Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 922

Hearing these words, the extremely soft magnetic voice was embraced by Mouri Kogoro so fiery.

Kuroba Chikage only felt ripples in her heart, and her body gradually reacted strangely when she smelled the masculine energy.

Gradually, she panicked.

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Kuroba Chikage hadn't been so close to the opposite sex for many years, and his heartbeat gradually accelerated.

The feeling that Mouri Kogoro's embrace gave her is unique, the warm comfort, the hot big hands, the good smell, the same, they are all too good to be faulty.

Kuroba Qianying's heart throbbed a little, and her body reacted a little involuntarily, and her waist wanted to weaken.

This is also normal. Men and women are attracted to each other, just like a man holding a stunning beauty with big breasts and buttocks, most of them will react.

Women have stronger desires than men at certain times, and the masculine Kogoro Moori is completely a walking hormone, and the effect is even more significant for Kuroba Chikage.

It's just that a woman is a natural actor, and she has a strong ability to cover up in this regard. Even with a little physiological reaction, it will not be exposed as easily as a man, so it gives the world an illusion.

However, the subtle changes of this beautiful woman could not be concealed by the keen Moori Kogoro, and a smile was drawn from the corner of his mouth.

His voice became softer and gentler: "A lady as elegant as a madam should have the right to seek true happiness, and should not guard the dead love and stick to her life."

Hearing this, Kuroba Qianying's heart trembled slightly, and her lavender eyes flashed with a panic.

How is this going?Didn't the Maori detective come here because of a quick fight?No, he just said that he was investigating'Pandora's Stone', why is he talking about this now?

Are these words a cover, his real goal is me!!!

Before Kuroba Chikage could judge, Mouri Kogoro kept his hands down along Kuroba Chikage's back waist, and soon grasped somewhere with excellent flexibility.

Kuroba Chikage's lavender pupils kept shrinking: How dare he do this?

She immediately pushed away Kogoro Maori's body, her beautiful eyes condensed slightly, her mouth lightly opened, and her voice became cold: "Detective Maori, I treat you as a friend. This is what allowed you to come in. How dare you do such a thing? Regarding courtesy, I thought that you could do whatever you want with the name of a detective!"

Sure enough, she was a calm thief lady, and she immediately resisted.

Unfortunately, if you speak more firmly, don't tremble in your voice, look fierce in your eyes, and don't flash your eyes. Maybe you can drink the thick-skinned Moori Kogoro.

Now this posture is not enough to resist the battle-tested fighter.

Maori Kogoro's deep eyes seemed to be full of gentleness, and those eyes that could discharge were even more unbearable, and the blazing heat in her eyes seemed to burn her.

Kuroba Chikage looked away, but faced those eyes.

"Sorry, ma'am, you are so beautiful, I can't control myself, please forgive me!"

Hearing this, Kuroba Chikage trembled even more.

Mouri Kogoro's big hand pulled back in an instant, but instead he grabbed Kuroba Chikage's wrist and pressed it against the back of the sofa.

Before Kuroba Chikage could react, he quickly kissed this beautiful woman's pink lips, which was really sweet and extraordinary.

The aggression was fierce, and Kogoro Mouri began to ask for sweet taste frantically.

Kuroba Chikage's heart trembled, her pupils burst, and she was stunned for two seconds before she knew what had happened, and her body struggled desperately.

But the body completely suppressed by Kogoro Maori couldn't make any waves at all, and the soft body kept twisting and rubbing, but it gave him the ultimate enjoyment.

Mouri Kogoro let go of Kuroba Chikage's small hands, and turned his arms around his waist.

Kuroba Chikage continued to slap Mori Kogoro's shoulder and back with his little hand, struggling at first, but gradually with the intense kiss, this intensity diminished, and the more he patted, the weaker.

In the end, the beautiful woman gradually responded with continuous guidance, with both hands wrapped around Mouri Kogoro's neck.

Her heartbeat was so fast that she fell into the fiery offensive that Moori Kogoro was not hiding.

When Moori Kogoro's big hands continued to climb along the clothes, and finally climbed to the top of the huge mountain.

There was an exclamation, followed by the sound of the plate falling to the ground.

The fruit was scattered on the ground.

Xiaocai opened her mouth wide in surprise, her eyes full of disbelief, and she stared at this scene in a daze.

What the hell?Just now he distracted himself with a serious face, thinking that they were going to talk about something serious, but they actually hooked up when they left!

It's incredible!How could the teacher become like this? When did she have a new boyfriend, and if she was so anxious, why didn't she go to the room? What's the mess in the living room?

Hearing the exclamation, Kuroba Chikage's eyes immediately regained clarity, and he pushed Mouri Kogoro away, and quickly explained: "Little Tears, it's not what you think!"

"When you came out, the Maori detective happened to trip and fell on me. These were all misunderstandings."

Little Tear nodded, before looking at the two of them, squatted down to sort out the plates and fruits on the ground: The teacher really regarded me as a fool, and this excuse is too bad!

It’s not an anime. Who can kiss mouth-to-mouth just by falling down, and the Maori detective’s hands are just holding onto the chest, and teacher, your hands are all around the Maori detective’s neck. I’m really blind. !

The little tears who squatted on the ground raised their heads and chuckled lightly: "... That's how it is, teacher, I thought you were going to find me a new master!"

These words made Kuroba Qianying's face flushed.

Seeing that the atmosphere became weird, Mouri Kogoro said, "Madam, thank you for your help today. It's not too early, I have to leave."

Kuroba Chikage immediately replied: "I will send you."

The two quickly walked out of the living room with chopsticks, changed their shoes in the hallway, and left the villa.

Kuroba Chikage was kissed forcibly by Mouri Kogoro just now. Although she was a little embarrassed, she couldn't bear the hatred for Mouri Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro next to the car said, "Alright, madam, you don't have to send it, let's go back."

"Today's cake is delicious, I like it very much."

"But it's time for me to do business. Kidd can't escape my palm this time."

Hearing this, Kuroba Chikage's pupils shrank: "Maori-kun, are you kidding, didn't the Suzuki's flying ship flew away long ago? How could you catch Kidd if you missed this ship?"

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Shanren has a clever plan." Sure enough, Kuroba Chikage still cares about his son.

"If Madam doesn't believe me, you can make a bet with me."

Kuroba Chikage was full of disbelief: "How to bet?"

"If I grabbed Kidd today, next time I see Madam, Madam will have to buy me a'cake'. Otherwise, if I didn't catch Kidd, then I will promise Madam a wish, how about?"

Hearing this, Kuroba Qiankage looked rather weird, but he was also quite confident in his son, so he agreed: "Bet!"

"Then get a stamp first!"