Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 913

Mouri Kogoro continued to sullen his face and said, "Ami, are you wrong?"

Mingmei couldn't help but feel aggrieved. She asked herself what she had done wrong, but when she saw her man was still angry, she frowned.

She also loved Moori Kogoro, and said, "I see."

"But Kogoro, Zhuxing and I are really nothing!"

Kogoro Mouri stood up from the bathtub, turned around and looked down at Akemi, "Since it's nothing, why haven't you told me about it before?"

It's too easy for Kogoro Moori to find an excuse for the crime.

Mingmei immediately looked at Mouri Kogoro grievingly..

But with a few words, Akemi, who was pure as an angel, was bullied into this look by herself. Kogoro Mouri sighed that she really has a talent for being a bad person.

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "Well, I believe there is nothing between you."

Mingmei's eyes lit up suddenly, and there was a touch of relaxation on her face.

"But, since you haven't told me about the big stars before, and I have been investigating secretly for so long, there is no less punishment."

"Just write down the family law and implement it later. Now, bite!"

Akemi's aqua-blue eyes shrank, she could not refuse Kogoro Mouri, so she could only act obediently.

Suddenly, the door to the bathroom was pushed open, and Xiao Lori Huiyuan was about to come in with the clothes to take a bath, and she saw such an explosive scene.

This is too fast, my sister is too proactive.

Xiao Meng's face suddenly became red, and when the matter came, Xiao Lori was still nervous, and turned around in panic: "I'm just passing by, you continue, leave me alone."

Huihara was about to leave, but heard Kogoro Mouri's domineering voice: "Come in!"

Little Lolita turned her legs as if she was out of control, and walked into the bathroom.

The door to the bathroom was also pushed up by the Ant-Man robot.

And in the streets of Mihua City, a black Chevrolet that seemed to have had a car accident was constantly galloping.

Hideichi Akai has been thinking about what Mouri Kogoro said.

Although I was very frustrated today, I was broken up by my beloved woman, and was beaten again and slightly injured.

But he also heard a lot of information from Kogoro Moori that he hadn't noticed.

This great detective's investigative ability is so strong that he has a clear picture of his own detailed investigation.

If he is telling the truth today, then the FBI is really mixed with undercover agents in the organization.

Recalling his past experience, Akai Suddenly realized that this possibility was extremely high.

In the struggle between red and black, the two have gradually become tainted with each other. It is not unreasonable that someone in the organization has mixed into the organization, and someone in that organization has mixed into his own.

But, who is the undercover agent?

There are almost hundreds of FBI agents working in Japan now, and it is not easy to find the lurkers among them.

Hideichi Akai frowned, pressing the matter to the bottom of his heart for a while, he picked up the phone and called James Black.

After avoiding the eyes and ears of others, he rented an inconspicuous car, and then drove it to the new FBI stronghold, which was an ordinary three-story house.

Soon, Shuichi Akai entered the house, and there were already two people sitting in it waiting.

One was James Black with glasses and a gray beard, and another big, vicious man, Andrey Carmel.

Judy was on a surveillance mission at the TV station and did not come to the meeting.

Akai Shuichi saw the sudden appearance of the big Andre, his aquamarine eyes condensed slightly.

He recalled the past two years ago, how could this guy suddenly appear here.

Last time, it was his bad thing!

Blake opened his mouth and said, "Akai, do you still recognize him? Andrey came with this reinforcement."

Hideo Akai nodded at all times and said hello.

Black asked, "What was the important thing you said on the phone just now?"

Akai Hideichi explained all the transactions Mouri Kogoro said one by one, but apart from this incident, he did not disclose any other information.

After listening to Akai Hideichi's report, Blake lightly tapped the table with his fingertips, his eyes under the glasses were faint, he was constantly thinking.

But Andre said directly: "Who is that Kogoro Mori? With such a big tone, he dared to threaten our FBI. I don't think I need to worry about him. I will take him down if I dare to do bad things."

At the corner of Hideo Akai's mouth, a smile of contempt was drawn.

Obviously Andre just came to Japan, and he doesn't know the situation, and I don't know what kind of person Moori Kogoro is.

Blake opened his mouth and said, "You can't get him. This big detective really wants to sabotage our actions. Then we can only withdraw from Japan obediently."

"In principle, I think this transaction is feasible. If Kogoro Mouri can really counteract the mercy, then the benefits will be much larger than if we arrested a Mizuno merci, but the details still need to be discussed."

"I remember that Judy has a good relationship with Kogoro Mouri, so let her handle this. At the very least, if Mizuno Reina can really develop into a dark line, then the information that the Maori detective gets from that organization will also Share it with us FBI."

When Akai heard that Black wanted to leave the matter to Judy, she frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable.

He faintly felt that his ex-girlfriend Judy seemed to be too close to Kogoro Moori.

In the last full moon operation, she completely believed in Kogoro Mouri. She acted with him without notifying the other people of the FBI. This incident was suspicious enough.

And recently, Judy's attitude towards herself has also been completely different. She treats an ordinary colleague with extreme indifference.

Let her deal with this transaction, but I don't know whether it is a blessing or a curse.

But there was no other more suitable candidate, and it was impossible for him to see Kogoro Mouri again, and Shuichi Akai did not raise any objections.

Item 0075

The two girls, Akemi and Haihara, have their little pink tongues stretched out, and the two sisters share the same strawberry ice cream.

Huihara held the ice cream in her small hands, and leaned her head to deal with the pancake next to her, while Akemi licked the big strawberry intently.

The two women had a somewhat satisfying look on their faces, and they didn't dislike each other's saliva, but maybe the ice cream was so delicious that the two women had forgotten everything.

But they didn't know how much impact this scene had on Kogoro Mouri, it was so tempting!

Seeing two pairs of extremely similar blue eyes, filled with gentle colors, made Kogoro Moori a little dazed.