Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1040

Four people sitting in four directions, covered by a table, are naturally not afraid of being seen by the other two.

[Maori detective, I believe you can see it too, I won’t tell you that it’s false, you like that little sister, right? My goal is Reiko Kujo. We are not competitors. We can still cooperate. Let’s get them drunk together. Now, how about you one by one and me?

Perceiving the green hands on the pants swiftly making gestures, Mouri Kogoro was a little worried that she might tear the pants.

But discerning what she said, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help being surprised.

This female lily wanted to do such a thing, this plan is too cruel!It's too hot!

I really know people, know my face and don’t know my heart. How can such a beautiful and beautiful woman not think about it so much, and want to use the three abuse methods, how can this work!

Mouri Kogoro glanced at the reddish-faced Mumu Green, and Mumu Green blinked at it, seeming that he would never refuse the deal.

He leaned in with his left hand, opened the hem of the dark green beige skirt, drew his fingers on his smooth thigh, and replied.

Mumulu's body was slightly stiff, and there seemed to be a slight strangeness in the bottom of his heart, but he tried his best to adapt, trying to recognize what he was writing.

Fortunately, Kogoro Mouri wrote slowly enough and the characters were big enough that she only recognized them one by one.

[Only children make choices, adults want them all!

After recognizing the content, Mumu Green couldn't help but get annoyed, but Mouri Kogoro hadn't finished writing.

[Do you think I would want to say something, I just want to touch your thigh for a while, idiot!

Recognizing the second sentence, Mumu Green rolled her eyes, and she patted the table abruptly: "Well, you Maori Kogoro!"

Kujo Reiko and Gunda Ikumi couldn't help but look puzzled.

Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows defiantly.

In the end, Mumulu didn't dare to poke out what had just happened, she could only bite her teeth, and then she said, "Isn't there a good wine? Why not start?"

"I thought what you wanted to say? Such a big battle!"

Mouri Kogoro opened the bottle, and a refreshing fruity scent permeated, and the eyes of the three girls lit up.

Reiko Kujo couldn't help asking, "It smells so good, what kind of wine is this?"

Kogoro Mouri introduced: "Houer wine, the wine made by the monkey."

Mumu Green couldn't help laughing: "Maori detective, are you kidding me, where can monkeys make wine."

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "You are still a wine tycoon, you are so ignorant. This is a fine wine from China."

"This kind of monkey wine is very rare and very rare."

"Usually the wild monkeys in the mountains collect the Hundred Fruits and place them in the tree holes. At the beginning, they were to store food. However, if there is no shortage of winter food in the season, the monkeys will forget to store the Hundred Fruits in this hole. "

"Then this hole of Baiguo will gradually ferment, and only by chance can it be made into Baiguo wine, that is, monkey wine."

"This wine was sent by a Chinese businessman I knew in the early years. He found this monkey wine while hunting in the deep mountains. He collected it and bottled it for me. I only have two bottles!"

The story of a Chinese friend has been told by Kogoro Mouri before, and once he tells a lie, he regenerates and recurs.

After hearing the origin of the wine, Guntian Yumi couldn't help but exclaimed: "Well, it's really fruit wine, it smells very good!"

And Mumulu, the female drunkard, couldn't help it for a long time, and directly picked up the bottle and poured it into her cup.

Seeing the clear and greenish wine in the cup, she sniffed like a glutton, and shook her head with joy.

Kogoro Mouri reminded: "This monkey wine is very strong!"

Mumulu didn't believe it at all: "How could it be possible that the fruit wine brewed from Baiguo is also fruit wine, and fruit wine is not strong."

She immediately drank the glass of wine in one sip, her eyes widened.

It was as if what she drank was not liquid, but a fire.

The fire-like pleasure poured directly into the abdomen from the tongue along the throat.

After being burned, all the fragrance of the passion fruit burst out, as if countless fruits were constantly colliding, the fragrance of the wine rushed to the spiritual platform, making people very comfortable.

Meguro Green's hand holding the cup continued to force, and the other hand uncontrollably grasped Kogoro Mouri's shoulder, and his five fingers became claws.

Her pretty face was flushed, her eyes squinted, and she couldn't help making a voice: "Um~~~ah~~"

This sound made people blush, almost like calling a bed.

"It's too strong, so delicious, Kogoro, for the sake of this good wine, I won't care about you just now."

Seeing Mumu Midori's performance like this, Kujo Reiko and Gunda Yumi were more eager to try.

Mouri Kogoro also raised his glass and said, "Let's drink together!"

The three clinked glasses together, and then they all drank swigs.

Mumulu's performance just now is not exaggerated, this monkey wine is strong, but it is extremely mellow.

The smell of the mystery wine made people reluctant to remove the cup, and the three of them were reluctant to stop if they didn't completely drink the contents.

After a glass of monkey wine, Kujo Reiko, who had the least drink, got drunk first.

Her head was dizzy, she smiled idiotically at Maori Kogoro, and then she fell sideways on the mat, apparently drunk.

Mumu Green took the bottle and poured himself another glass, and secretly drank again.

At present, the female drunk Meguro is of course not caring about anything!

Whatever the duel with Kogoro Mouri, the plan she just wanted to cooperate with Kogoro Mouri was thrown into the Atlantic by her.

She just wanted to have one more drink, another one.

It's a pity that there are so many wines in my stomach.

Mouri Kogoro looked at the beautiful woman beside him in surprise.

With my own physique, I was a little drunk after drinking a cup of monkey wine, but Mumu's eyes were still clear.

Three cups, four cups, five cups...Mori Kogoro slowly counted.


Gun Tian Yumei's small head was suddenly poured into her arms, and she was still shouting like a little drunk: "Good wine, I want to drink, I want to drink!"

"Well, Kogoro, stop spanking me, it hurts!"

"Hehe, I want to kiss, kiss, mua!"