Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1031

The girl looked puzzled and said: "Don't you sleep with Xiao Ai?"

"It's too late, it will bother me, and I want to be alone with you tonight."

Upon hearing this, the girl smiled and kissed Kogoro Mouri again.

After turning off the lights and entering the house, everything in the Maori family was calm again.

After a long time!

'Squeak!'The sound, the door in the middle room opened.

A small figure walked out, walking barefoot on the floor.

Those icy blue eyes looked at the room beside them, and didn't know what they were thinking.

But soon, this little figure retreated into the room, and everything seemed to be calm again.

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Xiao Lan, who returned to the room, still refused to sleep peacefully, like a little girl with ADHD.

Sometimes he turned to the left, sometimes to the right, and sometimes rubbed his head against Kogoro Mori's chest, and didn't sleep.

Mouri Kogoro closed his eyes, with a smile on his lips, quietly enjoying the noise of his daughter.

In the end, Xiaolan lay on Maori Kogoro, her soft chest pressed against her abdomen, and her chin resting on her chest muscles. She whispered, "Dad, are you asleep?"


Hearing the response, Xiao Lan immediately got up, turned on the light, and the room suddenly became bright.

She leaned back on Mouri Kogoro again.

"Dad, I can't sleep!"

Kogoro Mouri rubbed Xiaolan's head with a big hand: "It's so late now, it's time to rest, or else I'll lose energy in class tomorrow."

Xiao Lan pursed her mouth and spoke coquettishly: "It hurts, I can't sleep!"

Kogoro Mouri opened his eyes and chuckled lightly: "You girl, you were so brave just now, and you said you want to endure the pain yourself, now you can't stand it!"

"Just remember it for a while, why have to endure it for so long!"

Maori Kogoro patted Xiaolan's buttocks and said, "Okay, I'll take a look at the injury first, and then I will treat you!"

Xiao Lan got up cooperatively and exposed the wound.

Mouri Kogoro opened the wound and observed it carefully.

It was red, swollen and bloodshot, and it looked a little miserable.

This can't be blamed on Mouri Kogoro, he wanted to stop at first, but Xiaolan still bravely behind and grabbed the initiative to make it look like this.

The fingertips gently touched the wound, Xiao Lan's body immediately trembled.

In the end, there were some bloodshot eyes in the fingertips, and Moori Kogoro's eyes were full of regret.

He pinched the seal with both hands, and the witchcraft-rejuvenation was performed.

Soon, a faint green light appeared on Maori Kogoro's sword fingers, and the spirits of plants and trees gathered in it, but Xiaolan couldn't see it.

He slowly pushed the sword finger into Xiaolan's injured area, Xiaolan's body trembles slightly, her mouth opened, and she kept panting.

The rejuvenation plant spirit poured into the injured area to repair its injury.

Xiao Lan only felt that her father's fingers were getting hotter and hotter, and the pain continued to disappear. Finally, she couldn't help but groan comfortably: "Chimo Chicken!"

After five minutes, the injury healed, the redness and swelling disappeared, and everything returned to its original perfect appearance.

Kogoro Mori slowly retracted his sword fingers.

Xiao Lan let out a long sigh, then threw Moori Kogoro down, kissed him, and said shyly, "I like Dad the most!"

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Dad also loves Xiaolan!"

He stretched his arm around his daughter's waist and patted her ass again: "Alright, lie down, it's time to rest!"

With a big wave of his hand, there seemed to be a sound of breaking wind, hitting the light switch, and the room fell into darkness.

Xiao Lan lifted the quilt, put it on herself and her father, closed her eyes, smelled the peace of mind, and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, just before dawn, Mouri Kogoro and Xiaolan were still asleep, and there was an unexpected guest in the room, the little Lori Huihara who woke up early.

Hui Yuan sneakily opened Xiao Lan's door and sneaked in.

She tiptoed close to the big bed, turned over gently, and frowned when she saw the two on the bed.

This intimate sleeping position is obviously more like a couple than a father and daughter.

Mouri Kogoro and Xiaolan were so tired that they just lay down for more than three hours and naturally couldn't wake up.

The main reason is that these two have never thought about guarding against Huibara. If they were replaced by others, he would have discovered them before they were within ten meters of Kogoro Mouri.

Huihara gently lifted the thin quilt covering the two of them, and his pupils couldn't help but shrink slightly when he saw the scene inside.Cut, what did you think it was, it was just a man's normal reaction, which shocked me!

There was nothing unusual under the quilt, Hui Yuan put it down gently, and turned to look at Xiaolan who was sleeping.

Her saliva flowed onto Mouri Kogoro's pajamas.

Little Lori was suddenly full of resentment: the damn big milk Lan, the damn father-in-law, even grabbed my uncle from me!

Looking at the cheeks of the two, Hui Yuan was a little confused, and she still couldn't easily judge.

After thinking about it for a long time, it only increased my troubles.

Little Lori rubbed her head and got into the bed.

She crawled gently between the two of them, separating Kogoro Moori and Xiaolan.

Even so, they didn't wake up the two sleeping soundly.

It's just that Xiaolan in his sleep did not perceive Moori Kogoro's body, and Xiaoshou explored unconsciously.

Little Lori blankly watched this hand groping on her face.

This little hand quickly crossed Haibara and touched Mouri Kogoro's chest.