared at Kogoro Mouri.

This brave guy, unexpectedly, in front of so many viewers, pressed his hand on his ass at the live broadcast.

How can he be like this, how can he be so courageous, is he not afraid of being discovered?

When I called out, his reputation as a great detective would not be ruined in front of the people of the whole country, but he would be called a pervert in the future.

Damn it, I won't say it if I'm right, just bully people like that?

Mizumi puffed up her cheeks with anger, and gave Mouri Kogoro a fierce look again.

I just said no interference, now it is not what interference is!

The three of them stood in the middle of the passage. There were no people on the left, right and behind, and no seats. Kogoro Mouri naturally had no scruples.

Being able to do this in a large court is so exciting!

There was a gentle smile on his face, as if watching Shui Wu Nai's cooking.

Shui Wu Renai turned his head to stare at him from time to time, trying to make him let go, but Mouri Kogoro's hand didn't let go, on the contrary, it got worse and worse, and Shui Wu Rena's pupils kept shrinking.

The audience below saw this scene and thought that the two of them were eye-catching!

Looking at the TV screen, the two people seemed to be making pink bubbles, and comments continued to pop up in the comment area of ​​the live broadcast room.

"No, it can't be like this, I don't agree with this marriage."

"Is this female anchor seduce my Kogoro? The food is not good, so why is she turning around to wink."

"Yeah! This female anchor blushes, she is too scheming, Maori detectives, don't be fooled by her!"

"Distressed Yoko, Yoko looks so lonely cooking alone!"

When Xiao Lan at home saw this scene, her big eyes narrowed, and a light of danger flashed in her eyes.

She moved her small face to the front of the screen, pulling both sides of the screen with both hands, carefully examining the interaction between the two of them.

On the sofa, Yukiko and Huihara both have the same expression, clenching their fists, and fireworks in their eyes.

Yoko turned sideways and looked over, but was blocked by Moori Kogoro's body, and she did not see the big hand that was making trouble.

But seeing the two of them so close, she was a little bit stunned: What are you doing, it's clear that Kogoro and I are friends, why did he go to find Shui Wu?

Yoko didn't know the relationship between Mouri Kogoro and Mizuno Rena.

Because it was in front of the public after all, Kogoro Mouri naturally couldn't tell what he had experienced with Mizuno Rena.

Otherwise, let Belmod or Gin see that the life in the organization would be difficult.

Although he was willing and wanted to shelter Shui Wu without mercy, he had no reason to open his mouth to leave the organization.

After all, the reason why Mizuno Reina was able to become Keir was to be able to lie in the organization for so long.

But it succeeded at the expense of his father Ethan Bentang's life.

If Shui Wu Lian left the organization without success, then his father's life would be in vain.

And Mouri Kogoro also faintly noticed that if this dark organization is not destroyed, Mizumi would never leave.

Time passed slowly. The cooking Shui Wu shook her hands badly. She bit her teeth, her blue cat’s eyes were full of water mist, her small face was red, her head bowed, and she did not dare to let others see her. expression.

With all the eyes in full view, for an unmanned girl, Mouri Kogoro's behavior was too exciting.

Mouri Kogoro saw Mizuno Reina's posture, so he pulled his hand back with a smirk, Miuri Kogoro almost couldn't stand still.

Fortunately, as a senior agent of the CIA, she remained steady at the last moment and forced her to calm down.

After that, Mizuno Reina didn't dare to watch Mouri Kogoro more, and quickly focused on the unfinished cooking.

Mouri Kogoro turned and walked towards Yoko.

Seeing Moori Kogoro approaching, Yoko's mood suddenly improved.

Yoko simmered the cod briskly with a wooden spatula, and said, "You seem to be a gentleman, and I didn't interfere with Reina. I was thinking that waiting would make you unable to cook. Now, let you go! "

Hearing this, Shui Wu Lian on the side rolled his eyes silently: This bad guy has done the biggest interference, and even said there is no interference.

Mouri Kogoro smelled the smell, there was a hint of alcohol, and he said, "This is cod stewed in sake. It has a fragrance."

He glanced at the pile of useless ingredients next to him, and said silently: "Obviously, you only need cod and sake. Why are you with so many ingredients!"

Yoko blushed, Tsundere said: "Huh, I like it, can't you?"

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