Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 990

Not as knowledgeable as children!Not as knowledgeable as children!

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You Xizi walked into the living room and took a few deep breaths before suppressing the anger.

Then she saw Moori Kogoro making breakfast in the kitchen, and walked over quickly.

Yukiko came to Moori Kogoro's side, and her small hand immediately twisted to Moori Kogoro's waist.

When I get angry, I naturally find my man to vent.

"Kogoro, do you say I am old?"

Hearing this question, Mouri Kogoro instantly became alert. A woman is very sensitive to age, and she must not be said to be old.

He exaggeratedly said: "Oh, what kind of silly thing is this, you Xizi, how could you get old!"

"Your skin is as smooth as a baby, and your face is as immature as a girl. Look at it for yourself, this tall chest, this small waist, this big long legs, tusk tusk, you can’t control it. live!"

While speaking, his big hands still behaved irregularly.

"I said you are going to participate in the beauty pageant for girls to beat them, and you will definitely get the championship back."

As Mouri Kogoro said, Yuuki's eyebrows became more and more, and his mood suddenly improved.

But she didn't plan to let Mori Kogoro go there. Instead, she picked up his ears and continued to ask: "Since I'm so good, why didn't you come to me last night? Do you like softer ones, like Xiao Ai? Little girl?"


Another mouthful of old blood was stuffy in my heart.

Xiao Ai is indeed more tender, no, this is not the point!

"How could it be that you didn't look too tired last night, I just want you to have a good rest!"

"Is that so?" You Xizi raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

Seeing that the explanation was almost unclear, Mouri Kogoro made a decisive decision, and Kiko's pink lips appeared directly on the mouth.

The master-level kissing technique was displayed, in cooperation with the hand of God.

After a fiery kiss, You Xizi's eyes were blurred, her face flushed, her head buzzing, she had forgotten what to ask!

She snuggled up next to Moori Kogoro obediently: "Kogoro, what shall we eat in the morning?"

"My sushi."

"It looks delicious!"

Seeing Yukiko, who was in the middle of the night, Maori Kogoro secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the old driver had good skills and another crisis was resolved.

Soon Kiko went to the bathroom to wash, and Mouri Kogoro continued to make breakfast.

The four girls in the family got up one after another, and after washing and changing clothes, they all appeared in the dining room.

Xiao Lan just got up from the second floor and said, "Dad, Conan seems to have gone to school. I didn't see him on the second floor."

Conan, who was peeing his pants yesterday, had a shadow in his heart, and he did not dare to face other people, especially Xiaolan.

He woke up early and ran to school by himself without breakfast.

Kogoro Mouri nodded, then brought up the plate full of sushi, and said, "Then let's have breakfast."

As soon as the lid was lifted, the aroma instantly diffused.

The scent of rice, pork, fish, seaweed... are all intertwined, and the population instantly increases.

The four women said at the same time: "I started!"

So he didn't hesitate to start eating sushi.

Mouri Kogoro put his arms on the table and looked at the four women with a smile on his face. He was so beautiful and delicious. That alone made him very satisfied.

Xiaolan in a blue school uniform, Yingli in a purple suit skirt, Xiao Ai in a red shirt and black shorts, and Yukiko in a light yellow dress are perfect scenes.

After breakfast, the four women all sat on the chairs and rubbed their stomachs, looking like they were struggling.

Then Kogoro Mouri brought the prepared tea.

Xiaolan took a sip of tea and said: "You can't always let my father cook in the future. Once you make it, it will taste so good. If you eat it every time, you will definitely get fat if you continue to do this."

Huihara and Yukiko spoke at the same time: "Yes!"

And Fei Yingli said: "Then let me do it next time. I will develop some nutritious and healthy foods that are not fat."

Upon hearing this, everyone's expressions changed, and no one answered her.

Xiaolan and Hui Yuan immediately pulled up their schoolbags and ran out.

Xiaolan also said: "We went to school, Xiao Ai, this time my sister will send you to school, my car skills are very good."

You Xizi also picked up her handbag and went out: "Oh, it's almost time, I should go to the TV station."

"Ms. Yoko met me last time and asked me to be a guest on her food show today. I'm leaving first, Kogoro."

Mouri Kogoro also wanted to leave, but Hideri's clothes were caught.

"What's the matter? What are they doing so fast one by one, don't the food I cook taste good?"

Of course it's not delicious, you can't eat it alone!

However, Kogoro Mori only dared to discuss this in his heart.

He immediately replied: "How is it possible, Yingli, your craft is much better than mine, but Yingli, you want to become the most powerful lawyer in the country, how can you waste time on the trivial matter of cooking."

"It's too much to use!"

Yingli nodded: "Yes, I should go to the office too."

Although she said this, Yingli didn't move at all, and Danfeng looked at Maori Kogoro with eyesight.

Kogoro Mouri was stunned, but he reacted quickly, and chuckled at Hideri's pink lips: "goodbye-kiss!"

Yingli got up with satisfaction and walked outside the door.

Before leaving, she also asked: "Xiaogoro, you have to have a snack for your daughter's sex education, don't let her go wrong!"