Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1024

Hearing this, the big fat man Zhu Shan agreed and said: "Yes, after having been in trouble for so long, let's eat first. My stomach is also groaning with hunger." Moori Kogoro chuckled: " Wait a minute, I don't want to spend time with you, nor do I want to eat in such a place."

"Xiaolan, Shiliang, Conan, get ready, we should go now."

Hearing this, Xiaolan, Shiliang and others all got up and came to Moori Kogoro.

The others couldn't help standing up, Da Shang Zhushan sternly said: "Maori detective, what do you mean? Didn't the recording just say that the car and the wooden bridge were blown up? How did you go?"

Mouri Kogoro wanted to call Guntian Yumi again, but he smelled the faint and weird smell from Xiao Lan. He sniffed, and immediately said: "Lan, take out the handkerchief in your arms. !"

Xiaolan obediently took out the handkerchief and handed it to Mouri Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro instantly smelled a faint bitter almond smell, which is potassium cyanide!

As soon as he smelled this smell, he immediately had some signs of poisoning, and he cast a healing technique on himself to get rid of the signs of poisoning.

He threw the handkerchief to the ground, then turned around with a serious face and looked at everyone.

The momentum of Mouri Kogoro at this moment is quite different from before.

I was just a kind and spitting uncle, but now he has become a demon-like character, and the air temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees!

His eyes were cold and frightening, the martial arts master's aura broke out completely, and no one in the audience dared to speak against his gaze.

Conan couldn't help but shed cold sweat on his forehead: This momentum, uncle, he is serious!

However, Shiliang Zhenchun looked at Mouri Kogoro's profile, but his heart became more excited.

Mouri Kogoro burst into a sudden violent, and kicked directly on the belly of the fat man.

His body flew high and landed heavily on the wall, and the wall was directly cracked.


Shi Liang Zhenchun couldn't help but widened his eyes wide, and was amazed in his heart. How powerful, is this the real Maori detective?

Gunda Yumi opened her mouth, and she knew that Kogoro Mouri had just done something to her, but she didn't even use half of her skill.

But the other detectives stood up in horror and asked: "Maori detective, what are you doing?"

Mouri Kogoro said, "I didn't want to play this treasure hunt game with you, but you want to attack my daughter recklessly."

"Bitter almond smell, this handkerchief is potassium cyanide, I keep calling for us to eat, just to let my daughter wipe her mouth with a handkerchief after eating, so as to poison her!"

Upon hearing this, Xiao Lan also looked horrified.

Kogoro Mouri continued: "You want to kill my relatives and arouse my fighting spirit, so that you can help you solve the mystery of this treasure. You are really brave!"

"A stupid pig like you, no one knows that there are smart people in the world. With such a stupid method, it really is a pig's head."

Dashang Zhushan vomited blood, which seemed to be mixed with internal organ fragments.

He struggled and said, "Maori detective, you slander me, this is not my job."

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly, but everyone felt cold all over.

"Detective Dashang, I remember when the explosion sounded just now, you said,'What was that sound just now?'"

"After that, this tape recorder will answer you,'No surprises, it's just blocking your way.'"

"I want to know how you learned to communicate with recorded tapes!"

Hearing this, everyone also reacted, and couldn't help looking suspiciously at Dashang's good wishes.

Item 0178

"This question and answer is so fluent, naturally people who know what the recording will say next can talk to it."

"This kind of behavior can only be done by the layman, and I also want to deliberately create the appearance of someone secretly watching in the annex. You exposed, the detective!"

"I guess your next step is to feign death and get out, but unfortunately I have no interest in playing these games with you."

Qianjian Jiandai was full of disbelief, and slowly walked over: "Dashang, you really invited us here?"

At this time, Osami Zhushan suddenly violent, hounded Qianjian descendant, aimed his right hand pistol at the old lady's head, and shouted ferociously: "Don't come here, or I will kill her with one shot!"

When everyone saw this pistol, their faces were awe-inspiring, but Kogoro Moori was still calm.

Detective White Horse said: "Detective Dashang, don't do stupid things!"

Da Shang Zhushan roared: "I just want to know where the treasures of the other museum are. As long as you help me find them out, I will let you go."

"If I can't find it, I will kill this old guy first, and then shoot you to death!"

"Keep away from me. I will wait for you in the central tower of the atrium. If you find the answer, come and find me. Otherwise, you will wait to collect the corpses for a thousand detectives!"

Zhu Shan, the big fat man, struggled to get up, wanting to hold Qianjian Jiangdai and leave.


Xiao Lan looked nervous, and her little hand scribbled on the back of Moori Kogoro, wanting her father to cooperate with her to save people.

But Kogoro Moori held Xiaolan's little hand and chuckled lightly: "Why go to the central tower? Don't you just want to know where the treasure is? I already know!"

Hearing this, everyone suddenly looked shocked.

They all pretend to be detectives, and they have super intelligence, but they haven't even had a clue when facing the treasure of Karasuma Renye.

But Kogoro Mouri said that he had solved the code, it was incredible!

This is too fast, it won't be that he knew the answer just when he heard the code.

Shiliang Zhenchun couldn't help but open her mouth, and a strange color appeared in Gunda Ikumi's gaze toward Kogoro Mouri.

Conan patted his head, and he knew this would be the case.

Dashang Zhushan suddenly looked crazy: "Say, tell me quickly, or I will kill her!"

He also pushed his gun to the forehead of a thousand descendants.

Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows: "Are you interesting in acting here? Even if I don't say anything, would you dare to kill?"

Hearing this, everyone present was a little confused, Gunda Yumi couldn't help asking: "Maori detective, what do you mean?"

"I've made it so obvious, you still don't understand, these two are accomplices!"

"When we arrived at the annex, we saw that there were already a few cars parked, Porsche, Ferrari, Atromeo, and Bentley."