Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1007

After more than ten minutes, Mouri Kogoro finally got rid of the female fans and came to Xiaolan's side.

He heard his old classmate revealing his own secrets, and the expressions of Xiaolan and Hui Yuan became very strange, so he immediately spoke.

"Xiao Liuli, it's been a long time ago, don't talk about it."

"Let's go, this villa is so big, let's go shopping!"

The group walked out of the shooting restaurant and wandered in the corridor.Along the way, Xiaolan also asked: "Aunt Yucheng, that guy has such a bad character just now, why do you want to work with him?"

Yucheng Liuli sighed: "I don't want it either, but my agency said that this series of short films will be popular on TV, so I must come here to shoot."

"I knew there was a guy who brought money into the team, I would definitely quit."

"And that guy is the son of the owner of a big newspaper in Tokyo. Because there is a newspaper in his family, he is very good at a lot of gossip."

"He just relied on being open-mouthed and constantly releasing some inaccurate and false news to attract attention and to hype himself."

"To be honest, I am also very annoying!"

Xiao Lan nodded and said, "Really a bad person!"

At this moment, the two of them walked to the corner of the corridor and saw that the door with a mirror in the rest room opened, and several staff members came out.

Yucheng Liuli was stunned for a moment, then turned to look out the window, and immediately said: "The starry sky tonight is beautiful, do you want to go out together to see the night scene? The night under Mount Fuji is a great enjoyment!"

One of the female staff members said, "But the shooting will begin in five minutes."

Yucheng Liuli laughed lightly: "It's okay. The director is such a good person. It won't be okay to be late a little bit, and I will cherish the beauty even more when I am nervous!"

"Go for a walk, let's get out!"

She came behind the female staff member and pushed her out.

The group of people did not suspect that he was there, so they all followed out of the villa and into the courtyard.

The environment under Mount Fuji is very good, the weather is also very good, there is no cloud and no fog, looking up, the sky full of stars has a panoramic view.

The stars are shining, but it is a pity that such a beautiful scenery is often overlooked.

At this time, Mouri Kogoro felt that someone was pulling on his clothes.

He lowered his head and saw Little Lori Huihara stretched out her hands and pouted her mouth, looking like she wanted to hug her.

Little Lolita is so cute under the stars.

Mouri Kogoro held up Lori's armpit, held it up, and hugged it in his arms, and then held her butt, which felt great.

Little Lori put her arms around Maori Kogoro's neck with extreme skill, leaning against her arms, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

Kogoro Moori put his cheek on Lori's cheek, and the two looked up at the sky full of stars.

Xiaolan on the side looked at Hui Yuan with jealousy and pouted her mouth. She also wanted to be held in her arms by her father to watch the stars!

Unfortunately, there are too many people around.

Hey!It's really inconvenient to grow up. For a while, Xiao Lan was a little bit envious.

When Conan saw this scene, he kept shaking his head: The world is getting worse, and people's hearts are not ancient!

But Conan doesn't have the romantic cells to appreciate the beautiful star dome. Instead, he turned his head and kept looking at the people around him, muttering quietly: "Where did Miss Yucheng go?"

She had obviously invited everyone out just now, but why did she disappear.

After a few minutes, Mouri Kogoro felt the warmth on his cheeks and couldn't help but chuckle: "Sai, don't steal my uncle!"


The feeling of warmth struck again, and little Lori's cheeks were full of smiles.

This scene was so sweet that Xiao Lan couldn't help but stared at him, but Hui Yuan was full of triumphant expression, and his big eyes glanced at Xiao Lan from time to time, as if showing off: This is my man!

Xiao Lan was about to go up and hug Hui Yuan down.

At this time, a woman's scream appeared, the voice of Yucheng Liuli.

Chapter 0162 Master, just accept me

When everyone heard the voice, their expressions changed greatly, and Conan rushed up first.

Mouri Kogoro gently put down Little Lori, and ran along.

Not long after, everyone came to the room at the corner of the corridor, where the hedgehog male Kazama Ryoki rested.

Yucheng Liuli slumped on the floor, her face pale.

In front of her, Kazama Lianghui had already fallen to the ground, blood shed all over the ground, he had his throat cut.

Kogoro Mouri rushed forward immediately, seeing his pupils dilate, and he was already hopeless.

There was a staff member on the side who wanted to come in, but was blocked by Moori Kogoro: "The man is dead. From now on, no one is allowed to enter this room without my permission."

He reached out and threw the sneaky Conan lying on the ground, and continued to speak: "Xiao Lan, call the police."

Xiaolan nodded, took out her mobile phone and called the police.

At this time, the director and other actors also heard the sound and rushed over.

Nan Yun Shenqing couldn't help but said, "Who is it that would do such a cruel thing?"

The gray-haired Nan Yunxiao replied, "Who knows, this guy has such a smelly mouth and has made so many enemies, it is normal for this kind of thing to happen."

And the short-haired actress Hawara Kasumi said: "It is reasonable to say that the first person to appear at the scene of the crime is very likely to be the murderer!"

Hearing this, Yucheng Liuli panicked: "I didn't kill the person. He fell here when I came in, Kogoro, you have to believe me!"

Her eyes were full of crystal tears, and she looked up at Mouri Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro nodded, and she threw herself into Mouri Kogoro's arms and burst into tears.

Hawara Xia said coldly: "Cry less to cover up your crimes. Everyone is an actor. It's simple to cry, don't pretend!"

The old actor Nan Yunxiao couldn't help but scolded: "Don't talk about it!"

"I'm telling the truth, otherwise, we might even be suspected of being murderers!"

"shut up!"