Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1023

"The treasure I have spent many years finding is that I must get my life."

At this time, explosions sounded one after another, and everyone couldn't help but look sideways.

Dashang Zhushan stood up all at once: "What was that sound just now?"

The man in the cloak opened his mouth and said: "There is nothing to be surprised about, but it's blocking your way."

"In the past, you were chasing me. Now we should switch our positions. The suspension bridge that you drove up just now was all blown up by me."

"Of course there is no telephone or signal base here, and it is impossible to call for help."

"So if you don't help me solve the mystery of the treasure, you can only stay with me in this annex."

"On the contrary, if I can solve the answer to this explosion, I will not only tell you another way out, but also share half of the treasure with you. This is the rule of the game!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro chuckled and got up directly behind the man in the cloak.

"Pretend to be a fool!"

Having said this, he immediately opened the cloak.

A dummy with a loudspeaker appeared in front of everyone.

Motegi Haruka said with a rather ugly face, "So this guy has been watching us by the side."

Guntian Yumi chuckled, "Of course, the countless cameras in the annex have already explained the problem."

Shi Liang Zhenchun couldn't help but said, "As expected of a thief, his handwriting is really big!"

Chima Kanyo's glasses lifted slightly: "Child, do you know who invited us?"

Obviously it was Kogoro Moori who unlocked the secret signal, but Shiliang Zhenchun pretended to be forced: "Of course, the name of the signature can be seen at a glance. It is a trick to lie to children!"

When she said that, everyone present suddenly felt quite embarrassed.

The person who designed the layout of this code was quite comfortable at first, and it was not good for him to hear this.

The faces of the other detectives who struggled with their brains to unlock the signal were also quite ugly, including Haruka Mogi and Ikumi Gunda.

Guntian Yumi chuckled and asked, "Student Shiliang, who did you invite us to?"

Shi Liang really wanted to speak, but Xiaolan preemptively said, "It's Kaid, the thief!"

Xiaolan smiled triumphantly: "My father looked at the inscription and knew who it was. Shiliang just heard it next to him, so he knew."

The demolished Shiliang Zhenchun looked at Xiaolan of Hyun's father with a speechless expression: Really, let me say what will happen?

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri said, "Wrong, the inviter is not Kidd."

When everyone turned their heads, they saw Moori Kogoro pulling out the dummy's head.

Suddenly someone's face changed slightly in the restaurant.

However, Guntian Yumi asked with a puzzled look: "Maori detective, you said that the inviter was not Kaito Kidd, who is that?"

"Of course it was someone who borrowed Kidd's name, but the worst thing he did was to invite me here. It's stupid!"

Item 0177

Kogoro Mori shook the dummy's head, took out the tape recorder and timing device inside that head, and said calmly, "I thought there was any great skill. It turned out to be a trick."

"At first, people thought they were dummies with loudspeakers, and thought that someone was spying on us in secret."

"It's actually a timer tape recorder, which means that the person who invited us here may be hiding among us."

"Really a clumsy technique!"

"Hey, why didn't he know that Kidd had been taught me a lesson on the flying boat to Osaka the other day."

"If it wasn't for someone to save him, he would have to stay in the Osaka prison now. How could that kid have the guts to invite me here."

"So, the person who invited us to come under the guise of his name didn't investigate clearly first, and acted recklessly like this. It was as stupid as a dead pig!"

Hearing this, a ray of cold light flashed through the eyes of someone in the restaurant.

Kogoro Mouri picked up the fork directly and violently turned the tape in the tape recorder.

The tape recorder skipped most of the blank and immediately began to say: "The original owner of this twilight pavilion was a rich man half a century ago, Karasuma Renya."

"The handrails, stairs, walls, tables, chairs, and various amusement facilities in the annex are all specially customized by him. There is the family crest of the Karasuma family, crow!"

"But this has become history. Forty years ago, there was a terrible tragedy. I believe that when the detectives came in, they found a lot of blood stained in this annex..."

What the tape recorder said next was exactly the same as what Kogoro Mori got through his previous investigation, without any new clues.

[It was also an auction memorial service lasting three days. The next day's heavy rain visitors brought drugs, and then everyone in the annex began to kill each other.

Some men ran around holding treasures, some women kept crying, and others kept poking their palms with pens.

As everyone listened to the tape recorder retelling the tragedy 40 years ago, they gradually became a little fascinated.

Zhu Shan was biting his thumb and nail with a look of contemplation.

But Xiaolan's face was rather ugly. She was a little awkward in her heart when she stayed in the gloomy hall where there used to be so many dead people, and her body was a little chilly.

At the end, the recorder began to play the secret signal of the treasure hunt.

"The night is rushing, the two travelers are looking up at the sky at night,

The devil finally came to the castle,

The king took Bao and escaped,

The princess wept down the Holy Grail and prayed for mercy,

Soldiers swung their swords, and the ground changed color."

After hearing this signal, everyone fell into contemplation again.

The tape recorder continued without others saying: "Of course, none of you want to quit this game, because you are all confused by my deadly magic."

"Now only need to wait for the person who utters the first scream, this trembling game of cannibalism will truly kick off!"

Maori Kogoro vomited: "It's really stupid. You're addicted to pretending Kidd, and it's deadly magic!"

At this time, there was a knock on the door, and the maid came in pushing tonight's dinner.

The old lady Qianjian descended to the next generation and said: "Even if you want to find the treasure, you have to eat first. It's really a crime not to let the elderly eat!"