Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 916

Yu Xizi just now can be described as the pinnacle of acting, chatting and laughing, without showing any abnormality.

But how could this escape the keen perception of Kogoro Mouri, the constantly contracting rhythm, the regular jitter, at least twice.

Although there is an environmental bonus, Mouri Kogoro is also proud of his ability.

You Xizi at the dining table blushed and cursed fiercely: "Rogue!"

Mouri Kogoro was not ashamed, but smiled proudly.

You Xizi spent more than 20 minutes at the table, and finally waited until her body recovered a little before she got up.

Then she began to clean up, Xiao Lan heard the sound and immediately walked over from the living room.

"Aunt Xizi, I'll take care of these. You can go to the living room with my father to rest."

You Xizi didn't stop her actions: "So how embarrassed, even though you are a junior, you have already cooked, so leave it to me to clean up!"

Conan who heard this in the living room was full of disbelief.

The sun is coming out from the west. My mom is the kind of person who can lie down and never sit down. She even entrusts the maid with the child, and she will take the initiative to help. It's weird!

No, she became like this in front of Uncle Maori. Women usually only want to show off their beauty in front of men they care about.

Oops, mom won't really like Uncle Maori anymore!


I knew that these two people were weird, and there were some signs before, so I have to notify dad quickly.

No, I can't just tell my dad like that. If it's a misunderstanding, it would be terrible. I have to find evidence!

Thinking of this, Conan's eyes suddenly became fighting spirit.

In the end, Xiao Lan was persuaded by Yu Kiko. She and Maori Kogoro returned to the living room together. There was Kiko alone in the dining room destroying the body.

Soon, Yu Xizi cleaned up the dining table and chairs, and she was relieved. Then, she took the clothes she had prepared and walked into the bathroom.

Conan suddenly exclaimed: "Aunt Xizi, why are you taking a bath here? Shouldn't you go back?" Conan's eyes became more and more suspicious.

But Kogoro Mouri rushed to answer: "Conan, how to speak, it's so rude!"

"It's so late now, I invited You Xizi to stay here overnight, and tomorrow I have something to trouble You Xizi for help!"

Yukiko originally wanted to take a shower, but when she heard her men say so, she naturally cooperated: "Yeah, Kogoro knows that too. I have been in the U.S., and the stinky boy in my family doesn't know where to go and be happy. I’m not at home, the house is full of dust."

"It was too miserable to let me go home in the middle of the night to clean up and rest, so Kogoro invited me to rest here."

Xiaolan immediately said enthusiastically: "Then I will go to tidy up the room now, with Aunt Xizi, you can sleep in my bed tonight!"

"Okay, thank you Xiaolan."

Yukiko entered the bathroom after speaking, and Conan's expression became more weird.

Obviously here is not far from home, but my mother wants to stay at Maori’s house, and there is only the man Maori Kogoro in Maori’s house.

No, Conan can't bear it anymore. He must notify his dad as soon as possible, otherwise, his dad will wear a new green hat tonight.

Conan immediately rushed downstairs, entered his room, and began to call his dad in the United States.

"What's wrong, Shinichi, is there a tricky case?"

"No, Dad, listen to me, something has happened..."

After listening to Conan's account, Yusaku Kudo laughed, and the silly boy finally noticed it.

But now is not the time to reveal, Kudo Yusaku can only open his mouth to help cover.

"Shinichi, you think too much, it's impossible, you have to trust your mother."

Conan snarled, "It's not that I think too much. I heard my mother call her uncle privately this morning to watch her new movie. I watched it alone."

"And a few months ago, I saw my mother and Uncle Maori holding hands on the street. At that time, I thought it was my mistake. Now it seems,"

"Mom, I'm afraid she really cheated!"

Conan's face was gloomy when he said this.

Yusaku Kudo on the other end of the phone chuckled lightly: "Shinichi, you must have misunderstood. Your mother and your Maori uncle have been dating for more than 20 years. The friendship between them is extremely deep. It's just friendship."

"Yes, yes, there is a word to describe it, Lan Yan confidant, your mother must regard Kogoro as a blue confidant, holding hands these is normal."

"To be honest, I have also misunderstood the relationship between them, and I have investigated it myself, and I am relieved after I understand it.

"After all, I couldn't bear to ruin such a precious friendship, and then I ignored it."

"Shinichi, it's okay, don't worry."

"Well, I still have something to work on here, so I won't talk to you."

Hearing such open-minded remarks from his father, Conan couldn't help but open his mouth.

God's blue-faced confidant, it's normal for God to hold hands, is the adult world so open, doesn't it matter if you kiss and go to bed?

Conan only felt that he couldn't keep up with his father's brain circuit.

However, hearing his father explain this way, he also accepted this statement with suspicion.

My mother did not cheat, but was a good friend with Uncle Maori. In fact, Conan also vaguely expected this statement to be true.

After taking the reassurance pills from the American father, Conan temporarily believed in his mother. He rubbed his temples and remembered more important things.

By the way, Huiyuan went home. She hadn't seen her for a few days before, and there were still a lot of questions to ask her.

Conan hurried upstairs and saw little Lori snuggling in Kogoro Moori's arms, watching TV intently.

My mother just finished taking a shower, sitting next to Kogoro Mouri and wiping her hair with a towel.

The bathroom door was closed, and Xiaolan was obviously taking a shower now.

"Conan, why are you running up and down in a panic?"

"It's nothing, Huiyuan, school will start this weekend. Your biology class is very good. I have a few questions to ask you, can you come down and help me!"

The one who should come is always coming, so little Lori got up from Moori Kogoro's arms, her temperament changed from soft to cold, and followed Conan.

Item 0078

As soon as Huihara and Conan walked out and the door closed, only Kogoro Mori and Yukiko were left in the living room on the third floor.