Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 940

Naturally it was taken away by Kuroba Chikage.

Soon, the walkie-talkie in Xiaocai's ear sent a retreat signal from Kuroba Chikage.

Xiaocai couldn't help but feel a little annoyed. He didn't expect that his hard-working skills could not hurt Kogoro Maori at all, so he might as well just use a pistol.

Kogoro Moori raised his hand and took a kunai, cast from a new material, matte, very light and thin.

He watched the woman on the opposite side not approaching, but showed a retreating gesture, and chuckled lightly: "You threw so much kunai to me, so I want to go now, how can there be such a cheap thing."

Mouri Kogoro gently tossed the kunai in his hand, then grabbed the handle with his right hand and threw it at the opposite woman.

A black light flashed quickly, too fast, and the little tears couldn't react at all, and felt a cold glow passing from the chest, the leather jacket tore, and the breasts cooled.She bent over subconsciously, then rolled to the side, sliding down like a trip.

Maori Kogoro's face changed suddenly. Just now, I just wanted to tease her with this dart. It is impossible to hurt her. Why did she fall down?

Mouri Kogoro's speed exploded in an instant, and he rushed to rescue him.

At this moment, she saw Xiao Lei's legs exert force and jumped up, but jumped down instead.

With a rumbling sound, a helicopter rose rapidly from the bottom of the flying ship.

The little tear who jumped directly reached out and grabbed the rope ladder suspended by the helicopter.

She covered her chest with one hand and the ladder with the other. The brown eyes under the mask stared at Kogoro Mouri with a strange look in her eyes.

The helicopter accelerated and flew far away.

Mouri Kogoro watched the plane go away without any other reaction.

The host on the radio live broadcast was unknown. So this woman suddenly appeared, lost a lot of suffering and fled. What is this operation?

He didn't understand until the host saw that the thief Kidd on the tail was missing.

"Kid is gone. Kidd hanging on the rear wing is missing. I know, that woman must have come to save Kidd. That helicopter was her accomplice, and Kidd was rescued. ."

People have already waited, Kidd has returned, and Mouri Kogoro has nothing to do on the top of the boat.

He ignored the seventeen terrorists who were hanging up, and instead walked to Conan, grabbed the little ghost head nailed to the floor, and walked into the cabin.

Kogoro Mori doesn't worry that someone can save those terrorists. Everyone is attached to an Ant-Man robot.

Kidd just now is also, if he didn't want to let go, Kuroba Chikage would never have succeeded.

Kogoro Mouri returned to the observation deck with Conan, and saw Ginza Nakamori hammering the wall in annoyance.

Qingzi's father reacted too drastically: "Damn it! He has already been caught, and there are people who come to rescue him. Don't bring such bullies."

Suzuki Jiyoshiro on the side comforted Ginzo Nakamori.

Yuanzi, Yukiko, and Hui Principle both rushed up, looking at Moori Kogoro with a look of concern, with little hands tumbling around on him, and he was relieved to make sure that there were no wounds on his body.

You Xizi opened the mouth and said: "It's really scary. The female thief who came out of where has so many hidden weapons hidden in her body, but fortunately, she did not hurt anyone.

Conan, who was being carried by the side, rolled his eyes wildly: Hey, mom, you got it wrong, I am here, and I have been shot by Kuwu, why don't you care about me!

There is a problem, there must be a problem. If you have an adulterer, you can forget your son.

Kogoro Mouri threw Conan down, and Conan grinned in pain with his face on the ground.

He suddenly remembered that the time for the psychedelic formation he had set up was approaching, and he quickly said: "Conan will be handed over to you, and I will bring back the hidden Qingzi Xiaolan."

After that, he immediately turned around and rushed to Room 218 on the second floor.

Soon, Kogoro Moori pushed open the door of 218 and saw the two naked women on the bed.

The two women were still asleep, as before when he left, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Item 0100

But when Moori Kogoro stepped forward, he couldn't help his heart trembling: How come these two women have just taken a bath.

what happened?Is it possible that people who are trapped in psychedelic formation will not be able to take a bath by themselves?

However, seeing that both of them are still in a coma, and there are still a few minutes left in the psychedelic array, Kogoro Mouri breathed a sigh of relief.

He hurried forward to help Qingzi tidy up the clothes, correct the memories in his mind about the few hours in the afternoon, and then took Qingzi out of the house.

As soon as she left the room and escaped from the psychedelic array, Qingzi finally woke up, and when she saw Mouri Kogoro, she shyly fell into her arms again.

Maori Kogoro said warmly: "Aoko, we are about to reach our destination. Your father is on the viewing platform and is annoyed that he didn't catch Kidd. Go up and comfort him."

Qingzi opened her mouth slightly and looked astonished: "How come time flies so fast, are we here? Has Kidd been here?"

"Uncle, I'll go there first."

Aoko also kissed Mouri Kogoro on tiptoe, and ran to the viewing platform quickly.

Xiao Lan in the room saw this scene through the cat's eyes, and she was completely sure of her conjecture.

Seeing Moori Kogoro turned around to come in, she quickly ran back to the bed and pretended to sleep.

Mouri Kogoro entered the room and came to the bed. He stretched out his hand to hug Xiaolan's body and stroked her soft back with his big hand.

He was about to bow his head and kiss his daughter's forehead, when Xiao Lan opened her eyes.

Looking directly at Maori Kogoro with big eyes, his eyes were full of clarity, and Moori Kogoro was frightened in an instant.

Xiaolan Tan said lightly: "Dad, what is going on?"

Mouri Kogoro's forehead oozes sweat, and his pupils keep shrinking.

Is the high-level psychedelic symbol that spent 9,000 points redeemed parallel?

Little V, come out for me, explain it to me quickly.

The little V in his mind said: "Slant Guidance Technique can originally develop the human body's various potentials and improve the five-dimensional attributes. After the increase in intelligence, it is not easy to be psychedelic and charming."

"Originally, Xiao Lan was at the tipping point of being able to be drawn into the psychedelic array, and it is not impossible to break away from the psychedelic array."

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro's face turned dark, really shooting himself in the foot.

He had anticipated this before. When he broke the formation of the Hongzi, he also relied on the high amount of intelligence he trained in this guidance technique to get away. Naturally, he was afraid that his daughter would repeat the old skills. This was the special exchange for advanced psychedelic. symbol.

Unexpectedly, he still made a mistake.

Xiaolan rolled over and pressed Moori Kogoro on the bed, lying on Moori Kogoro, her eyes piercingly forcing him to ask: "Dad, what is the matter with you and Qingzi?"

Hearing Xiaolan's question, Mouri Kogoro really didn't want to hide it anymore.