Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1000

At this moment, a black shadow flashed past.

The speed is so fast that even Kogoro Moori can't catch it.

He reluctantly followed the wind and ran to the end of the corridor.

A pair of blue eyes appeared at the turn, evil spirits were awe-inspiring, and it was hard to deal with at first glance.

Blue eyes?Black cat?

This is not a good sign!

The black figure slowly stepped out of the darkness. At first, Kogoro Moori thought it was a black cat, but it was a black panther, depending on its size.

When it finally approached, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but breathe in. It was a monster with only three heads, but the eyes of the other two heads were tightly closed.

Facing this weird monster, his hand kept holding his fingerprints underneath, intending to cast a summoning spell.

In fact, what he has trained the most in the past few days is not the rejuvenation technique or the imperial wind technique, but the summoning technique that can summon Fusang. This is the real life-saving skill.

But just as he was about to chant the spell, Qingzi's scream came from underneath.

Maori Kogoro's expression changed, his speed exploded, and he rushed downstairs.

And the three-headed monster didn't stop him, but hid back into the darkness.

When the time was set back a minute or two ago, Qingzi stayed alone in the classroom with a mop in her hand to defend herself.

Her little head looked around warily, and her heart grew more and more frightened.

After she calmed down, she gradually heard the sound of water droplets.

Qingzi felt very strange. It was obviously a classroom and there was no faucet. How could there be the sound of water droplets!

Unless it is, blood!

Her face turned pale, and when she turned her head to look, a black figure flashed through the window. Seeing the outline, it was especially like the dead senior sister Keiko said.

Aoko was so frightened that her upper and lower teeth knocked together. She wanted to call Moori Kogoro, but she was afraid of being discovered by this ghost, so she didn't dare to speak.

But the dark shadow did not leave there, but stood in front of the classroom.

Seeing that shadow, Qingzi's pupils kept shrinking, but knowing that he had nowhere to go, he clenched the mop in his hand, and instead boldly opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw a red cloak standing in front of her. The cloak was as red as blood, and she couldn't see the female ghost's face.

Regardless of this, Qingzi directly took the mop and pulled it up, rightly drawing the female ghost's head.

Then Aoko pushed the female ghost away, and started running desperately, ran directly into the toilet cubicle, locked the door, and then took out her phone to call Kogoro Mori.

She still didn't dare to scream, for fear of being discovered by a female ghost!

Aoko didn't even think that Kogoro Moori could defeat this ghost, and just wanted to send a message to let him escape.

Unfortunately, as soon as Qingzi turned on the phone, the screen just turned on, and a drop of scarlet liquid appeared on the phone screen, dripping from above, still blood!!!

Qingzi raised his head pale, and saw the floating red cloak above the compartment and the ghost claws that were about to be found.

She screamed immediately, then whitened her eyes and passed out into a coma.

This was the scream Moori Kogoro heard.

In less than two seconds, Kogoro Moori rushed from the end of the corridor on the third floor to the stairwell, and rushed to the women's toilet on the second floor following the sound.

He instantly saw the female ghost floating in the air, and the unconscious Qingzi in the compartment.

Condensing the fist with his right hand, half-step collapsed fist ready to go.

He was about to attack, but suddenly found that the red cloak was very familiar, and this dissipated the offensive.

"Kogoro, why are you here?"

Listening to this familiar voice, Kogoro Mouri suspiciously said: "Hongzi?"

"Yes indeed!"

The female ghost landed on the ground, lifted the hat of the red cloak, and a gorgeous face appeared in front of Kogoro Mouri.

It was Koizumi Hongzi, whose forehead was still red!

Mouri Kogoro walked to Hongzi: "I should have guessed that you were right, but Hongzi, why are you pretending to be scary?"

"How can I pretend to be scary? I just heard the movement and flew down from the third floor to take a look."

"It's just that before I said hello to Qingzi, she attacked me directly with a mop. My head hurts, Kogoro, look."

Hongzi reached out and put his arms around Kogoro Mori's arm, and leaned against his proud chest, his mouth full of coquetry.

Kogoro Mouri lifted his small face and looked at it carefully, and it turned out that he was injured.

"It's okay, I'll help you treat it!"

After that, he pinched his handprints and performed the long-term rejuvenation technique in private.

A light green light appeared from the fingertips, and it lightly touched Hongzi's forehead.

Hongzi instantly felt a sense of coolness, and the pain in his forehead disappeared.

Her scarlet eyes were full of splendor: "Kogoro, are you witchcraft?"

Mouri Kogoro nodded: "This is not a place to talk, let's go out first."

He picked up the unconscious Qingzi.

Hongzi said, "Then you follow me to the laboratory on the third floor!"

Mouri Kogoro held Qingzi and walked to the third floor with Hongzi.

He was still asking along the way: "Hongzi, the three-headed monsters I saw on the third floor just now, are they also yours?"

Hearing this, Hongzi immediately became dissatisfied: "What kind of monster, it is obviously very cute, it is my demon pet, Black Ball."

Hongzi blew a whistle, and a black crow flew over, and when it fell on the ground, it changed into the three-headed monster just now, and it made a meow.

Those cat eyes looked at Mouri Kogoro curiously.

Hongzi bent down and rubbed the little head of his demon pet, and said, "Go and eat!"

The monster quickly ran to the stairwell and began to lick the blood on the ground.