Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 974

"Toshio Iwamatsu panicked and fled the same way."

"The nanny showed up and screamed when he found the corpse. The murderer put the vase behind the door, put all the gloves and the short knife in the vase, and then pretended to be someone coming over after hearing the sound.

"That's right, the murderer is the second eyewitness I mentioned in the morning, who appeared at the entrance of the study, Tsukano Toru."

Hearing this, Tsukano Toru in the audience behind his face turned pale.

He was about to leave altogether, but the gate was blocked.

Kogoro Mouri continued: "Mr. Tsukano never left the study at all. He stayed in the villa, so he appeared fascinatingly."

"Later, he pretended to ask Ms. Harayuki to call for an ambulance, but actually he held the vase and dumped it in the garbage dump outside."

"Mr. Tsukino, do you think that if you can wait for the garbage dump to collect the waste, you can destroy your body by the way?"

"Unfortunately, it happened that the day of the incident was not the non-combustible product recycling day, so the vase was not destroyed, but was picked up by Ms. Yuan Yu."

After listening to Moori Kogoro's reasoning, Tsukano yelled angrily: "It's nonsense. This is totally false. I'm just a witness, not a suspect. Let me go. I won't testify in the afternoon."

Item 0132

Tsukano got up from the auditorium and ran outside the door frantically.

Everyone looked at each other, but the bailiffs looked hesitant. They only had the right to control the defendant, not the right to prevent the witness from leaving.

At this moment, one more person appeared at the door. It was Rensaburo Shiratori who received a call from Kogoro Mori and sent reinforcements from the Metropolitan Police Department.

Shiratori Rensaburo blocked Tsukano's way, and took out his certificate and said: "Mr. Tsukano, now the police suspect you are related to this case, please cooperate in the investigation!"

Hearing this, Tsukano's face was extremely pale, and he was forced to return to the scene reluctantly.

Shi Liang Zhenchun couldn't help but speak: "This policeman came too in time!"

Conan on the side replied weakly: "Uncle called the police just before he came, and everything can't escape Uncle's expectations."

"Wow, it's amazing!" Shiliang Zhenchun looked at Kogoro Mouri in the center of the court, his eyes lit up, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, as if thinking about something.

Conan the little ghost said with a look of hostility: "Hey, who are you guys? Why are you sitting next to Sister Xiaolan?"

When Xiao Lan heard this, she couldn't help but sneered: "Conan, you are too rude. This is a transfer student from my school just now. It's a girl. You should call her sister Shiliang."

Shi Liang Zhenchun waved his hand with an indifferent expression: "It's okay, I'm used to being misunderstood anyway!"

Conan was taken aback, and took a closer look, confirming that it was a girl, and then apologized.

Kogoro Mori in the center of the court continued to speak: "Mr. Tsukano, you heard that the murder weapon had not been found when the court opened in the morning, for fear that there is no way to convict Mr. Iwamatsu."

"That's why you went to Toya Park to discard the murder weapon during the lunch break, so that the prosecutors could easily find it."

Tsukano Heng suddenly became anxious: "You nonsense, the murder weapon has nothing to do with me."

Kogoro Mori opened the mouth and said, "Oh, I remember that Toya Park made a reform a year ago. A camera was installed at the entrance. Maybe you can ask the police to call up the camera to see if you have been there?"

Tsukano's pupils shrank in an instant, and he immediately replied: "What if I went, I just feel depressed at noon, and I just go for a walk there. Toya Park is so big that I can't take a walk!"

As soon as this was said, everyone in the court was talking again, and the sophistry was too reluctant.

And Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Haha, the cameras I just said are all nonsense. Why is Mr. Tsukano so eager to prove that he went to Toya Park at noon? Is it a guilty conscience?"

"You!" Hearing Tsukano Toru's eyes turned red immediately, and he pointed his finger at Kogoro Mouri. The feeling of being swindled was really uncomfortable.

The audience's suspicion of Tsukano Toru is getting deeper.

Tsukano waved his hand, and then said angrily: "Where I go at noon has nothing to do with this matter, Kogoro Moori, you are just talking nonsense, I will definitely sue you for slander."

"How could I kill my brother-in-law, he is my only relative in this world!" Tsukano Toru said as he spoke and returned a few drops of horse urine.

A look of disgust appeared in Kogoro Mouri's eyes: "Don't pretend, lawyer concubine has gone to your company to check, lawyer concubine, you can talk."

Fei Yingli submitted a stack of materials to the old judge, and then said: "According to the investigation to the company of President Ishihwan, Mr. Tsukano has used his position to embezzle the company's property by President Ishihwan. The president broke out and everyone in the company knew about it."

Tsukano became even more bizarre and angry when he heard this: "Impossible, the group of eating things inside and out, they all came to frame me and want to steal my position as the general manager. This is not evidence! This is not evidence!"

Tsukano was struggling to step forward to grab the materials, but was subdued by Rensaburo Shiratori behind him, and his body was pressed on the table in the auditorium.

Kogoro Mouri sternly said: "Mr. Tsukano, don't you want evidence? I'll give it to you."

He picked up the vase in a hurry: "Throwing gloves and daggers into the vase does not stain fingerprints, but I reach in for the daggers and gloves, but my hands are not gloves."

"It's in this vase, stained with your blood fingerprints. The iron proof is here. Now what can you do to quibble!"

Hearing this, the crushed Tsukano Toru was stunned as if he was struck by five thunders.

His lips were trembling constantly, and finally he couldn't say anything.

With the sound of sobbing, he burst into tears again.

"Blame that guy, I don't want to kill him, I don't want to kill him."

"He said that if I still don't have the money, I must call the police to arrest me. I can't help it, I can't do it."

"Why, I hate it, why are you both hurting me and putting that guy in jail? Can't it?"

Tsukano continued wailing, Shiratori Rensaburo heard him say more and more, he directly took out the handcuffs to hold him, and then escorted him outside.

Seeing this situation, everyone was a little bit embarrassed.

And Reiko Kujo in the prosecution was a little confused, feeling like she had come to make soy sauce, and without saying a few words, the audience listened to Kogoro Mori reasoning.

She looked at Maori Kogoro, and saw that he was still smirking at herself, and she couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed.

This guy took so much advantage of himself at noon, and he also helped himself find evidence. It turned out that this was all a trick to confuse himself, which is really disgusting!

Thinking of this, she couldn't help clenching her silver teeth and stared at it.

The old judge above combined the opinions of a group of jurors and said with a hammer: "Combining the opinions of the jurors, the result of the trial in this case is that the defendant Toshio Iwamatsu was acquitted."

"Does the prosecutor have objections?"

Hearing this, Kujo Reiko came back to her senses.

She stood up and said: "The prosecution has no objection. We will collect materials as soon as possible and file a new lawsuit against Tsukano Too's murder of President Shihuan."

The old judge nodded, and hammered again: "The trial is over. Toshio Iwamatsu will be released in court!"

Upon hearing this, the whole court burst into fierce applause.

Toshio Iwamatsu looked incredulous, and finally thanked Kogoro Mouri and Hideri Moori with excitement.