Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1018

Xiaolan in the back seat looked at the sky outside and couldn't help but feel a little worried.

After more than an hour, Lexus was driving on the winding mountain road, and the so-called twilight castle was on the cliff on the right.

Shi Liang Zhenchun said, "Wow, that twilight pavilion looks really weird, it looks like a vampire castle!"

Mouri Kogoro glanced at the castle on the cliff, which was lower than Hongzi's castle.

But Xiaolan didn't think so, instead, she said with a worried expression: "Dad, what if we don't go and meet a vampire again?"

Shi Liang Zhenchun's voice was low and deep: "How can there be ghosts in this world, at best, it's just the old demon in the mountain village." She made a grimace.

Xiao Lan immediately screamed and pushed Shi Liang Zhenchun away in fear, but Shi Liang Zhenchun laughed proudly: "Sure enough, Yuanzi is right. Xiao Lan is most afraid of ghosts. I have mastered your weakness. ."

"I will definitely win the next competition."

This guy still misses the loss to Xiaolan in the previous contest.

Item 0172

At this moment, in the middle of the mountain road illuminated by the car's headlights, an old lady with an umbrella suddenly appeared.

Mouri Kogoro immediately stepped on the brakes, and the car stopped in front of the old lady.

Such an old face suddenly appeared in the gloomy rainy mountain road, and it was really unspeakable weird.

Xiaolan's pupils contracted, Shi Liang Zhenchun couldn't help but yelled, "Isn't it really the old demon in the mountain?"

"Child, it is very rude to say that an old man!"

Kogoro Mouri recognized her and said, "This is not an ordinary old woman. Although she is a bit older, she is also a detective. Are you right, Ms. Chima Kanyo."

Chima Yudai raised his eyebrows slightly: "I didn't expect the Maori detective to remember me as a bad old lady. It's an honor!"

Shiliang Zhenchun looked suspicious: "What? You are the famous easy chair detective. Just sitting on the chair and knitting a sweater, listening to the TV station or others can find out the real murderer."

Chima Kanyo chuckled lightly: "I didn't expect such a small girl to recognize me, it's surprising."

Shiliang Zhenchun touched his head: "Because I am also a detective, although I haven't solved too many cases, I have paid attention to my fellow detectives, so I know."

"Oh, female high school detective, rare."

"Good eyesight, I can tell at a glance that I am a woman."

Chima Yudai couldn't help but laugh out loud: "Old woman, I am not that old and dim-eyed. Although I don't have any breasts, your feminine characteristics are still obvious."

Shiliang Zhenchun immediately said, "Although the chest is still flat, it will definitely increase explosively in the near future."

Conan rolled his eyes and said, "Old lady, why are you standing in the middle of the road?"

Sengengami pointed to the car next to him, and said, "You have all seen, my baby car Firth just couldn't start. I can only stand on the side of the road and try my luck. I met a kind person and took me a ride."

"Maori detective, I believe your destination is also the twilight annex."

Kogoro Mouri nodded: "No problem, you can get in the car, do you need me to help carry your luggage?"

"Hehe, he is a gentleman, thank you very much."

Chima Jiandai took the umbrella and got on the car. Kogoro Mouri helped her carry the luggage and restarted the car.

The car continued towards the twilight pavilion.

Thousands of descendants kept flipping through books along the way.

However, because of her presence, both Xiaolan and Shiliang Zhenchun sitting in the back seat became a little bit cautious, and they didn't speak anymore. The inside of the car was rather dull.

Chima Kanyo took the initiative to speak: "Mori detective, are you dragging your family to take part in the outing? So many people!"

"No way, my daughter is very clingy to me, and can't do without me for a moment. This kid is very headstrong, and if he doesn't bring it together, he may turn the house over."

Shi Liang Zhenchun rushed to talk: "As for me, I want to follow the Maori detective to meet the world."

Chima Kanyo closed the book in his hand and raised his brow slightly: "Oh, Maori detective, are you not afraid of any danger in this trip?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "At most it is a smelly mouse hiding in the dark. What's the danger? You can trample it to death with one foot. Are you right, Ms. Qianjian."

Chima Yudai lifted his glasses, and chuckled lightly: "Sure enough, he is the god of detectives, he is indeed very confident!"

She picked up the book again and looked through it.Soon, the car arrived at the bifurcation, turning left to the twilight pavilion, and turning right to Daoxiang Village.

Lexus turned left, passed a narrow wooden bridge, and came to the twilight pavilion on the cliff.

There was already a car parked nearby, and everyone got out of the car under umbrellas.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but said: "There are so many luxury cars here, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari."

Conan saw the last car and couldn't help but rushed up: "Wow, this is Romeo, it's so cool."

"Boy, don't touch my woman, okay? It took me five years for this fierce woman!"

A man got out of the car and held up a purple umbrella.

He is wearing a green suit, a black top hat, a blue tie on an orange shirt, and black leather shoes. He is also a detective named Haruka Mogi.

"Other men are good at touching him, she can't bear her temper, kid."

Conan released his hand, Xiao Lan couldn't help but asked softly: "Shiliang, do you know this?"

"The car is like a life detective, Haruka Mogi, seems to be mostly active abroad, the last time I heard the news was in Italy!"

Chima Kanyo said, "My brother Motegi, your body is okay. I remember that you were sniped by the Mafia last week. Why are you returning now?"

"Sister Qianjian, you are here too, you said that it is too long, I can't remember."

Mogi Haruka turned his head and looked at Kogoro Mouri: "However, I saw your news when I was abroad, the last guardian in the setting sun, Moori detective."

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly and didn't say much.

Everyone walked along the stairs to the annex.

Senma Kanyo and Mogi Haruka are constantly chatting.

"Brother Motegi, I remember you will be forty years old in three days, haven't you married a wife and had children?"

"I live in such a dangerous life. How can a woman want to follow me? No one knows what's going on. Now I just want to find something to fill my five internal organs."

I have to say that this annex has a certain age, and it can be seen from the creeping tiger on the wall and the weathered appearance.