Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 997

Mouri Kogoro said, "There is no great martial arts, there are only great people."

"Different people will produce different effects. Therefore, it is unwise to give Jeet Kune Do and Karate do the best."


Judging by the eyesight of Maori Kogoro's martial arts master, Xiaolan, after her own training, is already far superior to ordinary people, and even Kyogoku Zhen is not her opponent.

This time there should be no suspense in the duel, Xiao Lan alone is enough to beat Shiliang.

But the facts surprised Kogoro Mouri.In the beginning, Xiaolan was at a disadvantage, Shi Liang Zhenchun's repeated attacks had achieved good results, and Jeet Kune Do's enemy machine was first used by Shi Liang.

Mouri Kogoro's eyes condensed, and he saw the clue.

Shiliang Zhenchun's fist should have seen blood, and he has a lot of experience in life-and-death struggles. Once it falls to the wind, the offensive is fierce and even fatal, completely replacing his life with injury.

Naturally, Xiao Lan didn't want to fight life and death, so she kept changing her skills and withdrawing.

Looking at Shi Liang Zhenchun, who was aggressive on the martial arts field, with her firm eyes, it seemed that this girl had suffered a lot, no wonder she was so boyish.

After all, she wants to protect her mother by herself.

The garden underneath couldn't understand it, but felt that the two of them were flying up and down, so wonderful, so they shouted for support.

"Xiao Lan, what are you doing? Get up and beat Bian Shiliang to me so that she wants to steal my man."

This support provokes the two women fighting on the court, and Moori Kogoro on the side can't help but roll his eyes.

However, Yuanzi's refueling was still very effective. After Xiaolan adapted to Shiliang's offensive, relying on her powerful body speed and reaction speed, she quickly brought the situation back.

Not long after, Shiliang Zhenchun had already struggled to defend, and countless fine sweats leaked from his forehead.

Facing Xiaolan's continuous offensive, she gradually lost the strength to fight back, and finally could only speak: "Stop, stop, I surrendered."

"Wow, Xiao Lan, why are you so powerful? You kicked my arm red."

Shi Liang Zhenchun rolled up his sleeves, and his arms turned red.

Xiao Lan apologized embarrassedly: "I'm sorry, I didn't hold back my strength, but I finally had a rival that I could match, so I was a little excited by accident."

Shiliang Zhenchun looked unconvinced: "Although I lose to you, it doesn't mean that Jeet Kune Do is weaker than Karate."

"My Jeet Kune Do was taught by my elder brother, and his fists are more than three times stronger than mine."

Hearing this, Xiao Lan chuckled lightly: "Coincidentally, my father taught me my karate, and his fists are more than three times stronger than mine."

Shiliang Zhenchun turned his head and looked at Kogoro Mouri next to him, with a smile on the corners of his mouth, and whispered softly, "That's it, but that's great!"

"What, Shiliang, what did you say?"

"It's nothing, Xiaolan, your father lends me a bit first, I want to tell him something."

Shiliang Zhenjun stepped off the martial arts arena and ran towards the corner with Moori Kogoro.

Kogoro Mouri pretended to be puzzled: "Shiliang, what's the matter, you don't want to ask me about martial arts, do you?"

Shi Liang Zhenchun shook his head: "No, Maori detective, I want to ask you when you are free and can you go to the Peihu Hotel and meet in my room!"

Behind the two, the garden that sneaked over heard this and instantly exploded, and immediately turned and shouted.

"Xiao Lan, Shiliang wants to invite his uncle to the hotel to open a room!"

Xiaolan's face also changed: "It's a lie!"

"No, I can hear you clearly, it's still a hotel!"

Shi Liang Zhenchun hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Yuanzi, you have a misunderstanding!"

But immediately after Shiliang Zhenchun's face dripped cold sweat, she felt that Xiaolan on the martial arts field was emitting a terrible magic flame.

With this momentum, I'm afraid that you will be killed if you can't survive a round!

Item 0153

After a while, Shiliang Zhenchun and Yuanzi both left the martial arts arena, and the two women did not dare to stay longer.

The blackened Xiaolan is so terrible, if it weren't for Moori Kogoro desperately to stop him, it would not be easy for the two women to run!

As for Shiliang Zhenjun's appointment of Mouri Kogoro to the hotel, after this interruption, it was gone.

On the way home, Shiliang also pulled up his cuff.

The purple cyan on the arm just caused by the fight disappeared, and the two arms returned to the plain white color, and there was no soreness at all.

She was very surprised when she saw this scene. She was very familiar with the kind of injury just now, and she had to rest for at least one night to recover.


It's a pity that Shiliang Zhenchun did not see Moori Kogoro grabbing her hand and using the rejuvenation technique in the chaos.

She wrote down the matter secretly, and didn't think about it anymore.

After saying goodbye to Yuanzi, Shiliang Zhenchun turned around and headed for the Cuphu Hotel.

Yuanzi wrinkled his nose: "Hmph, I won't let you succeed."

After talking about it, the garden is like a rooster in a battle, and walks toward his home arrogantly.

In the martial arts arena, Moori Kogoro hugged Xiao Lan from behind, with his big hands on his chest, still preventing his daughter.

He kept explaining: "Xiao Lan, don't believe Yuanzi. Just now, classmate Shiliang asked his father to go to the hotel on business, not to open the room."


"Dad, I played well."

Xiao Lan turned around and smiled smugly.

"I know that Yuanzi is exaggerating, but if that is not the case, these two cheeky guys will definitely come home with us. They have already said that they will have dinner today."

"So when I pretended to be angry, they all ran away. How about it, Dad, can my acting skills fool my mother."

This girl turned out to be all acting and deceived Mouri Kogoro.

It can't be said to be a lie. It was Kogoro Moori who felt that his daughter would not lie to him, and subconsciously ignored the changes in his face.

Maori Kogoro rubbed Xiaolan's head and chuckled lightly: "Very well, I was fooled by you, and your mother won't say anything more."

Hearing this, Xiaolan smiled triumphantly again. She stretched out and took Moori Kogoro's big hand, and invited: "Dad, we haven't discussed each other very closely. Come on, let's fight!"