Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1004

It's just that his little hands are playing with Moori Kogoro's beard, which is very interesting.

Xiao Lan's body was also lying on his side, and she did not shy away from putting her proud chest on top of Maori Kogoro's chest, with one long leg still hanging on her body, showing a poor sleeping appearance.

Xiao Lan, who was resting on Kogoro Maori's arm, said, "Dad, I want to hear your commission tonight. Are you going to catch ghosts or people?"

"If you catch a ghost, isn't it the same as the ghost you encountered on Mermaid Island last time?

Xiao Lan remembered this. After seeing Fusang, Xiao Lan, who was still a believer in science, completely believed that there were ghosts in this world, and she became more frightened when she heard the legends of ghosts.

Maori Kogoro stroked Xiaolan's soft back with a big hand, and said, "It's really going to catch ghosts. It's a bit like a female high school strange talk. There are monsters and female ghosts..."

Before Mouri Kogoro could continue speaking, Xiaolan shook her body, and covered Moori Kogoro's mouth with her little hand: "Dad, don't tell me, let's sleep!"

Little Loli Huihara sneered: "Coward, there are no ghosts in this world, uncle, let's talk!"

"Don't tell, don't tell, Dad, let's sleep!"


"Did not say!"

The two women were about to quarrel again, so Kogoro Moori reached out his hands and spanked his butts and said, "Sleep!"

The room was quiet in an instant, and the three of them soon fell into sweet dreams.

Early the next morning, it was Huiyuan who woke up first.

Seeing the faintly bright sky, Huihara shook his head, quietly got up and took out the foreign biology book from the bedside table.

Huiyuan was quite hit last night.

My parents are both world-class scientists, and I have inherited their scientific talents, and their biological knowledge reserves are completely world-class.

Last night, Xiaolan was beaten to perfection.

It was completely a failure in the field that Huiyuan was most proud of, how could she accept it.

So little Lolita got up early and worked hard, intending to win back a city by studying hard.

It's just that Hui Yuan didn't know that all of this was in vain. She and Xiao Lanbi who opened up, in the end, the result is obviously easy to see!

Hui Yuan held the biology book and walked quietly into the living room, facing the dawn, and began to flip through the pages with the fragrance of the book.

In the room, only Kogoro Mouri and Koran were still asleep.

After about thirty minutes, Xiao Lan opened her eyes and woke up.

She glanced at the situation in the room, and a sly color appeared in her eyes.

Item 0159

Kogoro Mouri opened his eyes and immediately saw the big beautiful eyes of the little angel.

The little angel's expression is like a hamster that only steals, so cute.

The curvature of the corners of the mouth all touches people's hearts, and those big eyes are still questioning, seeming to ask how the song is singing.

The most touching thing is that she held the microphone in both hands, rubbed it on her cheeks, all her eyebrows were bent, and she smiled warmly at Kogoro Mori.

That scene was too heartwarming, completely powerless to resist.

Mouri Kogoro woke up in an instant, and gently stroked the girl's head with his big hand, and said: "Oh, it's not good again, I didn't listen to what I said yesterday!"

The girl stuck her tongue out and made a grimace, and then the pink lips were printed on the microphone, looking like you and me.

Mouri Kogoro smirked and looked up at the ceiling: She is still too young!

It seemed that she had to find an opportunity to let her know that not only the flowers can bloom red, but also yellow, and they are so cruel!!!

Kogoro Mouri closed his eyes and enjoyed the singing of his little angel.

Her learning ability is still very strong, and her singing voice has greatly improved, and Moori Kogoro can feel the tremor of the vocal cords deep in the throat.

Not bad!Not bad!This singing skill can be ranked first among my own women!

After breakfast, everyone in the family went to school.

It was another day without commission, and Kogoro Mouri, who had nothing to do, had another depraved day.

His continuous dates made up for the women who had been left out by him before, Sayuri, Princess Kako, Honest Doctor...

The scene is constantly changing, whether it is at home, or villa, or hospital, it is really ecstasy and happy.

Fortunately, Maori Kogoro's strength has become much stronger. Even though every woman is waiting for work, they are still cut down by Maori Kogoro, and all of them are surrendered to Maori Kogoro's magical weapons.

At night, Kogoro Maori took a large family and went to Yucheng Liuli for an appointment.

The place where Yucheng Liuli was filming was in a villa at the foot of Mount Fuji.

As soon as Kogoro Mouri arrived in his car, he saw the staff of Nishimichi Radio.

The reasoning skit is also broadcast on the TV station.

When I got out of the car, Yucheng Liuli called.

"Kogoro, have you already arrived?"

"I'm here, what's wrong, Liuli?"

"Can you do me a favor, my car has a flat tire, and it may be late!"

"At the beginning, there was an opening to be recorded. Can you record it for me? I have already told the director, so I can read the line according to the line, please!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro was slightly distressed. He originally planned to watch the show, but he didn't expect to participate in the recording.

When Xiaolan on the side heard this, she hurriedly said: "Dad, you can help. You are so handsome and you have so many fans. You will definitely attract a lot of people to watch. Then there will be a good response, and your classmates will also Thank you for your."

Hearing what his daughter said, Maori Kogoro could only agree, and Yucheng Liuli on the other end of the phone kept thanking him.

The Maori group walked in the direction of the film crew.

Soon, the director of the TV station mustache quickly greeted him.

As soon as he saw Kogoro Moori, he bowed respectfully, then held his big hand with both hands and swayed excitedly: "Detective Moori, I am your loyal reasoning fan. I have many scripts based on your reasoning. of."

"I didn't expect Miss Yucheng to have such a great ability. It's a great honor to invite you. If you can, you might as well take a cameo in my shooting today, how about it?"

Director Mustache is full of expectation.