Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1042

Mouri Kogoro lowered his head, stared into Mumulu's eyes, and asked: "Then madam, do you hate me?"

Its voice is gentle, and it is full of magnetism, which makes people feel like their ears are enjoying.

Mumu Green wanted to immediately reply with an aversion, but look at the star-like eyes and the handsome face...

That disgusting sentence is hard to say for some reason.

She hesitated for a long time before she bravely said: "I hate it!"

"The woman who lied didn't end well!" Kogoro Mouri chuckled again: "But you can't help it if you hate it, I will make you like it!"

After that, he kissed Mumulu's pink lips.

Mumu green eyes rounded up, and the whole person became tense.

The kiss just now doesn't count, but now it's the first time she kissed a man in her life as a lesbian. It feels weird.

Not long after, Mumu Green's body slid to the floor, and just like that, a gorgeous movement began.

Two hours later, everything returned to calm in the living room of Reiko Kujo's apartment.

Maori Kogoro put his arms around Mumulu, and Mumulu held the remaining half bottle of monkey wine in his arms.

This female drunkard is still addicted to alcohol as always.

Kogoro Mouri sighed for a long time. Before today, he had never expected that he would be Green Officer Mumu, nor did he expect such an intersection with Mumu Green.

According to the clues he could see, Mumulu's things were not easy, he didn't want to cause trouble.

Originally, Kogoro Maori only wanted to teach this female lily once, so it was just a small punishment.

I didn't expect a bottle of monkey wine to make things like this!

The ancients are not deceived by the mistake of drinking!

Item 0194

Mouri Kogoro's big hand hug Mumu Green's thin waist.

This development is pretty good too!

Looking at Mumu Green who was still drinking secretly, Kogoro Mouri pretended to be fierce and said, "Do you still dare to hit Reiko's idea in the future?"

Mumulu was taken aback, and quickly swallowed the drink in his mouth, shook his head and said, "Don't dare, don't dare!"

She knew the cruel consequences of wrong answers.

Kogoro Mouri reached out his chin and asked, "Then tell me now, do you like men or women?"

Hearing this, Mumulu's eyes suddenly appeared tangled.

Maori Kogoro suddenly felt upset, and after working so hard for so long, he didn't even have a satisfactory answer, and he frowned.

Seeing this expression, Mumu Green was scared again: "Man, it's a man!"

After that, a pleasing smile appeared on his little face.

Only then did Kogoro Mori peck his pink lips with satisfaction.

Seeing that everything calmed down, Mumulu was resting on Maori Kogoro's arm, picked up the wine bottle in peace, took another sip of the monkey wine, and narrowed his eyes with satisfaction.

She just thinks that the most comfortable moment in life is now.

Immediately afterwards, Mumu Green looked at Mouri Kogoro timidly: "Um, Kogoro, I have finished drinking this bottle of wine, can I take the other bottle of monkey wine?"

If it was an ordinary wine, Mori Kogoro would also give it, but he already knew that the monkey wine had special effects, so how could he be relieved to give it to Mumu Green.

If Mumulu gets drunk by himself without being present, it is not easy to cuckold himself.

Mouri Kogoro immediately refused and said, "No!"

Mumulu pouted aggrievedly: "How can this be done? I'm already your woman. You won't give me a bottle of wine, you are stingy!"

I don't know if it's because of the drunkenness, Mumulu became extremely emotional, and said that his eyes were wet, and he was very young.

She turned her back directly, hugged her legs in her arms, and her whole body shrank into a ball with an angry look.

When Mouri Kogoro saw this, he put his arms around his abdomen, pressed his body tightly to his back, and said warmly, "Little Green, don't be angry!"


"There is a reason why this bottle of monkey wine can't be taken away by you. It has a very special effect."

Kogoro Mouri explained its effects again.

Mumu Green couldn't help but exclaimed, "Really?"

She then turned around and said fiercely: "You fellow, dare you to say you haven't given the medicine!"

"See if I won't kill you!"

After that, she twisted and pressed against Moori Kogoro, flaring her teeth and claws, pretending to bite.

How could Maori Kogoro passively be beaten, take the itch lightly, and scratch it.

Mumulu couldn't help laughing, her smile trembled and she was really cute.

"You guy, don't scratch, itchy!"

Mumu Green finally pressed Mouri Kogoro's hands, blushing, panting, and staring at Mouri Kogoro pretending to be angry.

This look was very interesting, and Kogoro Mouri raised his head and pecked Twilight again.

The anger in Mumulu's eyes suddenly melted away.

Maori Kogoro stroked his soft back with a big hand, and said softly, "Little Green, would you still want to drink this monkey wine with me in the future?"

A complex color flashed in Mumu Green's eyes, and the lover who wanted to come to the phone screen and the Maori Kogoro in front of her made her entangled.

She thought about it for a while, and then she said, "Huh, drink and drink. We have not been better than anyone else, how could we be scared by you!"

Only then did Kogoro Moori laughed contentedly: "There are still a lot of fine wines in my house that are not inferior to this monkey wine, you come to me, I will let you drink enough, and you will be satisfied."

"Hmph, for the sake of this fine wine, I will forgive you for the rude things you did to me!"

Can't see that Mumu Green still has a bit of a little tsundere.