Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 986

"It's a pity that the spiritual power in my body is as great as the sea, and I don't know when I want to fight like an arm."

Fusang couldn't help being a little speechless, this is just showing off!

"Witchcraft can be used. You only need to teach me how to use it. You can teach me all the rejuvenation techniques, imperial wind curse, imperial fire curse, summoning sky thunder, and formation."

"I practice slowly, I can always use it."

Hearing this, Fusang lost his temper and could only teach it.

One was dedicated to teaching, the other was attentive, and Mouri Kogoro soon learned a few more witchcraft.

But it's still the same as usual, it's hard to use it, and it's not working at all times, just like Duan Yu's Six-Maid Sword.

But he still has great enthusiasm for this. After all, after mastering this extraordinary power, the next time Hongzi dare to calculate his own words, he will directly defeat the loss of the bed and take a lesson, without external help.

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After more than an hour of teaching, Fusang's little face was already a little wilting.

After all, it is not that easy to demonstrate the magic technique and explain the principle. The spiritual power is condensed and dissipated.

Mouri Kogoro changed his lazy posture and learned very seriously.

He didn't want to encounter the situation of Shui Wu Rennai again, and he couldn't use the rejuvenation technique.

The hard work he had done before, plus Fusang's correction and adjustment.

After teaching, his rejuvenation technique has been greatly improved, and generally minor injuries are not a problem.

Although it can't be compared with the treatment technique drawn by the system, if you keep practicing, one day it will be as good as the treatment technique.

And this is what he learned himself, and has nothing to do with the system, so there is no display in the system panel, and it can also be used for people in the organization like Shui Wu Ren.

Seeing that the luster of Fusang's face had faded, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but feel distressed, so he said, "I'm tired, let's teach here today."

Fusang turned his little head again and said, "Huh, three days of fishing and two days of netting, the maiden has a profound and profound journey. How can she learn well if she doesn't study well?"

What kind of a witch, I am a male, I should be a wizard!

Mouri Kogoro murmured secretly, then stood up and walked towards Fuso.

Seeing Maori Kogoro's face leaning up, Fusang stepped back in a panic and leaned directly against the wall: "Hey, what do you want to do?"

Fusang's red pupils were spinning around, looking extremely nervous.

Kogoro Mori banged his wall against the wall and leaned his head up, only a few centimeters away from Fuso's pretty face.

Fusang's face flushed immediately.

Kogoro Mouri spoke gently: "Don't you want to absorb spiritual power? I have delivered it to the door, don't you want it?"

As soon as he heard this, Fusang's face became more blushing.

However, the demonstration teaching just now consumes a lot of money, and it would be great if it can be supplemented!

Thinking of this, Fuso also leaned over, facing Kogoro Moori's mouth, and stopped when he was one centimeter away.

She started smoking.

When I was awake, I felt the loss of spiritual power in my body, which was really a strange feeling.

Those cool spiritual powers gathered and poured into Fusang's mouth from his mouth.

However, because the two mouths were not closed, there was still a lot of spiritual energy that escaped as soon as they exited.

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "Don't waste it!"

After that, he kissed Fusang's lips, this time it really looked like jelly, it was still iced jelly, cold and snappy.

Fusang's eyes widened suddenly, but she still didn't stop the rhythm of absorbing spiritual power, but her red pupils suddenly shrank.

The kiss with this little shikigami is different from other people's. Not to mention the coldness, it also carries a fragrance unique to the spirit body, which is very interesting.

Immediately afterwards, Moori Kogoro's hands plunged in from his suspended shrine costume, Fuso suddenly took a breath, his face blushed, and even the rhythm of absorbing spiritual power became chaotic.

Her long blue hair danced without wind, and she looked very moving.

However, Fuso barely endured it. Chihitomi stared at Moori Kogoro, Xiaokou still trying to absorb spiritual power.

It's just that Kogoro Moori's big hand made trouble again and stroked it down.

It is a pity that below the lower abdomen, there is nothing but illusory spirits, like a female ghost.

Mouri Kogoro was very disappointed with a catch.

But Fusang seemed to sense his big hand, and couldn't help it anymore. With a scream, he said a wind curse.

In an instant, a tornado was born out of nothing, and Moori Kogoro suddenly flew away.

His body flew a full five meters before falling heavily to the ground, and the tornado also disappeared.

When Mouri Kogoro recovered, the Shikigami had long since disappeared, and there was only a witch costume scattered on the ground.

This guy is hiding in the witch costume again!

After hearing the voice, the little witch Junhui next door asked quickly, "Kogoro, Lord Fuso, what happened to you?"

Kogoro Mouri replied immediately: "It's okay, just demonstrate some witchcraft, you practice yours."

Jun Hui felt relieved after hearing this.

Maori Kogoro rubbed his chest, took the witch costume, and wiped the dust off: "Ahem, Fuso, don't get me wrong, I'm just curious about the progress of your condensing, no evil!"

"Big pervert!"

"You come out, I will help you replenish your spiritual power again, I promise I will do nothing this time."


"Why are you still cursing!"

"Big pervert!"

After Fusang cursed a few times, she fell silent, and then no matter what Moori Kogoro said, she did not respond.

Mouri Kogoro rubbed his fingers, secretly saying a pity.

Then he put the witch costume on the god platform, and then took out his so-called spiritual power liquid from his arms and arranged them on the god platform.