Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 996

But he heard a familiar voice on the way.

"Yoohoo, Xiaolan, your driving skills are great. Drive faster, then drive faster."

This is the voice of the garden.

The red Ford Mustang sports car in front was driven by Xiaolan, and the passenger seat was Shiliang Zhenchun.

There are only two seats in the sports car, Yuanzi sits behind and let her go, her schoolbag dancing.

Mouri Kogoro raised his brows lightly, stepped on the accelerator, and ran after him.

The black Lexus is as fast as a roaring behemoth.

Seeing this, other vehicles in front evaded and let this Lexus pass.

Soon, Kogoro Mouri caught up with the red supercar, and the speed of both cars was about 150 miles.

Xiaolan soon saw Moori Kogoro and said in surprise: "Dad, why are you here?"

As soon as Yuanzi heard this, she immediately sat up and pretended to be a lady, but it was too late.

"I was about to go home and knocked you down on the road. Where are you going to drive so fast?"

"The martial arts venue, Dad, let's compare who can get there faster, right?"

After that, Xiao Lan directly stepped on the accelerator of the sports car, the car immediately accelerated and rushed out, and the pointer on the table and inside rushed directly for two hundred steps.

Yuanzi was so frightened that he immediately hugged the seat in front of him.

When Xiaolan drove so fast, Mouri Kogoro was not too worried.

After all, she has practice guidance, and her reaction speed is much faster than that of ordinary people, and a car accident is impossible.

But I can't just be defeated by my daughter, otherwise, where is the dignity of my father?

Kogoro Mouri also stepped on the modified Lexus throttle, and his master driving skills were displayed.

His eyes immediately caught the perfect route from the endless flow of traffic, and he steered the steering wheel to gallop along the flashing route.

Drifting, overtaking, crossing the shoulder, and even driving on the wall and overtaking obliquely, a series of car skills were revealed, and it instantly surpassed Xiaolan's supercar.

Both Shiliang Zhenchun and Yuanzi were stunned.

The car can still be driven like this, this is too beautiful!!!

More than ten minutes later, the Ford Mustang super ran to the outside of the martial arts arena and saw Moori Kogoro standing by the car tilting his head and fiddle with his hair.

The speed is too fast and the hairstyle is messed up.

Seeing the sideways figure in the sunset, the gentle sunlight reflected on that handsome side face.

Shiliang Zhenchun's face flushed.

For the first time, she had a strange feeling about the opposite sex, who was always boyish.

But Yuanzi had already rushed forward with difficulty, his eyes full of idiots.

She put her arms around Kogoro Moori's arm and said, "Uncle, you are so amazing, how can the car drive so fast? I want to take your car and go for a drive with you!"

"It's better for the two of us to drive into the deep mountains and forests, and then..."

Before he finished his words, Xiao Lan stretched out the back collar of Yuanzi's clothes, and was dragged into the martial arts arena.

Yuanzi pulled the neckline around her neck, struggling to speak: "Ahem, Xiaolan, let me go, you are going to strangle me."

Finally, Yuanzi unbuttoned the two buttons on the collar of his school uniform so that he could catch his breath.

Item 0152

Xiaolan took the key and opened the martial arts field. The inside was exactly the same as the one I had seen before, as white and immaculate.

There are regular temporary workers for cleaning and maintenance every day.

Xiaolan said: "Since the last national martial arts conference, I have rarely been here to train, and today I lost to her in the school and Tsukamoto senior sister."

"Tsukamoto-senpai's punch is very powerful, Dad!"

When she said this, Xiao Lan also rubbed Mouri Kogoro's chest with her shoulder, and glanced over with her big eyes, as if it meant something.

Mouri Kogoro didn't dare to teach his daughter a half-step Bengquan.

Xiao Lan is already strong enough, it will be difficult to subdue her no matter how strong she is.

He put his arms around his daughter's soft shoulders, and said, "Xiao Lan, don't compare with Sumei, for Guanglun Karate, Sumei is definitely not better than you."

"Dad only hopes that you can become more gentle in the future, no matter if you don't practice karate, let Dad protect you in the days to come!"

Hearing this, Xiaolan's face was flushed, Qianshou lowered, and softly responded, "Hi!"

Shiliang Zhenchun and Yuanzi on the side immediately felt that the father and daughter were a little strange.

Yuanzi opened his mouth and said, "Well, don't you hurry up to change your martial arts uniforms, you just had a hard time fighting in school."

"I want to know whether Jeet Kune Do or Karate is good!"

Hearing this, Xiao Lan, who was originally gentle and watery, immediately became motivated, and took Shi Liang Zhenchun to the dressing room behind.

As soon as he saw the two of them leaving, the garden leaned over again, put his arm around Kogoro Mouri, and did not hesitate to nudge his little pigeon.

"Uncle, your car drifted so handsome just now, people want to learn it too, can you teach me!"

"Uncle, I'm stupid. I'll sit on you when the time comes. You can teach me how to do it?"

Seeing this scene of a drop of cold sweat oozing out of Kogoro Mori's forehead, Garden is really burdensome and passionate!

If the garden can be normal, maybe Maori Kogoro gritted his teeth and ate it, but this girl is obviously underage and unmanned, and she has made such a slut posture, and she really can't get it off!

Kogoro Mouri didn't answer either, and Garden's voice became sweeter.

Obviously it is a pair of Bs, who are still rubbing against each other. Could it be that the sudden rise will fail.

After finally waiting for Xiaolan and Shiliang Zhenchun to come out, Yuanzi immediately let go of Maori Kogoro's arm, stood up and turned into a serious appearance.

This Nizi didn't want to be choked by Xiaolan again.

Yuanzi asked, "Uncle, do you say that Jeet Kune Do or Karate is good?"