Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 963

Sure enough, Yingli's cheeks soon blushed.

Mouri Kogoro directly reached out his hand and hugged Hideri into his arms, and kissed his cheek: "I'm an old husband and wife, and they play so many routines."

At this moment, Xiao Lan's voice came from the bedroom.

"Mom, are you taking a bath?"

Fei Yingri was shocked, and quickly struggled to get out of Mouri Kogoro's arms.

"Yes, mom is in the bathroom."

Xiaolan's footsteps went from far to near, and she stood at the bathroom door: "Mom, did you see Dad?"

"No, will you go to the rooftop to smoke!"

Kogoro Mouri was about to say that he had quit smoking for a long time, but Concubine Hideri covered his mouth.

Fei Yingli looked nervous. In the afternoon, she did not admit to her daughter that she had reunited with Kogoro. Now if her daughter finds out that they are taking a bath together, she doesn't know how to explain it.

Face is important, and the image of a mother is also very important, especially in front of her daughter!

At this moment, a shadow can be seen undressing on the frosted glass door.

Yingli couldn't help asking, "Xiaolan, what are you doing?"

"Undress, it's been a long time since I took a bath with my mother!"

Upon hearing this, Yingli's face suddenly changed: "Xiaolan, don't come in!"


Why Yingli could answer no matter what, she couldn't help but whispered: "Kogoro, hurry up and find a place to hide."

Kogoro Mouri patrolled around, there is no place to hide in the bathroom!

After Xiaolan stripped off her clothes, she stretched out her hand to open the frosted glass door and saw only Fei Yingli in the love bathtub.

It's just that Fei Yingli's expression is very strange.

Xiaolan didn't care so much, she went directly to the love bathtub, turned over and entered the bathtub and started taking a bath.

She stretched her waist: "So comfortable!"

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Fei Yingli was in a panic at the moment and didn't know what to do.

A sly smile flashed across Xiao Lan's mouth, and she could hear it clearly outside.

After this little Nizi got used to it, she was so bold that she was about to start temptation step by step.

She couldn't help laughing when she saw her mother's panicked face.

The extremely relaxed Xiaolan stretched out in the bathtub and lifted her beautiful legs.

The white foam attached to his snow-white skin is very attractive!

Fei Yingli couldn't help but said: "You kid, how come you suddenly want to take a bath, go out quickly, mom is still thinking about things!"

Xiao Lan leaned over, and her proud chest pressed Fei Yingli's arm.

Xiao Lan leaned her little head on Fei Yingli's shoulders affectionately: "No, Mom, we haven't taken a bath together in a long time."

"It's useless to think so much about the case, just leave it to Dad."

"This bathtub is so big, so let's wash it together! Besides, I'm already in, how can you bear to let me out." Xiaolan also put on a pitiful expression.

Fei Yingli couldn't help feeling tight as soon as Xiaolan approached.

Yaoshou!Being so close, if it is discovered, the image will be completely ruined!

Suddenly, under the cover of the foam, Fei Yingli felt an extra hand on her chest, and she couldn't help but raise her brow.

This is the case, and there is still the mood to do such a thing, no, it is not his hand!

At this time, Xiaolan smirked: "Mom, your breasts are so big!"

"But I seem to be catching up with you. A while ago, my breasts got bigger again, which made me get a new batch of underwear."

Xiaolan still had a little pride on her face when she said this.

It turned out that this was Xiaolan's hand, and Yingli was relieved.

She chuckled, "Of course, Xiao Lan inherited her mother's genes. Fortunately, you are not like your dad, otherwise you will be miserable!"

Xiao Lan refused to follow him: "Mom, how can you say that? Dad is also very handsome."

At this moment, the two women trembled in synchrony, and at the same time they felt a familiar big hand on their chest.

Yingli's pupils kept shrinking, his face changed drastically, and he was panicked.

Xiao Lan quickly relaxed, pretending to know nothing, but looking at her mother's changing face with a smile, she only found it very interesting.

Poor Yingli was hit by this and didn't know how to deal with himself!

Years of being a lawyer quickly calmed her down, and her bare hands were quickly submerged in the water, making counter-resistance.

And there was a reluctant smile on his face: "Xiao Lan, this bathtub is a bit small, or else, let's go to the artificial hot spring pool on the rooftop. The hot spring pool is big, you can swim, and you can look up at the stars. OK!"

Xiao Lan shook her head: "Don't be so troublesome, and it's not appropriate to waste water. Let's just wash it here. The bath here is also very comfortable!"

"Mom, let me help you rub your back, my technique is very good, and my dad likes it too!"

Upon hearing this, Fei Yingli's face changed again, and a cold light flashed in her eyes!

She considered her tone and asked pretentiously: "Xiao Lan, do you often rub your father's back?"

Xiao Lan smirked, and betrayed her father without hesitation.

"Yeah, my mother is not at home. I take the bath for my father. I take a bath with my father. It feels great!"

Fei Yingri's brows can't help but frown. Although there is a custom in Japan for a family to take a bath together, usually when a daughter grows up, she will not wash it with her father.She still felt weird when she heard this, and couldn't help but twist it with both fingers.

Now she can only tell herself that Xiao Lan is a child, it doesn't matter.

It's just that when Yingli saw Xiaolan's domineering figure, he couldn't help resenting him. With such a figure, how could he say that he was a child!

Seeing her mother's weird expression, the clever Xiao Lan naturally knew how to respond.