Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 961

As soon as they left, the fragrant wind struck.

Yukiko's beautiful body sat on Mouri Kogoro, and the buttocks that touched her legs were extremely elastic.

Yukiko put her arms around Maori Kogoro's neck, and said coquettishly: "Kogoro, Shinichi is aware of something between us, what should I do?"

Maori Kogoro put his arms around Yukiko's slender waist: "What else can we do, our relationship, he is your adopted son, we can never hide these things from him forever."

"The key is to find the right time to tell him."

"Have you ever said when he will come to Japan? Letting Yusaku tell him the truth may make Shinichi more acceptable."

Yukiko shook her head: "I am not very clear about Yusaku."

Maori Kogoro lightly pecked Kiko's pink lips: "Well, don't be too nervous, let it be, and you can hide it. It doesn't matter if you can't hide it from him."

"This kid is approaching adulthood, and his mental endurance is quite good."

Although Kogoro Moori said so, if'the matter of himself and Kiko, that Conan's father is an eunuch, that Conan is an adoption matter, and that of himself and Xiaolan' are all exposed, then Kogoro Moori would be estimated. I'm not sure whether he can bear it.

Chapter 0120 Dad, don't talk about it, I know everything

In the kitchen, Xiao Lan was shocked when she saw that her mother was planning to throw the red bean and cowpeas into the coffee grinding machine.

The coffee beans are the black ones next to them. Mom still has the same grains as before.

She hurried forward and said, "Mom, let me come!"

After that, she took over without a word and squeezed Fei Yingli aside.

Fei Yingli looked at her daughter tenderly, and said with a chuckle: "Xiao Lan is really more and more virtuous. She has grown up and will soon be married. Do you have a boy you like?"

Upon hearing this, Xiaolan's heart raised her throat: "Mom, what are you talking about, how can I have it, hahahaha!"

She was so nervous that her tone of voice changed.

Fei Yingli joked: "Where is that detective boy?"

Xiao Lan was stunned. After a long time, she realized that Shinichi Kudo said, "He, he has been missing for how long. The last time we met was in Shibuya, I saw him and other girls. Together."

Seeing her mother's weird expression, Xiao Lan rolled her eyes: "Mom, Xinyi and I are just friends, what do you think!"

"I don't want to marry, just stay with Mom and Dad for the rest of my life!" Xiaolan's words were from her heart, but Fei Yingli took it as a joke.

"Well, don't marry, my daughter is so beautiful, so I don't worry!" Fei Yingli stroked Xiaolan's long hair.

Xiaolan found that it was too dangerous to talk about these topics with her mother, so she changed the subject and asked: "Mom, are you and dad getting back together?"

Xiao Lan is very concerned about this issue, and the intimate attitude of the two of them just now explains the problem.

"And why did you move to this villa? Why don't you go home and live?"

Hearing these questions, Fei Yingli was a little bit unable to answer. She was reunited with Kogoro, but she also accepted the existence of Kiko. It was the state of the two women serving one husband together.

But how to explain these to Xiaolan, Fei Yingli evaded: "Adults, children don't care about so much."

Hearing this, Xiao Lan couldn't help but wrinkle her nose: "Hmph, it's not a kid, don't you tell me, I will ask Dad to go!"

In the living room outside, Kogoro Moori held Yukiko and walked around Yukiko's perfect waist and beautiful legs with his big hands, enjoying the tenderness of the beauty.

Yukiko held the dossier and turned it over to Kogoro Mouri.

Such treatment is no different from the ancient master.

However, Kogoro Mori's ears were pricked up, and he was listening carefully to the movement coming from the side.

The door to the toilet deep in the corridor opened, and he reached out and patted Yuki's hip.

You Xizi immediately understood, and obediently got up and sat aside, and became a dignified and elegant guest again.

Soon, Conan appeared, clutching his stomach, he pulled it all afternoon, his face was extremely pale, and he couldn't lift his energy to see Mouri Kogoro appearing.

Kogoro Mouri joked: "Conan, do you want to stay for dinner later? Your Aunt Yingli has made great progress in craftsmanship. Do you want to give it a try?"

Hearing this, Conan looked horrified and waved his hand to refuse.

Seeing Conan's expression, Mouri Kogoro laughed wickedly.

Soon, Fei Yingli and Xiao Lan came out with coffee, smelling that the scent came from Xiao Lan's handwriting, and Maori Kogoro began to taste it with confidence.

Kogoro Mouri closed the dossier, took a sip of coffee, and said, "Eri, what is the tricky part of this case?"

Fei Yingli sat next to Kogoro Moori, took the file, and turned out the photos on the spot.Then she pointed to the photo and explained intimately: "President Shi Huan, the deceased in this case, was assassinated in her own home. It was discovered that two people were reported to the police."

"The first is the babysitter Yukie Hara, who used to clean up on the second floor, this is a woman in her sixties; the other is the deceased's brother-in-law Tsukano Toru, who is also the manager of President Ishihuan's company."

"But this time the suspect, the defendant I was defending, was Toshio Iwamatsu, who was caught fleeing nearby. He is a thief."

"He left a lot of footprints and fingerprints on the scene, and the clothes on his body were stained with blood when he was caught."

"I always feel that he didn't tell me the truth and didn't cooperate very much. With the addition of nine articles to prosecute him for homicide, it is still very difficult to be acquitted."

"Tomorrow morning is the time for the trial. If there is no evidence to reverse it, this time I am not too sure!"

Kogoro Mouri nodded slightly, but the defendant did not cooperate. It is indeed very helpless to be a lawyer.

However, there is no need to be nervous. Tomorrow is only the first trial, and Kogoro Mouri has a way to get the defendant to cooperate.

At this time, You Xizi got up and said, "Well, I won't bother you and your wife to settle the case, Conan, come with me."

With Conan present, Kiko naturally has to play the role of a good guest. She also has a Kudo family in Japan, and it was hard enough for Lai to stay at the Maori family one day before.

Now that Conan is watching, he can't keep going back to Kudo's house.

"I'll take Conan to have a look at my stomach first. It's not good to have stomach trouble all day long."

"Yi Li, don't try your three-minute cooking in the future, it is easy to be food poisoning!"

Fei Yingli didn't admit it all the time: "Nonsense, I will be fine if Xiaolan and I eat."

Shaking the pot clean in the words.

Conan rolled his fish eyes, but did not dare to complain, so he could only obediently follow You Xizi out of the villa.

The two of them got in the Alpha car with Xizi and drove towards the hospital.

There are only three Maori family left in the villa.

While Concubine Yingli was going to the bathroom, Xiaolan sat next to Moori Kogoro, wrapped his arms intimately, and wrapped his arms around his domineering breast.