Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1060

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro frowned.

Dare to come on holiday, these women use themselves as little brothers.

How can this be tolerated, where is the husband?

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and said, "Which line is everyone in line? If you are outside, since you have to put on sunscreen, let's just go together."

After that, he got up directly, pulled the four women standing behind him one by one, and laid them on the white cushion.

He was so fast that the four women collapsed in rows before they even reacted.

Judy used to be Yingli, Yukiko, Tomoko, and Jinghua, and the five women were lying side by side.

Mouri Kogoro sat directly on Kiko in the middle, stretched his legs, and instantly suppressed the five girls.

At this time, the expressions of the five girls were generally indifferent and annoyed, one by one lying on the ground, there was some indescribable humiliation!

But how they broke free, the Maori Kogoro above was like the top of the mountain, making the five girls unable to break free.

As soon as I saw the big scene here, the girls who were playing beach volleyball all stopped.

Yuanzi asked, "Uncle, what's the matter with you? Uncle, do you want to strip mom and aunts' swimsuits?"

Hong Ye covered her cheek with a shy expression: "Mao Lijun, don't it, it's too cruel!"

Shumei discouraged: "Teacher, you can't be so pretentious about women!"

And Xiao Lan couldn't help but sighed: "Dad!"

Maori Kogoro laughed: "What nonsense, I'm helping them with sunscreen, and your aunts all want me to help, so let's go together!"

After saying this, Mouri Kogoro poured the sunscreen in his hand and began to apply the sunscreen to the five girls.

The five girls felt a big greasy hand appearing on their back, and they all stopped struggling as if they were fate.

You have to wait for Kogoro to wipe it up before you can get up.

Seeing that they were really putting on sunscreen, the girls on the beach stopped paying attention and continued their volleyball game.

They want to play in the sun, so naturally they have already done sun protection.

Yuanzi couldn't help but muttered two sentences: "I knew I wouldn't wipe it myself, and I asked my uncle to wipe it for me." And the little Lori Huiyuan wearing sunglasses on the couch had already expected this picture. .

Where is the uncle who is willing to suffer? He just let him run into the sea naked, now it is normal to have this.

Huihara shook his head, raised his sunglasses, and sipped a glass of juice in his hand.

The little loli at the moment has a sense of superiority that everyone is drunk and alone.

After suppressing the five girls, Mouri Kogoro sitting on them was no longer anxious.

The big hand wandered slowly on the five girls, using unconstrained techniques, sometimes wiping friends, and sometimes wiping Yingli, which is quite enjoyable.

Kogoro Mori's eyes can still follow the volleyball game on the beach. I have to say that this volleyball is really beautiful.

At the moment, Yuanzi, Xiaolan VS Hongye, and Shumei are competing on the court, and Xiaowaye is the referee.

As soon as the whistle sounded, Shumei began to serve.

Thrilling!As soon as the ball was shot, it kept trembling, and it flashed a different kind of luster in the sun!

Directly crossing the net, Xiao Lan in front of the net is ready to go, relying on her extremely strong physical fitness to rise from the ground.

A dunk hit directly, and the ball was almost deformed, rushing towards the beach in front of Hongye.

The daughter of the Ooka family couldn't help being a little panicked and immediately flew to the rescue.

Unfortunately, it is still too late.

The ball hit the beach hard, stained with white sand.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help clapping his hands and said, "Good shot! Good shot!"

The five women underneath suddenly became uneasy, and Tomoko scolded, "Kogoro, are you putting sunscreen on us or watching the game?"

Mouri Kogoro chuckled softly: "It's not a mistake to watch the ball!"

His big hand also patted Pengzi's body: "Well, since you are so anxious, Pengzi, then I will help you paint it first!"

After saying that, his big hands covered with sunscreen greeted him.

After being urged, Mouri Kogoro's movements also accelerated.

He didn't want his women to be tanned, so he concentrated on applying sunscreen.

The big hands went from top to bottom, and the skin exposed to the air was wiped all over.

Wipe side A, wipe side B!

He made all five of them turn around and continue working with big hands.

Of course, Kogoro Mouri would not go so far as to wipe the sensitive parts of the five girls. If he did this, the five girls would definitely run away.

Not to mention these five, the girls playing on the beach will also come to beat themselves.

The beach runaways and the big Xiu Luochang are not too bad!

After running out of three bottles of sunscreen, I'm finally done, and I can watch the game.

But Kogoro Mouri didn't want to let the five girls go so easily.

With a turn of his eyes, his mind came to mind.

When he walked by Jinghua's side, he controlled his own blood and his face instantly turned pale.

Immediately afterwards, Mouri Kogoro fell down.

"Oh, my head is dizzy!"

Mouri Kogoro's position was very particular, and he fell directly onto the five girls.

Item 0008

Of course, Kogoro Mori will not hurt himself if he falls like this.

It's exactly like Simmons, no, it's softer and more elastic than Simmons.