Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1039

It's the old driver, Lily, who is taking advantage of her own woman!

Guntian Yumi didn’t think there was anything unusual about Mumu Green being so close. Instead, she introduced it with interest: “It’s pretty, I bought it when I was traveling in China. They said that all of them are embroidery stitches from Jiangnan. Embroidered with one thread."

"I still have hundreds of them in my house, in different colors and styles. I usually wear only cheongsam."

Mumu Green chuckled immediately: "Wow, there are hundreds of them. Can I visit your house?"

"Of course it can." Guntian Yumi was immediately caught up in a routine.

Mouri Kogoro is so angry and funny, this Nizi is still learning to be a detective, she has no power of observation, and she is completely unaware that the woman next to her is ill-intentioned!

Mumu Green stroked the cheongsam on Guntian Yumi's thigh, and glanced at Mouri Kogoro triumphantly, as if showing off.

Mouri Kogoro was slightly annoyed, and it seemed that it would be impossible not to teach this guy some lessons this time.

He immediately provoked a conversation: "Mrs. Mumu, you brought so many things, but drinking in broad daylight is not suitable, right?"

"Hey, what's wrong, I plan to drink with Reiko from day to night today!"

Mumeru said this and pushed the table out, then put the cushion on the ground, preparing to sit on the floor, which is more comfortable than sitting on the sofa and bending over and drinking.

And Reiko Kujo looked awkward: "Mrs. Mugure, it's not very convenient today. I still have something I want to tell the Maori detective!"

Mumu Lu suddenly looked resentful: "They said don't call me Mrs. Mumu, just call me Xiaolu."

"And Reiko, didn't you promise me last time? I helped you solve the case, and you would drink with me. How could you go back?"

"This..." Reiko Kujo swallowed.

"Furthermore, there is nothing to say on the wine table, let's talk while drinking!"

Reiko Kujo turned to look at Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Kujo Prosecutor, I actually understood your intentions a long time ago. Do you want to entrust me to investigate the Takeuchi construction case?"

Kujo Reiko's big eyes lit up immediately, and she said in surprise, "How did you know?"

Nonsense, in the cafe, I told myself about the case five years ago in detail. I guessed it!But I couldn't say that. Kogoro Mori raised his eyebrows at Reiko Kujo, and said softly, "Maybe it's our two minds, maybe?"

Upon hearing this, Kujo Reiko's face turned red.

Mu Mulu's face suddenly turned ugly, and his beautiful eyes flashed cold. This man was clearly provoking himself!

Gunda Yumi pouted her mouth and stared at Mouri Kogoro dissatisfiedly.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "Kujo prosecutor, you entrust me to take it, and I will help you investigate the case five years ago."

"So now everyone can drink, but don't make you dishonest!"

Reiko Kujo nodded and agreed.

Kogoro Mouri turned his head and looked at Meguro Green: "The last contest with Mrs. Meguro at the wine table hasn't resulted in a result. This time there is just a chance. Let's compare it again? See who drinks better?"

Mumu Green couldn't help but his face changed slightly. Last time he was ashamed and lost so terribly, he even urinated his pants.

If you really want to compare, Moori Kogoro is a tough opponent!

Maori Kogoro also knew that this female lily was also a hero of the female middle school, who was not drunk at all if she was not drunk for a thousand glasses.

I don't know if this guy has a special physique, or if he really drinks.

However, he was quite curious whether Mumulu could withstand the wine exchanged in the system mall. That was something he couldn't stand. The matter between himself and Xiao Ai was also a matchmaking for the wine.

So Kogoro Mouri spoke up: "It just so happens that there are a few bottles of fine wine under the trunk of my car. The fine wine is to sip with madams like this, that's interesting!"

The word "Jiuhao" was scratching the itch of Mumulu, and she was very comfortable with it.

Besides, today I came to see Reiko for a drink. It would be weird if I refused to drink some fine wine.

Mumu Green can only pretend to be surprised: "Maori detective, I am very curious about the wine you said, hurry up and get it!"

Mouri Kogoro got up and walked out the door. Of course, he didn't have to go downstairs to get the wine. He just waited at the door for a while.

Estimating the time to go up and down the elevator, Mouri Kogoro exchanged two bottles of wine from the system mall before re-entering the apartment.

The two bottles of wine are called Monkey Wine and are worth 3,000 points.

Mouri Kogoro didn't take a closer look either, and he exchanged it when he knew the wine was strong enough.

This time he must put Mumulu down.

The three women in the apartment have already drank beer, and the atmosphere is very hot.

Sure enough, there are three women in a play. Under the influence of alcohol, the play naturally gets more and more exciting.

But Reiko Kujo's drink volume is not good enough, just worth a glass of beer, and her face flushed.

Mumulu on the side looked at Reiko Kujo greedily, really suspecting that there was a big pervert soul living in her charming body.

Kogoro Mouri came in with two bottles of fine wine and took his seat directly. On the left is Meguro Green, on the right is Gunda Ikumi, and opposite Reiko Kujo.

Mumu Lumei laughed, and couldn't help taking a stab: "Maori detective, you've been there for so long, don't you have been drugged in the wine? There are only three women here, so you don't want to Shall catch it all in one net?"

Maori Kogoro frowned and said, "This is wronging me. The wine hasn't been opened yet? If I really want to believe it, then I can drink it alone!"

"Are you kidding? Maori detectives are really not humorous!"

"But, what if I get drunk and have sex after a while? There are three weak women here, not worthy of a great Maori detective."

Mumu Green still wants to use words to drive Kogoro Mouri away. If she drinks with two big beauties alone, that's Shuangwaiwai.

But when she said this, the small faces of Reiko Kujo and Ikumi Gunda turned red slightly, seemingly expectant, making their faces black instantly.

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Mouri Kogoro smirked: "If that's the case, then I'm not bad. How can I be able to handle the three of you as a man."

Gunda Ikumi immediately reached out and patted Mouri Kogoro: "Hate, what are you talking about!"

Reiko Kujo blushed and lowered her head quietly.

Mumeru saw this situation suddenly not so good.

It seems that both Reiko Kujo and Ikumi Gunda have a crush on Kogoro Mori, so he doesn't mind talking about meat.

Mumu Midori frowned and looked at Kogoro Mouri and Ikumi Gunda who were talking and laughing, Xiaoshou came to Kogoro Mouri's thigh and began to gesture.