Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 902

"Yeah, Meimu listens to my brother, so I won't resign as chairman."

Hearing this, Okino Yoko even squirted blood out of her heart.

Is this acting in front of oneself, "Being in Cao Ying and heart in Han"?

Fortunately, You Shui Wu Reina presided over the overall situation, and let the ten little fans who were captured by the food all go down, and the scene returned to normal.

Yoko is still heartbroken, and the audience watching the live broadcast found it very interesting.

However, the one-hour program is coming to an end here, and Shui Wu Reina will start the oral broadcast by advertisers, and then end today's live broadcast.

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri raised an objection.

"Wait a minute, did you forget something?"

Yoko and Reina both pretended to be stupid: "Forgot what? No?"

Kogoro Mouri smirked: "Punishment, didn't you just say that, the person with the lowest votes will be punished, you are both zeros, and you will all be punished."

The two girls still want to get confused, but Kogoro Mouri said directly: "The recorded images just now are all in the camera. Would you like to bring them back for a look?"

The two women didn't quibble at this time, but stood aside, pretending to be quiet, and really criticized Kogoro Mori very loudly.

"Hmph, the stingy men have already won the game and are still chasing after our two weak women."

"There is no gentleman's demeanor at all, I really misunderstood him."

Seeing this scene, the audience below laughed again.

Kogoro Mouri smirked and said, "I wanted to find a simple punishment so that you can easily pass the level. So, it seems I can only go to the comment area of ​​the live broadcast room to see what suitable punishment items are."

Hearing this, the two women's expressions changed, and they both stood beside Maori Kogoro, with a hammered shoulder and a hammered leg, trying to please Maori Kogoro.

Item 0064

Seeing the two women so acquainted, Mouri Kogoro didn't plan to care about them more.

He had decided on the punishment long ago.

After all, it's on live broadcasts, so you can't go too far.

Kogoro Mori opened the biscuits on the back cabinet, took out a chocolate bar, and said with a smirk: "You two eat this chocolate bar with your mouth, and the length of the biscuit that was finally bitten is no more than 0.5 cm. , The punishment is over."


Upon hearing this punishment, the two women opened their eyes and stared at Kogoro Mouri.

The two looked at each other, Yoko was bold and took the lead.

She directly took the chocolate bar and bit one side, and then Shui Wu Ren bit the other side.


With an order, the two women continued to eat chocolate bars.

The two beautiful faces kept approaching, and soon they all heard each other's snort, and embarrassed flushes appeared on their cheeks.

Moori Kogoro watching the play was full of evil taste, but he watched it with gusto.

Yoko's lips are pink, Reina's lips are slightly purple, and her lips keep approaching.

Finally, Yoko didn't grasp the balance, and her body shook forward accidentally, and her lips kissed together.

The two of them suddenly stared at them with big eyes, and they started to be confused.

Yoko reacted and immediately chased Mouri Kogoro, "You guy, why did you secretly push me?

"Yoko, you need to show evidence when you speak, and everyone is in full view. I didn't push you!"

"You did it, you are still a detective, dare to do it or not!"

Facts have proved that whether it is a big star or a little loli, as long as it is a woman, they are very good at messing around and unreasonable!

And the savvy Shui Wu Rina didn't care about the squabbling two, and finished the sponsor's oral broadcast at a very fast speed, which ended today's live broadcast.

The audience at the scene still had some ideas!

After a while, Maori and his party, Yoko Okino and Mizunorein returned to the rest room.

Yukiko still joked: "Kogoro, it's the first time I heard someone call you Brother Maori."

"Tsk tusk tusk, obviously they are not of the same generation, they are already uncle-level figures, and they are so fascinated by the little fans of other people that they can't find their souls. It's really charming that year!"

Hearing this, Yoko Okino was heartbroken again thinking of the rebellious fans.

But soon, Yoko seemed to have thought of something, and said, "Maori, I remember, I want to entrust you with something!"

"what's up?"

Mizumi realized what Yoko was going to say, and quickly stopped and said, "Yoko, no need."

Yoko didn't care about Mizuno's resistance, and said directly: "It's about Reina. She told me before. She always feels peeping around. It should be a perverted stalker!"

"Especially in the morning, I hear someone ring the doorbell from time to time, but when the door opens, no one can be seen in the corridor. You say weird is not weird?"

"This matter has troubled Rena for a long time, so I want to ask Maori Jun to help investigate it."

You Xizi nodded: "Well, it's quite possible for a beautiful female anchor like Mizuno to be followed by a perverted stalker, Kogoro, you can help her."

Kogoro Mouri would naturally not refuse: "Of course it's okay, but I won't have time tomorrow. I can only help you by the day after tomorrow."

You Xizi frowned, "What are you going to do tomorrow? This is a perverted stalker incident, which is very dangerous for a girl."

Kogoro Mouri rolled his eyes slightly: This is very dangerous for ordinary girls, but for a double-faced female spy, it is nothing at all.

"I have promised Uncle Yuanzi to board the sky boat to help him escort the gems to Osaka, that; the old guy has written a war note to Kidd again, so I am afraid that I will not be free tomorrow, sorry, pity."

Shui Wu Reina responded with a chuckle: "It's okay, Kogoro, you should be busy with you first, don't worry about my business."


How do these two people call so close?Is there any other relationship between the two?

The keen little Lori Huiyuan's face became more suspicious.

At this moment, Yu Xizi's cell phone rang, it was Conan's call.

"Mom, come here, we have a murder case."