Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1020

The maid wanted to invite everyone to rest in the meeting room on the first floor, but everyone refused.

People such as Haruka Mogi and Shinsumi Shiliang showed excitement.

It doesn't matter after taking a break or something, such a weird pavilion doesn't have to be explored.

Soon everyone separated and started investigating along the annex of Nuo University.

Several people go to the left corridor, a few people go to the right corridor, and a few people go straight upstairs.

At the end of the gate, only Moori Kogoro and Xiaolan remained moaning, and Gundam Ikumi who looked at the father and daughter with weird faces.

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Xiaolan couldn't help but said: "Dad, I always feel weird here, there won't be real ghosts, or let's go back!"

Mouri Kogoro rubbed Xiaolan's head: "I've come here, and besides so many detectives, Dad will not make people laugh when I go back with you."

"Don't worry, there are no ghosts."

Gun Tian Yumei faintly said: "Maybe the unjust souls who died in vain 40 years ago are still floating in this annex!"

Hearing this, Xiaolan couldn't help shaking again.

Kogoro Mouri said, "Miss Gunda, don't say this to my daughter."

Guntian Yumi chuckled: "I really can't see that the relationship between your father and daughter is really good, it's really enviable, and they all look like a couple."

Gunda Yumi smiled like a fox when she said this.

Xiao Lan couldn't help frowning.

But Kogoro Mori said with a calm face: "Miss Gunda didn't follow them to investigate, why are we here to see our father and daughter?"

"I've already explored it before, but unfortunately I didn't find anything. Now I naturally want to act with the Maori detective."

"After all, a Maori detective is a figure known as the god of detectives. I shouldn't mind this little girl watching me."

Hearing this, Xiao Lan's big eyes showed a trace of hostility. Why did this woman approach her father inexplicably?

Kogoro Mori shrugged, naturally feeling okay.

He took Xiaolan and walked forward, Qiang Tian Yumei following him.

The three of them walked through the hall, past the back, and came to the atrium.

The atrium has long been dilapidated, and no one is taking care of it. Although there is no weeds overgrown, it is still the same.

There is also a sculpture in the center, but after more than 40 years of exposure to the sun and rain, it is completely indistinguishable today.

Kogoro Mouri took everything he saw to his heart. The three of them crossed the atrium and came to the back door. He didn't get out of the back door either. He stood for a moment and took Xiaolan back with him.

At this point, his investigation was over, and Gunda Ikumi who followed him couldn't help but look surprised.

This is the end of the investigation???

This great detective's behavior is really unexpected, she couldn't help but feel curious when she looked at Mouri Kogoro.

Then the three of them returned to the meeting room on the first floor first, and the other detectives were still searching.

Back in the living room, Gunda Yumi took off the white coat, which could not help but shine.

Inside is a purple cheongsam, wearing a string of pearl necklaces, to make it bright and extraordinary, especially the cheongsam slit to the thighs, the white legs are very attractive.

The posture is graceful, forward and backward, well-proportioned and feminine, and the whole person exudes a noble temperament. When he sits down and holds his face, he feels a little lazy.

Smooth fingers touched the table lightly, her beautiful eyes narrowed, as if thinking.

At this time, Xiaolan wanted to go to the bathroom, so she let go of her father's hand and left the living room.

Only Kogoro Mouri and Ikumi Gunda were left in the living room.

Guntian Yumi couldn't help but said, "Maori detective, aren't you curious about the tragedy 40 years ago?"

"Why should you be curious? The prosecution period has already passed. What's the point of further investigation."

"On the contrary, I'm very curious about Miss Gundam. How come you, such a beauty, come to meddle these cases."

Gunda Yumi covered her mouth and chuckled lightly: "Maori detective, although I would be very happy if you said that, are you not afraid that your daughter will be jealous?"

"If I guessed correctly, your daughter should be the legendary'father control', right?"

"Don't be surprised, it's just that my last client was also a so-called'father-controlled' patient. Her attitude towards her father is almost the same as your daughter's just now. I just noticed it."

"But it is also. It is quite normal for such a young and handsome father to have some problems with her daughter who is inadvertently influenced by anime."

Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows: "Can I take this as a compliment to me?"

"of course!"

Kogoro Mouri looked a little more serious: "As expected, she is the most prestigious female detective in Tokyo. She is really amazing."

He inspected Gunfield Ikumi, and then spoke.

"Miss Qiangtian, although you are very feminine at the moment, but in your bones you hope that others will not regard yourself as a woman, and you should dress like a man in private. I guess you haven't had a boyfriend yet!"

"Wearing this way now I just hope that I can rely on the status of a beautiful woman for convenience when handling cases. I am a genuine pragmatist."

Guntian Yumi's eyes narrowed slightly: "Oh, wouldn't it be too rude for a Maori detective to say this to a woman who met for the first time?"

"No, since the other party has said that my daughter is'father-controlled', you can't expect that father to remain sensible!"

Kogoro Mouri glanced at his right shoulder and continued: "Although he is a person with a sense of justice and exploration spirit, he is very unruly in his actions."

"I think you used to fight with other boys when you were a kid, but you haven't gotten home yet. You were kicked and injured by the gangster when you last commissioned it!"

Guntian Yumi immediately stretched out her hand to cover her right shoulder, nodded in praise: "Awesome!"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and continued: "This sense of justice should be inherited from his father who was a criminal policeman, but not only the sense of justice, but also the marksmanship and informality."

"Miss Qiangtian, you should be very sloppy, the living alone apartment environment is terrible."

Maori Kogoro leaned forward and took a deep breath: "Otherwise, you will definitely find a faint musty smell on your custom cheongsam bought from China."

As soon as I heard this, Gunda's pretty face instantly went red, and she immediately retorted: "Nonsense, it was just that I was entrusted to go to Osaka for a long time. I only returned to Tokyo yesterday, so I have to come here. Time to clean up."

This is of course sophistry.