Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1015

Hui Yuan immediately said, "How can I not talk about hygiene? Nonsense, you slander me."

"Well, well, just treat you as uncle and slander you. Today, my uncle will definitely help you wash it so good."

After that, he took Hui Yuan into the bathroom.

Huibara's icy blue eyes glared at Kogoro Mouri with the affection of an adult, and then a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

She was quite content with her charm in her heart.

Not long after, two bodies, one large and one small, appeared in the bathtub in the bathroom.

Huihara's body was covered with bubbles, and Mouri Kogoro kept taking a bath for the cute little Lori.

The intensity is appropriate and the technique is superb, which makes Hui Yuan scream comfortably from time to time.

Soon, Kogoro Maori rubbed his whole body clean, white and tender, so that people could not help but want to kiss him and kiss his whole body.

After the shower, it is the usual experiment.

When it comes to experiments, Little Lori Huiyuan has a great scientific spirit, put down the ice cream in her hand, and took the initiative to carry out the experiment.

At night, the overworked Huiyuan fell asleep early.

Xiao Lan took a bath by herself, but she was quite jealous of the close relationship between her father and Hui Yuan.

Really, which one is father's real daughter!

Although Xiaolan had resentment, this resentment came and went quickly.

After taking a bath, she changed into her pajamas, followed into the room and rested together.

The next day, Thursday morning, the rest of the three people in the family went to school, and only Kogoro Mori was left looking through the information in the office on the second floor.

Tonight, he is going to take Shang Shi Liang Zhenchun to the appointment at dusk.

The twilight annex, half a century ago, was owned by the wealthy Karasuma Renya.

He was 99 years old and died 40 years ago.

If he were alive now, Karasuma Renye would be a 140-year-old monster.

The totem of the Karasuma family is the crow, which is very similar to the dark organization.

According to the memory of Kogoro Moori's previous life, it seems that some people have said that Karasuma Renya is the founder of the dark organization, that is, the boss behind the dark organization.

It's a pity that Conan in the previous life hasn't finished writing, and whether he is the boss behind the scenes is unclear.

However, according to the information discovered by Kogoro Moori, after the fight with Bell Mod, and the information he obtained from Itakura Taku's Villa, he has faintly revealed who the boss of the organization is.

Now that he is going to the twilight annex, Mouri Kogoro is also quite curious.

Although he didn't think that this trip would be very rewarding, he was also quite cautious about this, and he also found information about the tragedy 40 years ago through various means.

The tragedy that was secretly spread in the upper class 40 years ago occurred in the twilight annex.

At that time, it was a memorial auction held after Karasuma Renya's death. The auction items were artworks collected by Karasuma Renya, and the invitations were all high-class Japanese figures.

The auction lasted for a total of three days, but in the middle, two travelers emerged from the storm and came to the annex to shelter from the rain.

Originally, the person in charge of the annex was not willing to let them in, but they gave the person in charge a cannabis, and the person in charge at the time was suddenly confused.

After the two travelers entered the annex, they kept bewitching the upper-class people present to smoke drugs, causing them to hallucinate.

Afterwards, the auctioneers who fell into the psychedelic situation started to kill each other continuously, and the annex was suddenly bloody.

In the end, the chaos stopped. Only eight of the dozens of people survived, and more than a dozen were in a coma. The antiques from this auction and the two travelers disappeared.

Afterwards, the survivors of the twilight annex seemed to reach a consensus, and they did not say this after leaving.

And because they are members of the upper class, they used all kinds of energy to suppress this matter. The ordinary people didn't even know it. Only a few people had heard of it.

This is the information that Kogoro Mouri used his own forces to find. It is old and there are no extra clues.

He flipped through the documents, tapped his fingers on the desk lightly, and fell into thought.

At this time, there was a knock on the office door.

Immediately after the door was pushed open, it was Yucheng Liuli, an old classmate who came.

Yucheng Liuli wore a black and white tulle dress, with a snow-white jade neck exposed and a gorgeous hat. The whole person felt like a pretty British lady, extremely delicate.

"I didn't disturb you, Kogoro!"

"Xiao Liuli, why are you here?"

"Can't I come to you if I have nothing to tell you about the old? Why are you so unkind!"

Yucheng Liuli wrinkled Qiong's nose, seemingly dissatisfied with Moori Kogoro's attitude, after all, both of them were like that last night.

"I thank you for the case last night, and Nan Yunxiao has bothered me all day and kept talking about finding a lawyer for Hawonxia."

"No, there is no way, I can only come and find Yingli with you!"

Item 0170

Kogoro Maori raised his eyebrows slightly. It is obvious that Yucheng Liuli has a good relationship with Yingli. If you want to find a lawyer, you can directly find Yingli. Why are you here?

Drunkard doesn’t mean wine!

Yucheng Liuli took off his hat and put it on the table.

She came to the back of the desk, leaned over, pretending to be curious: "Kogoro, are you looking at any new cases?"

Perceiving the softness of the shoulders, passing the blue silk across the neck, and smelling the soft scent of the big star, a weird smile appeared on the corner of Kogoro's mouth.

"Well, it was a tragedy that happened more than 40 years ago. The language is unclear, and the prosecution period has passed. Now it can only serve as a reference."

"Let me see, I see!"

In fact, Yucheng Liuli didn't want to understand the so-called case, she just wanted to stay close to Moori Kogoro for a while.

However, Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly and put the information together: "You are not a detective, why do you know so much?"

He put the materials away and put them in the cabinet, then got up and said, "Let's go, I will take you to see Yingli!"

"Don't worry about it."