Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 968

Yuanzi felt that Shiliang Zhenchun was not his opponent at all, so he relaxed and the hostility was eliminated.

Shiliang Zhenchun only felt that Yuanzi's laughter was full of maliciousness, and could not help being full of black lines.

And Xiao Lan also glanced at Shiliang Zhenchun's chest and couldn't help but said: "Seriously, I think Shiliang Zhenchun at first glance thought you were a boy!"

"Oh, you said this!" She stretched out her hand to stroke her flat chest, and said heartily: "Although the size of the chest looks small now, there will be considerable progress in the future."

"After all, my mother is a big breast, and the daughter who inherited her gene will definitely not be bad!"

"I'm not worried at all."

Xiao Lan quite agreed with her statement, and nodded gently.

At 9:30 in the morning, the murder of the president of the real estate company Shi Huan was officially opened.

The judges, jurors, prosecutors, defense lawyers, defendants, and spectators all entered this solemn court.

You Xizi and Conan also sat in the auditorium with the old principal and the fourth small.

And Sumiko Kobayashi followed the other jurors in the juror's seat with a formal expression.

Kogoro Mori and Hideri Kiyori are on the side of the defense lawyer, while Reiko Kujo is on the opposite side of the two.The judge announced the opening of the court with a hammer, and the defendant stepped forward.

The Madonna of the procuratorial circle took the lead to get up and read the indictment.

"The defendant, Toshio Iwamatsu, broke the window of the study room of the real estate president Ishihwan Chufu in Fifth Chome, four branches in order to steal, and then sneaked into it."

"After breaking in, when the defendant was looking for the target of theft, he was discovered by President Shihuan who was returning home. After the two had a dispute, the defendant pierced President Shihuan's abdomen with a knife and killed him!"

At this time, Concubine Yingli said: "I have objections!"

"The prosecutor mentioned the knife, is the murder weapon confirmed?"

"No, the murder weapon has not been found yet."

The judge in the court opened his mouth and said: "Please delete this related article!"

"I see!" Reiko Kujo nodded.

Reiko Kujo continued to read: "Later, the police found the defendant with blood on his clothes nearby. After investigation, the defendant confessed his crime."

"The crime prosecuted therefore is Article 199 of the penalty for homicide!"

The judge asked: "Did the defendant admit this crime?"

Toshio Iwamatsu, who was sitting in the middle, shouted, "I really didn't kill anyone, I am innocent!"

The judge continued to ask: "What about the defense lawyer's opinion?"

Fei Yingli stood up: "I, like the defendant, advocate innocence."

The judge nodded: "Then let us go to the stage of listening to the evidence, please look at the TV screen in front of the jurors."

As soon as the photo on the screen appeared, the faces of everyone in the upper jury seat changed, and Cheng Zi was no exception.

After all, he was just an elementary school teacher. Unlike Kogoro Moori who had seen so many murder scenes, he was still a little uncomfortable.

"Although the picture may cause discomfort, in order to find out the truth, I ask the jurors to overcome it."

When the judge said this, Cheng Zi frowned and looked at the photo carefully.

While a group of jurors were observing the photos, witnesses were also passed up.

The first is the first discoverer of the crime scene, the babysitter Yukie Hara.

Reiko Kujo took the lead to ask.

Yuan Xinghui began to talk about the situation on the day: "The old man said that he was going to play golf and that he would not come back after dinner. I kept cleaning on the second floor."

"Although it seemed to hear the sound of the first floor at first, I didn't think much about it, and came down after cleaning."

"But when I was in the corridor, I heard the sound coming from the study again, so I went into the study and found that the window was opened, and then I saw the master lying in a pool of blood next to the desk."

After Kujo Reiko finished inquiring, Fei Yingri got up and asked.

"Then may I ask the witness, did you see the defendant when you entered the study?"

The babysitter shook his head: "No!"

Fei Yingli said: "Dear jurors, this babysitter is only the first person to be found at the scene of the crime. She has not witnessed the murder."

"Therefore, the prosecutor just said that the assassination of President Shi Huan after the dispute occurred has no evidence at all. Please remember this."

Upon hearing this, the jurors nodded one after another.

Kujo Reiko and Concubine Hideri stared at each other, and the first round was evenly divided.

Item 0127

As a melon-eater, Mouri Kogoro still finds it very interesting to watch the two women face each other in court.

His gaze was fixed on Kujo Reiko's eyes, but it was a pity that Kujo Reiko didn't react at all.

And the little Lori Haibara in the auditorium saw such a powerful Fei Yingli, she couldn't help but frowned and muttered in a low voice: What a difficult character!

Conan the little devil was thinking about the case with his chin on his back.

On the jury stand, Sumiko Kobayashi looked at the left-right confrontation in a daze, only to feel an eye-opener.

The second witness came on the scene, the brother of the deceased's late wife.

Reiko Kujo stepped forward again and began to inquire.

"Mr. Tsukano, I heard that you are the general manager of President Ishihwan's company. I went to President Ishihwan's house for company affairs that day? Can you elaborate on the situation at that time?"

Takano Tsukano, who was gentle in appearance, said: "At the time, I came to the president's house because the company had documents that needed to be signed by the president."

"But as soon as I arrived at the president's house, I heard the screaming of the nanny inside, and rushed to the study."

"After that, I saw the president fell to the ground. I immediately went up to check it. I didn't expect to get blood on one hand. Only then did I know that the president was assassinated."

"After that, I immediately asked the nanny to call 120, but it was still too late!"

Talking about this, Tsukano Toru actually shed tears, and looked at the defendant Toshio Iwamatsu with hatred.

"Your Honor, since my sister's death, the president has been my only family member. Please be sure to seek justice for my brother-in-law's death, and you must put this prisoner to death."