Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1041

This look is really cute. With the help of a ghost, Kogoro Mouri bowed his head and kissed Guntian Yumi's small mouth. The red cheongsam with his big hands on him walked up, and soon climbed to the top of the mountains.

The drunk beauty detective responded unconsciously.

And Mumu Green continued to enjoy the wine alone.

Seven cups!Eight cups!Nine, nine, nine cups!

Before drinking the ninth cup, Mumulu's head became dizzy.

She grinned and smirked: "So this is what it feels like to be drunk, it's so wonderful, celestial, immortal, immortal."

The dazed Meguro saw Kogoro Mouri and Ikumi Gunda who were kissing.

She saw it all at once, and saw Kogoro Mouri as Reiko Kujo, thinking that Reiko Kujo was kissing Gunda Yumi, and she was furious.

She stepped forward and pulled Mouri Kogoro away, staring at Gunda Yumi who was already drunk, and shouted angrily: "Why are you trying to rob my woman, Reiko is mine."

After that, Mumulu kissed Kogoro Mouri in one breath.

Item 0193

Mouri Kogoro just felt the aroma of wine suddenly poured into his mouth.

The woman kissing in front of him changed from Gunda Yumi to Meguro Green.

It's really tolerable or unbearable!

Just now she secretly took advantage of Yumei, and wanted to plan to get drunk Lingzi to do bad things, and now she came to kiss herself again.

This guy is too rampant, I really think everyone belongs to her.

It seems that it is impossible not to teach a lesson.

No matter whether the woman was the wife of Officer Megumi or not, Mouri Kogoro began to slap her hips without mercy.

The drunk Mumu Green seemed to feel pain, and said: "Reiko, don't hit me like this, it hurts!"

"Hey, Reiko, why do you have a beard?" Her little hand was squeezing Mouri Kogoro's beard.

Then the beautiful woman shook her head, and she became more sober.

She saw that the person in front of her was Kogoro Mouri, and she couldn't help being surprised: "Why are you?"

Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows and said, "You kissed me, what are you acting stupid now?"

"No, my dear is obviously Reiko."

"Damn, I must be drunk, I can't even recognize people."

Meguro caught a glimpse of Kujo Reiko lying on the mat, and pushed Moori Kogoro's chest, trying to go to Kujo Reiko: "You let me go, I'm going to find Reiko."

Hearing these words, Mouri Kogoro's heart became even more intense.

I still owe a lesson. At this time, I dare to hit my own woman with all his ideas.

The strange force was displayed, and he directly let it flip and lie on his lap.

"Hey, it hurts! Don't fight, Mouri Kogoro, I'm a stubborn wife!"

"You are dead, I must have someone arrest you."

"You are committing a crime, you know?"

"Damn it, I'm a woman, and I don't pity Xiangxiyu at all."

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Madam, don't make a joke, you are a female lily, how can Officer Megome be your real husband!"

"I knew it when I went to your house last time. You two sleep in separate rooms."

"Although it is not clear what agreement you made with Officer Mumu, it should be just an illusion that you married him."

"I think your real lover should be the woman you made the screensaver of your mobile phone. She is in a high position and I can't find any information about her, but I want to serve some secret agencies too!"

Hearing this, Mumu Green couldn't help but his face changed slightly: "How did you know?"

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "And what secret mission should you have to hide your identity like this?"

The bewildered Mumulu was about to speak, but she who had been trained suddenly became sober again and immediately covered her mouth.

His eyes looked at Kogoro Mouri in surprise.

Seeing her reaction like this, Mouri Kogoro understood most of it, and did not continue to question.

On the floor, Reiko Kujo and Ikumi Gunda were still asleep, and they didn't notice any movement here.

However, as time went on, Kogoro Mouri gradually felt that he was out of control.

It seemed that the cup of monkey wine that had just been drunk seemed to turn into fuel, igniting the fireworks in the body, and Xiongxiong was burning.

This is the effect of the monkey wine that the two of them drank just now.

The monkey wine and the previously redeemed [Drunk Life Dream Death Wine] are both 3,000 points in the system mall.

Zuishengmengdie has a strong seductive effect, and it is unbearable to smell it.

Regardless of whether it is a wine bug or not, as long as it is an individual, he wants to drink when he smells drunkenness, and if he drinks it, he will be drunk and fall into a dream.

This is not the case with Monkey Wine, which is only a strong word for 3000 points.

This is also because Kogoro Moori did not carefully read the introduction of this wine in the system mall and exchanged this spirit.

As the saying goes, monkeys are good for wine and sex, primates are not only good for wine, they are also lustful. According to legend, in ancient times, apes and monkeys plundered women back to the mountains and refused to return them.

This monkey wine is made by monkeys, that is, the lecherous wine, which naturally has special effects.

Now that the effects of this monkey wine have taken place, the two of them are in a different state.

Mouri Kogoro's breathing gradually became heavy, and his heartbeat became extremely fast.

However, relying on extremely strong physical fitness, although affected, his eyes are still somewhat clear.

Mouri Kogoro could still joked, "Madam, for a beautiful woman like you, it's a waste to be a lily."

Mumu Green panicked: "What are you doing, don't you let me go!"

"I tell you, I, I hate men the most!"

Mouri Kogoro laughed loudly, and with a little effort in his hands, he turned Mumu Midori over.