Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 908

He couldn't do such a car skill anyway.

Soon, Lexus surpassed two trucks.

When the drivers of the two trucks saw a vehicle suddenly appearing in front of them, they all reacted in the same way. They stepped on the accelerator for fear of crashing into it.

The two large trucks slowed down at the same time and stopped, ignoring the sound of Chevrolet horns behind them.

In desperation, Shuichi Akai could only step on the brake.

The car drifted over and finally stopped and almost came back behind.

He honked the horn frantically, and when the large truck in front gave him a clearance, the Lexus in front had already lost its track.

Shuichi Akai slammed a fist against the steering wheel, and the horn sounded again.

He panted, and suddenly remembered where this road leads, his eyes lit up, and he ran after him.

After five minutes, Hideichi Akai was about to reach the destination he had guessed.

Sure enough, he saw Lexus from a distance.

This is the apartment where Akemi Miyano lives.

But soon, Shuichi Akai's pupils shrank, and he saw a beautiful girl in a white dress standing next to the Lexus, who was his ex-girlfriend Akemi Miyano.

I saw a bright smile on Miyano Akemi’s face. She held a white handbag in her hand, as if she was going on a date. She squatted down shyly and kissed Kogoro Mori, who poked her head toward the car window. Go up.

Seeing this scene, Akai Hideichi seemed to hear the sound of something breaking.

His eyes drifted away, and everything around him was blurred, only the scene of the shy Akemi and Kogoro Mouri kissing.

At this moment, Hideo Akai is heartbroken!!!

After Miyano Akimi kissed Kogoro Mori, he briskly stepped past the front of the car and came to the passenger seat. She picked up Huihara, and the two sat in the passenger seat with a seat belt.

Kogoro Mouri had excellent eyesight, and he saw Akai Hide's face like a concubine from behind.

He stretched out his left hand, extended his index finger to the back of Akai and hooked it again, and the car galloped again.

Akai Hidea, whose face was gray, saw the provocative index finger reappearing, and endless anger rose in his chest.

He roared, and the black Chevrolet ran after him.

In the constant acceleration, the car also bumped into other vehicles on the road.

But Hideichi Akai didn't care, his turquoise eyes just stared at Lexus in front of him.

Item 0070

There was more panic on Mingmei's face in the passenger seat: "Kogoro, why are you driving so fast?"

Hui Principle explained: "Sister, someone is chasing us behind."

Mingmei's face suddenly changed: "Who is the one in the organization, right?"

She immediately turned her head and saw the black Chevrolet behind it, like a dark phantom.

Kogoro Moori grabbed Mingmi's soft hand with his big hand, and said with relief: "Don't guess, it's not the group of mice, but you know this person and sisters."

"Mingmei, remember what you told me before, the man in the trench coat who often appeared in the flower shop, he was driving after us."

Mingmei frowned slightly: "Kogoro, what are we going to do now?"

Kogoro Mouri turned his head and said to the two women: "Of course lead him out and then solve it!" While saying this, Kogoro Moori was full of confident smiles.

When the two sisters heard this, there was a faint worry on their faces.

Soon, two sprinting cars drove away from the city and headed for the mountainous area in the northern suburbs.

Although it was getting more and more remote, Akai didn't care at all.

He knew that Kogoro Mouri wanted to lead himself out, but what about it.

Akemi is in the car, and Akai Hideichi will not give up.

The two cars drove into the deserted deciduous mountain area. The mountain road was very steep, but neither car slowed down.

The original Chevrolet can barely follow Lexus in front.

However, in a series of corners halfway up the mountain, the heavy Lexus in front made countless incomparable drifts and directly threw the Chevrolet off.

Akai Hideichi could only chase after him in annoyance.

Mouri Kogoro steered the car to speed up, and soon reached the top of Rakuhabara.

Looking down from the top of the mountain, the mountains and plains are full of maple and yellow colors, which is a wonderful sight.

The breeze makes people feel cool.

He stopped the car and the three got out.

Mingmei and Huiyuan panted as soon as they got out of the car, their lips were slightly white, and the two women's heartbeats were extremely fast.

Even though the two women are always calm, it is the first time that such a wild drag racing has encountered it, and it is inevitable that they are somewhat uncomfortable.

Mouri Kogoro's big hand stroked the two women's backs, and asked with concern, "Is it all right?"

Hui Yuan shook his head: "It's okay, uncle, don't you want to kill people here, right?"

Little Lori could not help but have some bad guesses when she saw the uninhabited environment around Liao.

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly, rubbing Huiyuan's brown hair with his hands: "It's not that serious, but I am a good person, so how can I kill people easily!"

Akemi asked, "Kogoro, who is the guy who chased us just now? You said we all know each other."

Kogoro Mouri had no scruples, and said directly: "FBI agent Hideichi Akai."

Both women heard this name for the first time, and they couldn't help but look puzzled.

"He has another name, Zhu Xingda!"

Hearing these three words, both women opened their mouths and looked surprised.

Little Lori secretly said that it was not good: Oh, my sister's ex-boyfriend!Uncle is so stingy, he will definitely be angry!

Haibara couldn't help looking at Mouri Kogoro nervously.

Miyano Akimi's face suddenly panicked, and her blue eyes looked at Kogoro Mouri timidly, for fear that he would be angry, and she didn't know what to do.