Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1038

The bulging chest hit Maori Kogoro's thigh heavily, and it was really predictable. Fortunately, with this cushion, she would not fall too painful.

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly, and put his hands underneath, one hand through his shoulder, and the other through his stomach, applying a little force.

The beautiful detective turned over in the airspace, and after falling again, she lay all over Moori Kogoro's arms, and her high heels also stepped heavily on the floor.

Gunda Yumi struggled to get up, but was caught by Kogoro Moori's hands.

She immediately whispered in panic: "I warn you, this is at Reiko's house, don't mess around!"

Kogoro Mouri stretched out his messy hair and chuckled softly, "Does that mean you can mess around without Reiko's house?"

"Nor, let me go, or I will call you, you will be dead when Reiko comes out!"

This woman was really naive, thinking that Reiko would be able to save her when she came out.

A touch of evil appeared in Maori Kogoro's eyes, and his heart was hot when he looked at these frightened eyes like deer.

He directly lowered his head and kissed Guntian Yumi, who was instantly stunned.

Own, is this being forcibly kissed?

Maori Kogoro's right hand did not stop, climbing along the gorgeous red cheongsam pattern, and soon climbed to the highest place.

Gunda Yumi reacted, her little hand kept hammering Moori Kogoro's chest, but she couldn't break the defense at all.

She refused to give up at all, struggling like a loach.

Mouri Kogoro was slightly annoyed, and his left hand hit his hips hard.

There was a crisp slapping sound, Gunda Yumi seemed to think of the humiliation experience last night, tears filled her beautiful eyes, and she glared bitterly at Kogoro Mouri.

But Kogoro Mori smiled and blinked at him, and the master-level kissing technique was displayed. The beauty detective who kissed for the first time was instantly stunned.

How does it feel so comfortable!As the intense kiss continued, Gunda Yumi gradually sank, and her little hand no longer hammered Kogoro Mouri, but grabbed his suit jacket.

Finally, her eyes gradually narrowed, and she started to respond awkwardly.

But suddenly, Kogoro Moori let go of her, and Igumi, who didn't react, tilted her head up, looking like she wanted to ask for a kiss. This changed Kogoro Moori's smirk.

Two red clouds immediately appeared on her pretty face.

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "If you don't get up again, Reiko is going to come out." After that, he breathed into his little ear.

Gunda Yumi felt that something was wrong with her whole body, but she still stood up, her beautiful eyes glared at Mouri Kogoro.

There was a bit of dissatisfaction in this gaze, and Mouri Kogoro burst into laughter.

This beautiful detective has been solo for too long, it can't stand it.

In fact, this is also normal. Guntian Ikumi was originally a daughter, and she claimed to be extremely clever and superior. The men she met were all ordinary men, who were invisible to each other, so she naturally singled out.

But last night's Maori Kogoro relied on far beyond ordinary reasoning to make him look admired, his appearance was against the sky, and he looked so handsome, especially the experience in the living room, which made him unforgettable.

Although she didn't say anything, there was the shadow of Moori Kogoro in her heart, and she dreamed of him when she fell asleep last night.

Otherwise, she had just encountered such an attack in the cafe, and she would not be so cooperative.

For someone else, with the temperament of this beautiful detective, she would have been violent and wounded.

It's just that this beautiful detective, who has been single since birth to the present, has no experience in love, and does not know how to deal with it, so she has shown such an honesty.

At this moment, Reiko Kujo came out of the kitchen with a tea tray, three cups of green tea, and her own dessert on top.

Can't see that this cold and beautiful prosecutor actually has a virtuous side.

Reiko Kujo hadn't noticed the anomaly between Kogoro Mori and Ikumi Gunda, the doorbell suddenly rang.

She turned around and went to the door. As soon as she opened the door, a mature and beautiful woman came in with a big bag.

"Hum, Reiko, I came to you for a drink."

Seeing that man, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help being surprised.

That guy Maori Kogoro knew him, he had curly short hair, pointed chin, and always had a drunken blush on his pretty face, and his eyes always looked blurred, just like the lily girl who had used Miwako's hands and feet before.

Why did she come here?

Mouri Kogoro instantly saw through his eyes, it was a look that found prey.

He suddenly remembered the woman on the lock screen of the mobile phone before Mumu Green, who also had the same black straight long hair, with a vigorous momentum, very similar to Reiko Kujo.

Was it because of this that she focused on Jiujo?

Kujo Reiko suddenly got a little nerve-racking. The first lady of the police department was a little too enthusiastic, and she couldn't stand it a bit.

"That, Mrs. Mugure, there are still guests in my house, it's not convenient!"

Mumulu walked in sideways and chuckled, "What's the inconvenience, why don't you drink it together? Hey, you are here with the Maori detective?"

"It just so happens that I know it too, that's right, let's drink together!"

When she said this, Meguro couldn't help but look at Gunda Yumi next to her.

Chapter 0191 What to do about drunken sex?

This beautiful woman looked at Guntian Yumi, with a fiery glow lurking under her eyes.

I really don't know what crime Police Officer Mumu has committed, and marry such a Lily wife.

Kogoro Mouri turned sideways slightly, blocking Mumu Green's sight.

Mumu Green chuckled lightly, with an inexplicable look in his eyes, as if he regarded Mouri Kogoro as a competitor.

She kicked off her shoes at the entrance, then put on slippers and walked in. She didn't think of herself as an outsider at all, and she thought about coming here a lot.

She was still carrying large and small bags in her hand, with drinks on one side and drinks and food on the other.

She put down her food and drink, and said: "I didn't expect the Maori detective to be friends with Reiko. I thought that based on your relationship with Yingli, you would be rivals with Reiko!"

Reiko Kujo spoke, "Lawyer and I became rivals in court because of our different positions, but we are also friends in private."

"Oh, that's it, who is this pretty little sister? This dress is so beautiful!"

Having said this, Mumulu sat beside Qiangtian Yumei, gently covering her red cheongsam with her little hand, as if looking at the pattern of the cheongsam.

As a master of facial expressions, Kogoro Mouri saw through Meguro's expression in an instant, which was clearly dark and cool.

This guy is really hard to change!