Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1011

"He finally said this to your dad,'Don't think I don't know, you are dating your little lover, if I tell it, I don't know how much fun it is!'"

"When you heard this, did you think he was talking about your father meeting you? That's why you misunderstood that your father killed someone to protect your reputation. This is why you desperately want to protect him!"

Yucheng Liuli nodded.

"But everything is wrong. In fact, he said this to the other two people present."

Hearing this, Yucheng Liuli's face changed drastically, and her pupils continued to shrink.

A light flashed in Mouri Kogoro's eyes: "Well, what he said was actually to your father and Habara Kasumi. In fact, the people in the private meeting were Nan Yunxiao and Habara Kasumi."

"And Habara Kasumi and Nanyun Shinharu are boy and girl friends. In other words, your father is picking up dust and has a relationship with the future daughter-in-law."

Yucheng Liuli's eyes widened, and her mouth could not be closed for a long time.

"In other words, Kazama Ryuki is right. Hahara Xia is a coquettish woman. Father and son take everything. Once the news is exposed, there will be an uproar in the entertainment industry. It's really a big fun!"

"Therefore, Habara Xia and Nan Yunxiao who understood this were very nervous."

"After that, things were simple. Both wanted to find Kazama Lianghui, Habara Xia secretly prepared the murder weapon, and was the first to attack in the rest room, but collided with Nan Yunxiao who appeared behind."

"Because the two people have a secret and intimate relationship, in desperation, Nan Yunxiao can only help to conceal the evidence, but when he left, he was hit by you. This is the whole process of the incident."

The reasoning was over, the room was silent, and Yucheng Liuli's eyes were full of sluggishness.

Dad is picking up dust, have a private meeting with brother's girlfriend?

She couldn't resist a chill in her heart.

However, after a long time, Yucheng Liuli still didn't believe it. With tears in her eyes, she desperately shook her head and said, "I don't believe it, Kogoro, my father is not like this!"

Mouri Kogoro held her pretty face in both hands, controlled her, and said, "Xiao Liuli, please be more sober."

"Although I said it was cruel, it is actually the truth. Your biological father is not as good as you think."

"Did you know? When he was performing in the troupe, he abandoned his wife and abandoned his daughter because he was next to the daughter of the troupe leader, who is his wife, Nan Yun Shenqing's mother at this moment."

"After that, he became the head of the troupe and took the troupe to perform everywhere."

"But because of poor management, the troupe closed down several years ago, so Nan Yunxiao didn't have a stable job. From a protagonist to an actor who could only run in the theater, until he met you."

"The daughter who was abandoned in the past has now turned into a big beauty, and has become a big star and a big singer, so he burst into tears and begged for your forgiveness, and wanted to rely on you to stand up again."

"Your heart is too soft, and you forgot that he was originally an actor, so it was easy to act in a crying scene, and he was fooled easily."

Kogoro Mori showed the introduction page of Nan Yunxiao in his mobile phone to Yucheng Liuli.

"Xiao Liuli, look at his performance introduction below, is it because the number of performances in the past two years has not been recorded in the previous years."

"I ask you, every time he meets you, does he talk about work, and then start crying miserably, you will introduce him to work."

Upon hearing this, Yucheng Liuli was stunned.

She began to think about it, and it was true, and most of the performance introductions on the mobile phone were made by herself.

In other words, this own biological father is always using himself.

Mouri Kogoro continued to operate his mobile phone, and said, "This is the private database of my father's newspaper in Heijinfengma Ryōki. Look at these photos."

When the phone turned over, Yucheng Liuli saw the picture above.

It was the apartment where Habara Xia lived. The curtain was not closed, and it was photographed through the window.

A series of photos, from the corridor to the room, from kissing to undressing, to applauding on the balcony, the whole process was taken.

This series of photos is flipped down, followed by a series of photos of Habara Kasumi and his son Namun Shinharu.

The father and son shared a woman, and all were secretly photographed.

After reading the photo, Yucheng Liuli couldn't help throwing his phone away, then grabbed Kogoro Moori's waist, pulled him down, buried his head in his arms, and burst into tears.

Chapter 0166: Xiao Lan and Xiao Ai's Combination to Catch Tragedy

Listening to the cry of Yucheng Liuli, she felt that her clothes were getting wet soon.

Mouri Kogoro stroked her hair, he knew why Yucheng Liuli was so sad.

Liuli, who grew up in a single-parent family, actually longed for her father's love, so she was so easily deceived by Nan Yunxiao.

Now that he knows that his biological father has been using himself, and that he is still a pick-up villain, this sense of betrayal is naturally stronger.

She is really sad!

But Kogoro Mori didn't feel that he had done something wrong. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain.

That old guy who picks up dust is not a good thing at first sight. Even if it is Liuli's biological father, he still has to reveal his true face. This is really good for Liuli, otherwise Liuli might be deceived by that old guy in the future. No penny.

Conan outside the door desperately tried to eavesdrop, but the soundproofing effect was so good that he didn't hear anything during the reasoning process.

In the end he just heard a woman crying from the room.

Damn, is it the uncle bullying Aunt Yucheng?

I cried and smoked, what's the matter, no way? Could it be that another woman was dealt with by my uncle!

Conan instantly made up a lot of unhealthy pictures in his mind, and couldn't help but roll his eyes. He didn't want to listen any more, so he turned to the suspect's room.

The Maori Kogoro in the room is still comforting Yucheng Liuli.

After finally waiting for her to stop crying, Mouri Kogoro looked at the red and swollen eyes, then reached out and gently wiped the tear marks on his cheeks.

He spoke softly and said, "Xiao Liuli, although Nan Yunxiao has done something shameless, I thought that he was your father, so I wanted to tell you all these things first."

"I intended to make the two of them surrender themselves, but I would rather leave this decision to you."

"If you really don't want me to say, today's affairs, I will bury them all in my heart as you wish, and keep them silent from now on."

Hearing this, Yucheng Liuli's heart was touched by looking at the gentle eyes in front of him.

The person I have always liked since I was a child, now the well-known great detective, is really willing to conceal the truth for himself, against his professional requirements, against the truth he pursues.

Once discovered, it is the result of ruin.

How could he be willing to pay such a price?

Yucheng Liuli couldn't control herself anymore, and kissed Kogoro Moori, hugging him like a koala.